My Amish Friends Returned From Praying Against ISIS

11043183_10153174790374936_8727060860480054528_oMy Amish Friends Returned From Praying Against ISIS

I've noticed that things have been going backwards with ISIS and believe that Christian prayers and prophesying had an impact. One Amish group I've worked with went down to do work with Kurdish refugees. They felt led to go to the front lines and pray.An armed escort was assigned and took them to the highest point overlooking ISIS activity – where these Holy Spirit filled Amish PRAYED WITH HANDS EXTENDED TO HEAVEN and decreed what they felt God saying over ISIS.

They invited me to go with them in the future. One of them, John Lapp, said “You don't need to be in fear cause one thing we learned is that if you're HIDDEN in Christ they really can't see you!”

They went on to tell me incidents where people were blind to them.

UNDERSTAND WHATS HAPPENING- Makes no sense to pray against ISIS but not pray about the root cause that creates it.

HERE is what I've dug up. ISIS is the product of a major political crisis in Iraq, which has afforded it everything from access to operating spaces to the opportunity to form tribal coalitions. ISIS was able to actually WIN OVER an important segment of the Sunni population, left with little stake in a political system from which it was mostly marginalised, and by which it was often persecuted.

It is important, therefore, that the agents who attempt to retake ISIS territory do so in the name of a different, inclusive central government, and as part of a clear long-term plan to construct government legitimacy. (They don't seem very good at getting out of a tribal mindset)

The de-Baathification policies introduced by the US-led Coalition Provincial Authority in May 2003 were aimed at blocking senior Saddam-era officials from regaining power, but their sweeping application disenfranchised whole Sunni communities, fuelling growing senses of grievance and of sectarian division.

(Comments from: Dr Alia Brahimi is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Oxford.)

LETS PRAY WITH INSIGHT. What Iraq needs are LEADERS God raises up who understand how to heal the wounds and unite the tribes and isolate the bad guys. Not unlike the need we have in America right now.

I will keep you posted with these Amish folks.


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6 thoughts on “My Amish Friends Returned From Praying Against ISIS

      • Yes I am curious also, because these are not the known activities of the Old Order Amish. Additionally they normally do not allow their photos to be taken. So I would like to know a little more about this group. Otherwise, this is absolutely wonderful news, and if Christians rally in prayer and actions of love, promote change for justice, etc, ISIS as a group will evaporate. We need to pray for transformed hearts of each one of these lost men and women.

  1. What remarkable people. “Hidden in Christ”. Looks like we could learn a lot from these Amish. I would love to know what some of the things they decreed were, then come into agreement with it!