The Most Significant Week Is Upon Us

This next week is going to be the most intensely important political week in our lifetime in the United States. The Government, Governors and Secretaries Of State are all feeling the heat. Part of that is because data is coming out from Georgia that says 58% want a special session of the legislators to deal with the election chaos, because they don't like what they're seeing. The same thing is happening in Wisconsin.

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6 thoughts on “The Most Significant Week Is Upon Us

  1. Dear Lance,
    Coincidential that you entitled it ‘the most significant week of our lifetime’ while the newsletter of the 8th December from reminds us
    the miracle of Hanukkah and Yeshouah HaMashiah.
    As you did a parallel between Esther and mobilization for rightheousness regarding US election fraud, the Feast of Hanukkah with annointing of the Holy Spirit seems to be a perfect divine tempo for an 8-day intercession prayer -10th to 18th December- for the Lord to bring His light and to expose darkness towards “US King Cyrus”!!!

  2. Lance,
    Could you do a segment on the Constitutional procedures when the Electoral College gives their sealed votes to both Houses of Congress? Is there anyway for the fraud issues to be raised there and if so would it really end up as 1 vote per state. Thanks

  3. Hi.
    There are connections within the Illinois folks in government federal projects. Well, since “the talk show” moved from a male host in Chicago circa Phil D to the fledging harp-0 which was just the right break through.
    Host had on many people, including a very successful entrepreneur non male who built a successful energy company from a $15 K loan to a multi-million LLC. The tag to growth was the affirmative action legislation moving minorities in to share contractors funds securing bids for highly lucrative deals. Then, branched out to many states in midwest, east coast, and a west coast operation too. L. R’s original Trench-IT had grown into union operation.
    The last week the dismissal of a case of corruption involving the speaker of the house in IL is just more of the hide and seek. Rate setting scheme, he was named and the ComEd under Exelon was fined 3 mil for there part in it rate setting. There
    the gal who was the hand to feed the chicks was mentored in from the previous captain. She retired 11/19 with a 7 mil package, and in her 60’s she is set. She also was on the federal reserve board in Chicago, board of Loyola and listed as her terms were expiring coincidentally.
    Along the way she was interwoven in the Chicago networks and possibly was a church member of the worlds highest membership organization, and had come from a retail background before she landed the head job. A little birdie must have been around before the issues landed on front page reports.
    Used to be NYC, CGO, S.F. where the internationals set the table talk.
    Here is a large organized city project that has been heading now by the city mayor. Commerce group that has been a building up internationally for trade and business growth, Oh Boring left Seattle to relocate hdqtr and United called it home.
    Jobs growing of mega proportion bring advertised, in K. C. Both sides, both states the river borders. Along with other companies, huddling and extra things.
    Construction -heavy excavation projects companies to do a lot, including internet’s several, transportation managers, and hundreds of good paying positions, analysts, leaders, job recruiters — all beginning one, two, three four, weeks arrears.
    Just after early November — and that smallish one in Union, IL – now named Intren which does gas and electric power, and has locations in PA, WI, MI, OH, CA, to name a few.
    The company realigned, brought in a new head woman from another obscure location, international.
    NEXT : The founder was seen years ago and a president ago, in a nationally televised, energy summit sitting on the right of # four four. There was green people there, and infrastructure discussions.
    Please if you need to know, there is a lot going on, we need you to stay aboard.
    There are truths to learn and my Christmas Greetings! I’ve been up to look to the heavens – the closeness of Jupiter and Saturn, the winter solstice, meteors, and to praise our God who holds this all in his hands.
    Criptic as this is I find since Friday night breaking news on hackers bring a problem, cyber security is also in that news, and the potential of our greatest enemy making a move. Power is run by many with their hands on the controls. Remember Dec beginnings of my dad going to being subscripted by uncle sam, after the Hawaii alerts fell on deaf ears.