12002062_10153665529494936_7161958030865246184_nTHE REAL KEY TO DESTINY IS …
The real key to destiny isn’t a personal prophecy that you fulfill as much as it is discerning the activity of God in your life and His invitation to you to join Him in what He’s about to do.

So if you want to see the historic context of Nehemiah, what made Nehemiah get into the Bible? It wasn’t the fact that he had a personal prophecy he fulfilled although you could say that in another sense, here’s what made Nehemiah happen in the Bible. God was building a wall around Jerusalem and Nehemiah was the one who responded to God’s invitation to join Him in what He was about to do.

Joshua is a historical character in the Bible but what makes Joshua significant isn’t some strong personal destiny on Joshua. That’s how we approach it. Here’s a better and healthier context. God was bringing His people into the Promised Land and had prepared somebody to lead that. Joshua was responding to the invitation of God to crossover into the Promised Land. Had Joshua failed there was another guy names Caleb who was ready to do it.

So what was God doing when Moses was summoned? It wasn’t the story about Moses and his personal destiny although you could say that. The greater context was God had decided to deliver His people out of the land of Egypt. You see what I’m saying? Do you see the trend? Let’s keep it going here so you catch the significance of this.

When the disciples, the twelve Apostles, were called and they were going to be a strong significant company, the Apostles of the Lamb; they’re going to have their names in the foundation of the New Jerusalem; they have existence there. Let me ask you a question: was God fulfilling personal destinies over those individuals? Yes, however, they could have messed up their destinies. Judas did.

The real story isn’t personal prophetic destiny. That’s our narcissistic preoccupation with us that has to be broken. The real story is what was God doing?

He was raising up a core company who would follow the teaching of Yeshua the Messiah, and they would be the foundation, Apostolic Company that would take His message to the ends of the earth.

In other words the real grid that you use to discern what God is inviting you into is what is the activity of God in your generation and how is He inviting you to join Him in what He’s about to do? Then all your prophesies and prophetic destinies, etc. start to go to work.

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