Obama, Antifa, And America’s Fake Awakening

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I have a powerful revelation for you. I was doing a Kenneth Copeland social media call recently, and I read from Mark chapter four, verse 37. Jesus rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace, be still,” and then there was a great calm. It requires one anointing to speak to the cause of the storm, and there’s another that speaks to the condition the storm is created. It’s like the race issue triggered by the death of George Floyd. The Democrats knew that Trump had a startlingly high favorability rating with African Americans. So the Democrats had to weaponize race – they had to, as with Candace Owens launching the Blexit campaign, they couldn’t afford not to.

Let’s talk about the data. What’s the empirical evidence for the accusation that the police are hunting people? Well, it isn’t true. You know the left is always wanting to be scientific when it’s to their advantage, and then they’re unscientific when they want to manipulate. We’re going to look at that data.

If we look at these Antifa people responsible for pulling down statues, like the pictures President Trump shared, you can see that they are manifestations of territorial spirits in a person. They don’t have thoughts. The thoughts have them! Plus did you see that the John Wayne statue is the next to be targeted for removal?

Meanwhile, former President Obama went on record with the Democratic party on television with Joe Biden. Do you know what he said? He said He’s so proud of what he’s seeing happen in the youth. It’s a new Great Awakening. What he calls a great awakening is looting, destruction, the burning of the flag, and the overturning of America. It means it’s a fake awakening. The Democrat party today is not the Democratic Party of your dad and mom. Today they’ve finally been taken over by Marxist left-wing radicals who despise capitalism and free economic markets and everything that goes along with capitalism. And so to them, the country was founded as evil, unfair, racist, and bigoted. What they’re doing is not destroying anything other than the people who built the country.

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7 thoughts on “Obama, Antifa, And America’s Fake Awakening

  1. Thank you! Great insight and points for intercession. So appreciate you! Your comment on “waffle house” confirmed a dream I had a few days ago, where an angel came and pulled a “waffle” blanket off of me (rep. the church” )! What you shared also brought clarity to another linked dream I had back in March. I can send more on the dreams if helpful.

    • In the midst of the storms God is working still (Peace be still and know) God has the final word, Be ready the End is near. The question? Are we ready are we prepared it’s time to pray like never before. Hear what God had to say to the true church.( The Unveiling) what’s ahead for the USA and the Nations of the world🌎

  2. Is to late for another idea on the book title
    1) Cyrus Order in Chaos
    2) God’s Cyrus Order in Chaos
    3) The Cyrus Order in Chaos
    4) Cyrus Order in America

  3. Dear Lance,

    Thank you for your bold articulations and instigations! I always look forward to getting your perspectives.

    As an FYI I mentioned you with a link on my blog. I was referencing our iconoclastic role as vandals in a movement to bring down lofty thoughts set again the knowledge of Christ. I reference the recent humiliation of monuments.

    Perhaps you’d like a read/listen https://landingstripenterprises.com/joining-the-vandals-an-invitation/

    Our God’s overflowing best to you!

    Steven C Johnson

    Landing Strip Enterprises

  4. Thank-you for opportunity to comment ~
    Re: book title feedback.
    I have taken the liberty to tweak an existing option.
    The Cyrus Code {title}
    Donald J. Trump:
    The Storm & a Prophetic Code Revealed {sub title}

    [“… revealing what’s next” may be too wordy, which diminishes and dilutes the impact of a title]

    Elizabeth Gail

  5. This was one of your best videos that I’ve seen…and for the past year at least, I’ve seen most of them! Have to admit I am very burdened because it seems many of the people who should be listening…and ACTING…are not. Whatever it takes…KEEP SHOUTING!!! KEEP SHOUTING!!!