The Media False Prophets, The “Peaceful” Mob, And The Politician Generals

This week the media have been reporting these bogus stories about President Trump quitting. As anyone who knows him will tell you, he’ll fight to the very last second because that’s how God made him. The other major story they’re spinning this week is Russia paying to kill American servicemen through the Taliban while claiming the President knew about it. Why are these media false prophets never held to account? Why does nobody ever go back and say, “well, you were wrong about Russia, Stormy Daniels, and Michael Cohen.” If I prophesied the wrong thing every day, my community would call me out and remind me of just one of those errors, let alone a string of mistakes!

The President proved that he was smarter than H.R. McMaster and Rex Tillerson, who wanted to get into Syria. President Trump said no that he didn’t want to get more involved with the middle east and that trillions of dollars had been wasted in Afghanistan. Now we have the American military Generals lining up against Trump because they’ve become politicians, starting with Bush and through to Obama.

Russia, Iran, and China have already formed a pack, you’ve got your end time principalities lining up. In the United States, we’ve got the Antifa nut jobs that want to take America and turn it into a Venezuelan socialist regime.

There was a Supreme court ruling on First Amendment discrimination against Montana’s religious schools, plus the “peaceful” mob in St. Louis, who terrorized Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

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2 thoughts on “The Media False Prophets, The “Peaceful” Mob, And The Politician Generals

  1. Trump and the sedition of the Democrats re Foreign policy.
    How many of you noticed how the Democrats tried to torpedo all of Trump’s international negotiations? Don’t you recall the traitor heretic Nancy Pelosi would arrange 3 day hearings, impeachment or crooked attorneys, whenever he was overseas or speaking at the UN?
    It’s no wonder these leaders have become brazen, seeing that his domestic opposition is so seditious. There used to be a rule. That the opposition never conducts any kind of activity like that when the President is meeting with foreign leaders. All in the national interest that both parties used to care about until the progressives took over the Democrat Party.