The Midnight Watch – BREAKTHROUGH NEWS

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made an unprecedented move by suing four states. Did you know this could be done? States can sue another state for screwing up its electoral votes! 

Meanwhile, we have Waffle House Republicans who rode the coattails of Donald Trump into their victories and legislative assemblies all over the United States who lack the backbone, the spine, the courage to stand up.

Don’t miss where I share valuable insights from Jay Sekulow, who has argued several cases before the Supreme Court. I believe we are seeing a breakthrough happening. Why? Because people like yourself are fighting for America by calling your state legislators to get on board with this unprecedented lawsuit!

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44 thoughts on “The Midnight Watch – BREAKTHROUGH NEWS

  1. I’m glad you finally put a video on Rumble!!

    For months, I’ve been saying that Christian leaders need to dump YouTube and the Tech Giants, and find alternative platforms—all to deaf ears, unfortunately.

    In fact, just a few weeks ago, I wrote that very message to you on this Web site, Mr. Wallnau. But you either didn’t read my message or just didn’t listen.

    Well, better late than never! 🙂

    P.S. Your next step is to get rid of the stupid Captcha, which requires Google, okay? 😉

    • Hi Lance!
      My husband and I watch your videos and follow you on social media. We really admire your boldness and courage to speak out the way you do! It truly has motivated us to speak out ourselves here in Michigan.
      Thank you for all the information you give…it really has given us alot of insight!

      Chris and Emma Burns

    • So where does the power come from to see the race to the end, it comes from within. Eric Liddell. Thank you for words of truth that leads our hearts and spirit to renewal.

  2. My state legislator in Georgia called me today to discuss my email I sent to protest the election fraud. She explained a lot of details of what the legislators could and couldn’t do. But she said that the greatest breakthrough is the Texas’ lawsuit because that it will more effectively address the Georgia SOS illegal change to our Election rules for Stacey Abrams without the Legislature approval. The GA GOP doesn’t have a strong enough majority to call for a special session.

    Sharon King

  3. Lance
    I Knew nothing about your ministry until I saw you on Flashpoint with Hank and Mario.since the election I have anticipated Flashpoint each week my Spirit fully witnesses to your prophesy and comments Thank you and I thank God for leading me to your ministry
    Bob Squittieri



  5. Thanks for the hope and encouragement. In the isolation of Covid I wondered if I was really hearing the Lord. Your videos the past few weeks have not only confirmed what the Lord has been laying on my heart but also encouraged me greatly! Thank you so much!

  6. As of late Wednesday night, there are now 17 – count em! 17 states joining the Texas lawsuit! I quote from the Daily Wire: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia joined with Missouri to file an amicus brief supporting Texas.

  7. Thanks Lance! God is moving! Check out: Give Him 15 with today’s date December 10th. Dutch referred to Esther as you did.

  8. Thank you! I’ve been watching on YouTube and noticed that all the videos from you are getting old. I remembered that you gave us this address. So good to find you again!

  9. Lance, I know in the past you have referred to the prophecy of Haggai. I’ve have also been camped out in Haggai since spring. I believe the prophecies of Haggai have been happening this year. Haggai’s prophecies take place in 520 BC, in the months of September, October, and December. In September and October we saw Amy Conney Barrett being chosen and confirmed to the SCOTUS. When that happened, I said to myself, this election will come down a SCOTUS decision, and her confirmation to the SCOTUS will be the difference. I have been believing in faith, that we will see the blessing of the December promise in Haggai spoken over Zeruabaal. Now here we are, in December, and this all is heading to the SCOTUS. I continue to pray for the judges, and all that will be involved in this ruling for Trump, believing in faith we will see victory! Thank you Lance for all you do!

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s so refreshing to see someone get as excited as I do at watching God’s hand at work. This is the Big One we have been praying for. We MUST keep praying that God’s Will be done! May God bless you for the work you are doing for His Kingdom!!!

  11. I subscribe to Lance Wallnau and follow you on YouTube. As with all new videos I receive a notification on my phone when one is available. Received one this morning alerting me that a new video was available, The Midnight Watch. Didn’t have time to immediately watch so an hour later I was going to watch it and it was gone, no longer on YouTube. So I guess this is where we’re at now. Are all your videos/messages available on this site Is this where I need to check in daily to see if you are posting anything new?

  12. Can you help get the petition at the following link
    seen, signed and shared? (It was just initiated today.)

    Since there is an appeal … Perhaps it might still help.
    I believe in “Divine Timing” … especially when the time factor seems challenging to us humans.
    Ps. Enjoyed your channel today and Flashpoint last night

  13. please let us know where we can stay in touch with you. It’s Saturday now and can’t find you. We really appreciate your insight. (we purchased Trumo/Cyrus, Chaos Candidate, and God’s Chaos Code, & follow you on Flash Point).

  14. Now the Supreme Court Justices themselves have failed to be righteous, as with the religious leaders of Jesus’ times, justifying themselves by a false and self-preservation logic, born out of Satanic intellect and heart, that all people practise who want to maintain the status quo and what ultimately benefits them.

    Once again a greater price has to be paid by the lay people, the soldier who gives his life, the Christian who is martyred, because those protected by and enjoying the privilege of the system, fail to show moral virtue and courage, so now others have to give their lives for those who betray God and their fellow man.

    This demonstrates how fallen we are and how compromised fallen man is when he is willing ‘to forfeit his soul to gain the world’. Furthermore, it shows how far we are from God and Christ in reality, because at the end of the day, “we are of our Father the devil”.

    Whilst man has original sin, including Christians, we are closer in heart to Satan than to God.

    Can we deny this when we look at this parlous world, the state of America right now exemplified by these ‘so called’ justices, reneging on their responsibility to render justice to the American people.

    It means everyone has failed their responsibility to keep and practise God’s Word, to create a heavenly culture and nation, thereby “Seeking first God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness, and THEN everything will be added unto you”.

    This means Christianity and Christians have also failed to do what God wanted us to do, so now all Christians have to repent as Jesus called upon the people to do, and Jonah the Ninevites, who did.

    Christians have not been dealing with the weightier matters of Jesus words, but the more secondary external matters of his words.

    Everything God did was established on the basis of heart and love. You don’t get any greater miracle than Creation itself. So that miracle out trumps all other miracles for a start.

    So everything goes back to the heart and love of God, which is why Paul inspired by the Holy Spirit said:

    1 Cor 13 “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.

    13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love”.

    That is why Jesus said:

    John 13:34 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

    We didn’t do that, and the fact that Christianity is so divided, proves that, for a house divided can not stand, as is so for America . Also Jesus prayer in John 17:20-23.

    So we are without excuse, as in Rom 1:20.

    What do we fear most? That I am wrong, that what I believed wasn’t spot on. Why did the Scribes and Pharisees persecute Jesus?

    They didn’t like what he said, because it threatened their world, their privilege, their belief in themselves as being the righteous ones to dispense God’s Word and enjoy the ‘greetings and salutations’ and the lifestyle they had come to enjoy, and their parents and grandparents before them.

    They had become false gods themselves, the very thing they would condemn others of doing.

    This is the personality cult that Lucifer introduced into the world. Instead of worshipping and attending God based on true love and God’s Word, he subjected man to worship him based on pride, self- reward (as in our politicians), carnal desires, and all the sins we are well acquainted with.

    As Jesus said:

    Mt 15:11 “…not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.” 12 Then the disciples came and said to him, “Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard this saying?” 13 He answered, “Every plant which my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up. 14 Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” 15 But Peter said to him, “Explain the parable to us.” 16 And he said, “Are you also still without understanding? 17 Do you not see that whatever goes into the mouth passes into the stomach, and so passes on? 18 But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a man. 19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, slander. 20 These are what defile a man; but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man.”

    That is why the Supreme Court Justices rendered the wrong decision, because they are of their Father the Devil, caught up in their own self-righteousness and pride. As Satan entered Judas Iscariot, he entered each one of those men and women.

    We are in a war. Don’t expect Satan’s side to play by Queensberry rules!

  15. I just learned about your ministry and so very excited how God is working and using you and our ministry!! Inspired and encouraged !

  16. As long as man collaborates with God, and fulfils his portion of responsibility, then God’s Will is achieved. God can not do it by Himself, otherwise he would have done so long ago, and there would have been no need to have given Adam and Eve the Commandment in the first place, if their very lives depended upon it – and that is the key point.

    They risked their lives to break the Commandment, are we willing to risk our lives to keep the Commandment (obey God), as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego did.

    The formula for God’s Will to be accomplished is:

    God’s Portion of Responsibility (giving his Word/Commandments, sending the prophets)

    + PLUS

    Man’s portion of responsibility (Keeping God’s Word, being obedient and faithful).

    The collaborative effort between God and man, brings about the accomplishment of God’s Will.

    We can clearly see this formula working in the Old Testament Era, through the example and course the Hebrew/Israelite people walked, going back to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    There are many examples of man’s resoluteness in the bible and also the history books, the need to be brave and strong when dealing with God’s enemies or adverse conditions.

    Joshua 1: 6 “Be strong and of good courage; for you shall cause this people to inherit the land which I swore to their fathers to give them. 7 Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law which Moses my servant commanded you; turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go.

    8 This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success. 9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

    Shortly after, following the successful spying mission, Joshua led the people across the Jordan River, and they entered Jericho.

    Please note that the Ark of the Covenant containing the ‘Ten Commandments’ carried by the priests, led the people. In other words, it is by putting God’s Word first, that we can enter the promised land as it should have been for Adam and Eve, the Israelites, and now today’s Christians.

    If we dismiss God’s Word, “in that day we shall surely die”. God’s Word and our obedience and faith in God’s Word is what allows God to consummate, accomplish His Will.

    These first few chapters in Joshua give many insights into our life of faith and the right attitude and disposition we need, to accomplish God’s Will.

    So we must keep praying, and repenting, as obviously by all accounts we have not been keeping God’s Word, hence our current reality.

    Just as the Israelites raised a loud shout to bring down the walls of Jericho, Christians too must raise a loud shout, by speaking out, rallying, showing that we too are resolute, and are not going to just give up what our ancestors fought for, for not only hundreds of years but also thousands if we look closely at our family tree.

    The battle has just begun, and to preserve our lives we must be prepared to lose our lives for God’s Will, God’s Purpose of Creation. Whether what we do is spiritually the ‘widows mite’, or more actively in the frontline, it is all ‘grist to the mill’.

    God’s mill grinds exceedingly fine as long as God’s people stay in the fight and never give up, just as George Washington and his men crossed the Delaware River on a freezing cold Christmas night to gain his first major victory against British forces.

    That was a lesson in resolve that even God could not ignore. God’s heart was deeply moved by the actions of those men.

    Interestingly, history repeats. George Washington also had his problems with the civil authorities, regarding getting food, clothes, medicine, and supplies in general for his men. They wanted him to win a war, but at least expense and bother to themselves. So typical of ‘ruling authorities’ – who have been invaded by Satan.

    Those men who fought with Washington, set the standard for what a true patriot is, those who gave their lives and suffered in pitiable conditions, whilst others were safe in bed at night.

    True Americans must rise up and take their country back from the real criminals, who wear suits and ties and live a privileged life.

    Satan has been running America for far too long, and God is ‘super ticked’ off about it.

    It is not just up to God, it is up to the ‘children’ to fulfil their portion of responsibility, otherwise why did God give Adam and Eve a commandment in the first place?

    Christians need to understand this point and act, because ‘faith without action/works is dead’.

  17. I am standing strong here in Canada believing that our God is the God of victory! Our God is fighting for us, and I stand with the US because I believe God and I believe the prophets.

  18. I loved the Midnight Watch on December 9th with you Lance. I didn’t know all these good things were going on with the law suit Texas is filing regarding the election fraud. How encouraging!!!!! Thank you for listing those who are fighting this fight! Thank you for listing some other sources of true news we can listen to.

  19. Hey there Lance,
    Appreciate the word of faith and truth, however you are now blocked to Australia and N.Z so have circumnavigated to you website.
    We to are bombarded by the false prophets of Baal . Keep up the fight please.
    We need righteousness and truth to prevail.
    Rita de Bondt

  20. Hey there Lance,
    Australia has been blocked.
    Keep up the good work.
    May righteousness and truth prevail.

  21. Sir,
    Sweet commentary, w/very Relevant ACLJ updates. Appreciated the exhortation globally too! THANK YOU all- Love the Ecclesia!!!May the BELOVED LORD YESHUA In ZION!!! Bless you all for the efforts! SHALOM BLESSINGS
    Bartol Family