Sending Your Words Into The Future – The Season Of Fruit That God Has For You

This week I've been looking into the Q phenomenon and while I was falling down that rabbit hole, I felt the Lord say to me that “the people of God need to be focusing on the fruit the Lord has for you in this season”.

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8 thoughts on “Sending Your Words Into The Future – The Season Of Fruit That God Has For You

  1. I LOVE this, Lance!
    I’m in that over 70 crowd and I have been feeling that God is saying in my life, “The Best is yet to be!” And YOU just VERIFIED it! Thank you so much! I’m struggling, but that’s not new. I am accepting the Blessings God is pouring down on me and looking for those new opportunities. I know the direction I must go…just need the energy and strength through King Jesus to get there. With a grateful servant’s heart, I thank you again. Praise God, Bless Trump, Lance, USA, Israel, and families everywhere.

  2. Hi Lance, i really enjoyed your talk …. you mentioned “Talking to the Environment” + “Power of Agreement as the Secret Sauce” + “Discovering my Identity Statement” + “….that there is a Tribe looking for me”. ….. please, this link is not working: …. What is the correct link to get involved?

    Thanks, Ruth

  3. Dear Lance associates, I am not finding him on anymore. Is he not using the site or is he being deleted? I will come to this site for his comments. Thank you.

  4. Lance. I have experienced in my own walk, how God wants us to focus on our calling, not the worlds alluring or draw. Mind you his ways are so not ours. He will turn and churn you until he says, now your ready. So biblical.

    When I was worship leading a few years ago he told me to tell the people, stop looking at the world and what is happening, now yet we are to be wise, however look to him, seek him and worship him.

    Nothing new, but how many of his fractured house, his Jewel, is running from the Cross through our own ways, instead of being still, wait upon him, press in, lean in to our King.

    Practical, is our God……Stop, listen, obey. ( yet the most difficult to do).