Preparing for war.

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Preparing for war.

I’ve often talked about how seven mountains shape culture. This topic is about to heat up.

New to the subject? Imagine that each mountain represents a power center of cultural influence. Mountains in the Bible are symbolic of world kingdoms. They are also symbolic of spiritual encounters with God. On Mt. Sinai, Moses encountered God and received the Law. Jesus met Satan on a “high mountain” where He was tempted with world kingdoms. Jesus unveiled His true identity on the Mount of Transfiguration. The core of Jesus’ message was delivered in the ‘Sermon on the Mount.’ He returns to Mt. Olivet.

And we all wonder about the timing of this verse: “It shall come to pass IN THE LAST DAYS that the MOUNTAIN of the HOUSE of the Lord shall be established in the TOP of the MOUNTAINS.” (Isa 2:2)

Last days…tops of Mountains…House of the Lord.

What’s at the spiritual top of the mountains? Gates.

What’s up with gates?

At the summit of each mountain of influence is a gate of influence.
Rulers in the ancient world would meet at the gates of the city. Elders sat at the gates.
Good rulers and bad.
Government is controlled by a remnant of rulers at the gates.
Media is controlled by a remnant of rulers at the gates.
Education is controlled by a remnant of rulers at the gates.
You get the idea.

You want to change the world? You need to deal with the gates.

Abraham was told, “Your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies.” (Gen 22:17-18)

Enemies at the gates? Nothing new to God. In fact, Jesus said, “On this rock I will build My church and the GATES OF HELL WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT.” (Mt 16:18)

Now, there is a novel idea. Let’s see the church show up in proximity to the gates of hell…at the places of influence where they are located. Let’s get close to the gates and close to the enemy. It’s either 1.) Possess the gates or 2.) Be dispossessed by the gates.

Last Days culture is not neutral. It will be either increasingly anti-Christian or accepting of Christians. A true Christian allows for freedom to not be Christian but the antichrist spirit will not allow you to exist. It will not rest till you bow the knee to the prevailing idol.

You have a mountain to ascend and gates to occupy.
Where do you start?

The first mountain is the MOUNTAIN OF ME. Take your mountain. The first gate is the gateway to your own mind, which is the pathway to your heart.


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