Ever Wonder What Deep State Is? I JUST FOUND OUT

I decided to share my discovery about the truth behind the words “deep state”. I met President Morales of Guatemala, who was elected in similar circumstances to Donald Trump. Both Entertainers before their election and both now being slammed! Soros, The UN and CSIG, oh my!

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6 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What Deep State Is? I JUST FOUND OUT

  1. You are one of the very few Christian leaders getting the big picture, most only talk about “America” as if the globalists and satanists were not active in every nation. Much can be done by defusing their advance on a wider perimeter rather than just waiting for them to be knocking down your front door. These liberal progressives are very active for example in Costa Rica and are actively trying to destroy it so there will be no democratic success story in all Latin America. They want to choke the economy by making over 50% of the land into Parks and Reserves, generating poverty and destroying traditional family values. A few minor changes by the MAGA administration can set them back decades.

  2. I believe we are still suffering from the idea that Jesus is coming back tomorrow, and we don’t have to worry about what happens in this world. This is a slothful slumber that the enemy uses to make us ineffective.

  3. Sent it to Sean Hannity! 😀
    Missed your whole idea on the wall between Guatemala and Mexico…. send the idea to Sean Hannity to get it to POTUS.
    Great insight! Thanks…

  4. Lance, you are the only one talking about this stuff because it is not popular to go there. Well, KEEP going there! We are with you! I hope Nicky Haley sees this and wakes up! I am from SC and I think if she had the full story she would do the right thing.
    Keep telling the truth!

  5. Thank you Lance. I soooo agree about Guatemala situation. I have also have observedly assessed an even deeper manipulation of deep state, the not asked, not neededeeded or asked for Panama Canal treaty created by pres. Carter and soon after with pres Clinton with the NAFTA, a disaster to be an illusion of greatness to help as resolution towards a promise of monetary growth eventually peace; therefore, I can envision how these created disasters can be reversed, resolved or disolved. Let me know if you would like to engage with my ideas and vision
    NINJA SHEEP!!!!!!!

  6. God is in charge. Just like the scene at the Tower of Babel, God knows how to stop man when he oversteps his boundaries. That is what God did when HE allowed Donald Trump to win. No one else could do what God wants done at this time!!!!