Culture Is Not A Neutral Zone

This is the moment when God is awakening the church! It is strange and rude awakening but it is going to lead to a GREAT awakening!

You are in the LARGEST group of individuals in the history of sociology, the body of Christ, that can shape the course of nations! Think about it, in some nations 10%, 20% or even 30% of the nation is comprised of Christians – this is a powerful group that God is going to use in the last days.

The agenda of Jesus is NATIONS! Matthew 25:31-46 tells us that, nations are gathered before him (Christ) and He will separate them into sheep OR goat nations. Sheep nations are nations where Christians RESPOND to the battle to bringing light, reason, and  peace filled dominion of Jesus into the public square.

This is the moment where the church needs to move forward towards the gates of influence and the moment where we rise up, as one and occupy!

Mark my words… The ground you don't take will be taken from you. Whatever you don’t take will be occupied by a hostile spirit… Culture is not a neutral zone.

YOUR nation is called to be a sheep nation… and your assignment in these last days is to be alive in this period of time to advance the kingdom of God so Jesus has what he died forNATIONS as his inheritance.

This October 13th -15th in Orlando Florida we’re going to spend three days opening up the topic of Sheep and Goat Nations and how you partner with the spirit to take your mountain and deliver to Christ your nation… Join me and hundreds of others in Orlando for the 7m Summit!

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