2014 Prophetic Strategy Session!

2014 Prophetic Strategy Session!

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There is a stirring in the armies of heaven as they realign over cities, states and nations! The warfare is going to get local, regional, national and international – depending on your assignment.

Open doors will be in very SPECIFIC places in this the Hebrew year 5774……this is the decade of “Ayin”–the eye of the Lord. How you see things will either align you with heaven or hell. Take off your glasses and examine what lenses you are wearing.

The trumpet declares a sound calling us upward in 2014!

I Repost here something that was missed by most people last night.

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“Vocation” comes from the Latin word “vocare” – “to call!” Vocation and calling are linked. God calls you to come close to Him that He may work in you the grace “both to will and to do His good pleasure.” When your work is the work you were created for your vocation becomes your vacation. It energizes you.

Never look at your work as if it were a secondary thing. …it isn’t. Your work is your ministry. It’s a sacred thing. You are Adam and your assignment is your garden. You are always self employed in this sense. Even if you are part of someone else’s organization you don’t work for a man ….you work as “unto the Lord” and the Lord Himself rewards you with an unfolding and progressive calling. These callings tend to unfold in 24 to 48 month cycles. It’s a fascinating study.

Never think that success is a life without problems…. success is a life with a BETTER QUALITY PROBLEM! Instead of trying to figure out how to survive the winter and eat you get to work on something else. The more complex the problem the higher the reward, but “to whom much is given much is required.” Nobody ever paid me for directions to Walmart but I’ve got a number of people who will pay me for directions into a six figure coaching or training job. That’s a more complex problem.

But I got into this “vocation” by helping others answer the call of God. I gave away a lot over the years and built a lot of good will.

Learn to be generous.

And learn to take on the tough problems.

Jim Rohn has a great quote, “I’ve discovered that you can be sincere and work hard and wind up broke and embarrassed.” You have to be more than sincere and diligent, you’ve got to have a mentor that will show you how to monetize your talent, plan smart and set goals.

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