Force Multiply Your Influence

Take your place. Take ground.

Do you feel it? There is an urgency in this hour for you to “take your ground.” As North Korea provokes nuclear war, hurricanes threaten the east coast, racial tension are running high and the progressive ideology continues to march forward in big government, big media, and big education… The reality is – there is no time to waste.

The natural mind and news media do not see what is really happening. There is a shaking taking place over America, and the world, it’s a spiritual conflict in heavenly places. The decisive actor in this drama is not, Trump, Kim Jong Un, Putin, China, or anyone else – it is you.  

It is not God’s will that America, or any nation, collapse. It is the will of that nation’s people – in their decision making. Think about it. Your agreements shape your destiny. What is true for you is true for nations. How can we reshape the nations narrative? How can we shift the conversation and advance Gods agenda? It requires unity and agreement!


If you feel as I do, that “something” will require each of us to show up:

  1. This will be a fresh grassroots movement.
  1. It will of necessity be controversial.
  1. We will need to connect with each other. We will need to communicate.
  1. It will require sacrifice. We will need to bare with the incoming friendly fire of Christians who will blame us for making life uncomfortable for them as the battle heats up.
  1. We can impact the future by organizing prayer at an unprecedented level as we align intercession with the front line of the movement.
  1. There will be Ninja sheep (who must be covert) and Killer Sheep (unashamed members of a new alliance) Lovers of Christ who care about issues and speak intelligently and courageously.
  1. There will be no single leadership, it will be a network of networks. But it will organize itself geographically and in specific spheres where we have influence and can work AS ONE! Meetings will be historic in some places. Musicians and artists will be catalysts in this movement. It will walk arm in arm with an AWAKENING as Americans become desperate for hope and new leadership.
  1. This is a GLOBAL MOVE. All nations are about to be shaken. If we work together AS ONE among nations, we can access strength we do not have on our own.

If you feel the urgency as I do, then you know we have to convene! I want those of you who are serious about taking your nation back again! This year at the 7m Summit I am gathering Nation Changers and this time – we are going to reveal the step-by-step process – to genuine kingdom activism. We are forming and finding “hubs” and points of connection so that you are not alone as you take your God given territory. It time to FORCE MULTIPLY YOUR INFLUENCE – build your micro-church and expand your territory!

If not us…who? If not now…when? I know what I sense and see is real. I do not believe I am being premature. I think the hour is late.Take your place in God’s plan for the finale of the ages! Join me in Orlando October 13-15 get your ticket today at

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