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2013 was a mixture of breakthroughs, delays and contradictions for many. Like the noise of an orchestra tuning up.

But something is building up in the Spirit toward a crescendo in 2014. If it had happened last year it would have been premature…. at least for me. There were areas in my life I needed to deal with. Humbling. I discovered – if you cause the enemy trouble, he hits back through any territory you own that you don’t occupy.

THE NEXT GENERATION (7M Gen) needed this year to get ready also. I so admire what I see rising up in them.

I travel the world, but my oldest son was the minister who most impressed me this year. He felt led to initiate family prayer and worship. Why was it him and not me? ‘Cause I was stuck, and needed someone to pull me out. It all started with a dream my son had that we should pray together. (He saw a keyboard in the dream but did not tell me.) As we prayed I had a vision of a keyboard! That was when he told me about his dream. I used to be a worship leader till I turned preacher. I broke out the keyboard and now my son has me reactivating my gift at home, with the family soaking and praying together. We are building a habitation from a small symphony of unity in Gods’ presence…..starting in our HOME.

Our English “symphony‟ comes from (sumphōnia), which is a Greek word meaning a “sounding together” or “agreement of sound”… “harmonious”.

When Christ described the Church He was building, its most essential building blocks started with two or more coming together by His Spirit in AGREEMENT and praying.

“Again I say to you that if two of you agree (sumphōnēsōsin) on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” (Matthew 18:19)

Agreement is the symphony that builds God’s house.


It’s quiet in the prophetic sometimes ON PURPOSE, so we are forced to hear more clearly. I’ve heard so many questioning “What’s gonna happen to the economy? The government? Is America finished?”

In a concert a hush falls on the platform.

An oboist rings out a pitch-perfect “A” – this note becomes the sound all other instruments tune from. The tune-up sounds like a swirl of musical chaos…no order or unity or melody. Everyone doing their own thing – yet each doing what is needed to play their part.

Then, suddenly, the cacophony ends…

Another veil of QUIET descends upon the hall. The atmosphere is electric with anticipation. The orchestra is tuned but cannot begin until…. the CONDUCTOR appears from the wings (often to thundering applause) and strides onstage. He bows to the audience, and pivots round, face to face with the musicians, who alone have the power to translate the movements of his hands into the rapturous sound called a symphony.

God is the composer.
Jesus Christ is the conductor.
The Symphony is brought together by the Holy Spirit.

It can start with just two or three in agreement in a family…but the music can become a movement as it expands to a church that joins in….then if the “churches”, even two or three, can “agree” together in a city, a philharmonic will form and God will shake the city. A 7M-Gen Harvest will come forth. (7M = seven mountains of influence)

We all play a different instrument- “There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.….. to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge,… ” (1 Corinthians 12:4-11)

“To one is given a violin, to another a cello, to another a clarinet, to yet another a trumpet. Yet all these instruments sound together, playing the same melody written by the composer, and guided into expression by the hand of the conductor”.

The body of Christ is the supernatural answer – if each of us plays our part faithfully. Harmony comes from our diversity.

However, not all churches are open to this. “Control” is different to “orchestration.” Not all control is bad. I want control in a nursery. But symphonies have movements – God never plays the same “movement” twice.

When a church rejects a certain emphasis, they are rejecting a “sound.” Every fresh message has a number of those who trumpet the word. When controlling leaders reject a movement they forfeit the gift that movement brings with them. When you reject the instrument of the Lord- you reject Jesus Himself in that particular expression and anointing. The area you reject is the area the anointing won’t work for you. Therefore be careful what you mock or reject.

Don’t cause division….Never stop the music.

Don’t get into discord and lose the inner symphony, but don’t quench the sound, either, because some can’t appreciate it!

Expect some cymbal crashes where the body lacks discerning of its own parts.

God has been fitting you and refining you for that part which He has designated for you. The first “movement” of 2014 will be upon us soon.

I sense a divine hush.

The heavenly conductor is about to step onto the stage!!!!!


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  1. Lance,
    I was studying the power of symphony and our agreement as it pertains to the demolishing of strongholds specifically origin over a mountain. I found this word and it is still encouraging to me. I feel that there is more to be dug out of this revelation in this season. The most agreed upon words right now in the body are the worship songs we sing… namely reckless love by bethel. Strategically we need to use this as an offensive strategy. How do we take the strong mans house. We first bind the strongman. I think our symphony has the power to take/make the apostolic word that is agreed upon tear down walls of hopelessness and bind the strongman over our nation. We don’t have an opioid, abortion or immigration crisis we have a hope crisis. I believe it is time for the church to take up the mantle of kingship we have been called to and symphony is a key to the overcoming bride.