Shake-Up To Wake Up

I have family in Israel, and the resilience of the Israelis is something. They need to listen for sirens all the time, and they have bomb shelters in their houses. We could do with some of that resilience, as coronavirus has made us so fragile in the United States. For the first time in thousands of years, we experienced Passover instead of celebrated it, and on May 31st, I think we’ll experience Pentecost as well.

The Lord gave us mercy in 2016 with Donald Trump, and I think that the Lord is allowing a shake-up to wake up. When I was talking to the military leaders in Israel, I asked them what they thought about President Trump taking out General Qassem Suleimani. They said it was the most courageous move of an American President in the history of Israel. In just two years, President Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, took out Suleimani, and called Iran’s bluff.

I believe we should be praying from now to May 31st, and we should be praying for repentance. We need to see the Remnant turn up. This is a dangerous time, look how quickly people are going along with the giving up of their rights, their right to assemble, and their rights to free speech.

We need to wake up, repent, and recover.

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4 thoughts on “Shake-Up To Wake Up

  1. Lance, I’m getting frustrated with you warning about repentance or else, so much. What can I do-I’ve already searched my heart with God to the nth degree!! I already am praying my heart out for our nation and have been for years. I can’t repent for anyone but myself and I see the behemoths in our nation. Im actually upset. Im doing what little I can. I think concerned Christians need more information on how we can do what needs to be done by us. GOD HAS TO FIRE HIS CHURCH UP!
    Do you really expect God to pour out his blessing on or around May 31st.? What if He doesn’t? It could shake up some Christians faith if there is no special visitation like you say. I hope there will be but God has His own timing in my 45 years walking with Him. I DO APPRECIATE YOU SO, THOUGH! Just honest questions.

  2. Totally agree with the ‘shake up to wake up’ position. We’ve all heard Chron 7:14 a lot since the pandemic started and have related to it healing America. Another interpretation is that the land that is to be healed is the Church. “If MY people” (the Church) “Heal THEIR land” could refer directly to the Church. That, to me, is even more powerful. This pandemic is global and God could be telling the global church to go take each of their nations!

  3. Re 2 Chronicles 7:14 – God does not see us (His Body) as sinners! He sees us in His Son, because we died when He died, and we rose to new life with Him! Paul continually tells us this in Ephesians. We belong to a New Covenant, not under the Law of Moses. This word from God was for Solomon, not for us. We never do go to the next verse which is God’s promise to be with them and to hear their prayer. I remember using this scripture in the 1980s! How’s it working for us?

    Seems to me we’re coming at this from the wrong angle – Jesus said, ‘I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means harm you.’ Do we really believe him? Read Psalm 149 – David knew what it was all about and claimed that authority as his inheritance, so we have a much greater inheritance as sons and daughters of the Living God.

    Read Galatians through with new eyes, not just what you’ve heard before. The comparison between living under the Law and under The New Covenant of Grace is all the way through. James tells us too if we live by the Law, we have to obey the whole law or be guilty of the whole lot.

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