Joseph, Prisoner of Circumstance or Prophetic Process?

Joseph ProcessAre you a prisoner of circumstances or is it prophetic process?

Joseph was not a prisoner of Egypt, he was a prisoner of a prophetic promise. During the entire time of his betrayal by brothers, sale as a slave, and unjust imprisonment this noble young prophet was being trained and maneuvered into a divine position with direct access to the mighty throne of Egypt.

Remarkably, Joseph never actually understood the real interpretation of his own prophetic dream. In fact, he attempted to work his way out of prison by asking the Butler (who would soon be released) to seek Joseph's release and “get me out of this house.” ( Gen 40:14). Had Joseph succeeded, he would have aborted the deliverance of his entire family in the coming famine.

It is important to consider Josephs frustration as God is seemingly deaf to his cry to get out of his circumstance. God must deny Josephs prayer for deliverance because the world needs Joseph to stay where he is. The man who is to counsel the worlds greatest power, never saw his prophetic calling as larger than the tents of his father Jacob.

Are you wishing God would deliver you? Change your circumstances? Fulfill your long awaited prophetic expectations? What if God has all along been preparing you for something different, something larger that required you to learn new skills and expand your integrity under pressure?

What if you have not done an altogether perfect job of handling the long season of seeming delays? Maybe screwed up? Fear not. The beauty of the Bible is its raw honesty. The month before the Upper Room, Jesus disciples fled and hid in fear. Peter, their most vocal leader quit the ministry after publicly denying he even knew Jesus and did so cursing like a backslidden sailor.

That's what the prophetic promise “process” does. The heat refines the beauty of your character (like Joseph,) or brings up the impurity (like Peter) so you humble your soul and get rid of it. In the end, either way, the process leads to your promotion…if you just don't quit.

This is not a bad event….this is a “process” event.

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127 thoughts on “Joseph, Prisoner of Circumstance or Prophetic Process?

  1. This was the exact Word I needed to read at this moment. Totally right on In the Spirit!!!
    Thank you so much

  2. I sometimes think it would have been so much more helpful through this process if I had understood this from the beginning. HOWEVER, I’m finally understanding and would not exchange this place with God for ALL the gold in the world. He is Faithful, and that is what I now speak over the dreams He has placed in my heart.

  3. There are no words to explain, but I am grateful I stumbled on your page some several months back. Deep in thought

  4. This does help a lot ! I don’t want to get to my destiny before the set time. I remind myself daily that God is taking care of the details and I just have to be faithful where I am and keep doing the present assignment His Way, because how I do anything is how I do everything ! Thanks Lance for always bringing us the right word in due season !

  5. Sadly in this time, if you are in a difficult situation, all the pastors, all the church say that it’s your fault, or you lost the opportunity, etc.

  6. Thanks Lance I have been going through what appears to be a long process in the prison. I am often challenged by the desire for God to get me out of this situation all the while knowing he is preparing me for my prophetic calling, teaching me new skills and building an inner reliance on God as he strengthens me. Reading these posts have been an encouragement to me as I maneuver through the process.

  7. HI Lance,

    We’ve met a couple of times, most recently in abbottsford about 2 years ago. Yes, I concur with your assessment of the prophetic process surrounding the promise. It can be hard to hold the course sometimes, and yes there are times of apparent “disconnects”. Sure you feel down, but thank God for giving us a mind that can elevate. Elevation has worked for me, it causes me to see a “macro” view of things, and confirms just how good he’s been so far. It’s like driving through the Canadian north on a bush road, each side bordered by 50-70 pines. You know there’s a clearing with the most beautiful lake and the promise of peace and release, but sometimes the drive gets under your skin. All you see for a long long time is just trees and gravel. Just do like Peter Pan did, “Second star to the right, and straight on til morning!” Daybreak will come! Thanks again my friend, hope you and your family are well.

    Needed this reminder along the way as I walk with God.
    This was such fresh revelation. Thanks for being sensitive in hearing.

  9. I heard something today that applies here. It is our purpose not our role that matters. Roles change but our purpose never does. I believe Joseph must have detected something deeper or else he would have given up, but even with the greatest temptations he resisted and stayed on track. I think he knew he had a greater purpose even if the roles he played through the process didn’t seem to fit. Thanks for the laser focus Lance!

  10. I found this Word very in line with where I am in my life now, not knowing why my road / breakthrough feels never ending, doing everything Biblically correct and seeing no resuls. This word spoke into my spirit. Appreciate your insight Lance. Shalom

  11. Hey Lance great stuff! when are you coming back to raleigh? I am one of the leaders who was part of the meeting you did last fall at catch the fire.

  12. It is helpful to know that others understand what those of us in the Body are going through. I have a beautiful silver bracelet (symbol of covenant) that Jesus had me buy for myself on my move from Las Vegas, (Apostle Dennis) to Colorado Springs (Apostle Dutch). It has beautifully colored stones in it. It is not worth much to anyone else. The Lord told me it was symbolic of Joseph’s coat of many colors. I have had to make that statement many times. I have had to tell others what it meant to me. This is part of what I have been saying. I have learned so much in the process, okay, now what? The pressure of just sitting still is enormous right now. It is like a hurricane spinning in one spot! Let me go already PaPa! Thanks Lance, you are much loved in my household!

  13. Wow Yes,I feellike iv been standing at attention for 50 years …I stand and watch ..Iv been given the Gift of creative maricals put it bluntly …I’v been pulling at the leash imersivly for so VERY long…To fullfill my work is a phisical aick to me at this point ..But I remain at attention ..Thank you truely helped !

  14. In this time, if you are in a difficult situation, most of the pastors and all the church are going to ask you: What did you do? It is because you decide it, bad choices, you are not going to recover this time, etc.

  15. This word describes precisely my own circumstances. Thank you for such a timely reminder: keep God’s perspective and allow His loving process to have its way in me!

  16. I totally agree that it is a ‘process’ and if you rush it or run away, you only have to go through it again so learn as quick as you can and keep surrendering to it. I just wanted to say thank you Lance for the download of ‘SUCCESS KEYS 2013’ it was REALLY key to bringing clarity to my passions, calling, identity. So much so, that I have now been given a University place on a course of my dreams. “Music Technology & Composition for film & Games. This puts me directly in the media/film industry. I am a mature, mature student, but through your teaching, I have discovered that it is NEVER too late. God’s timing is perfect. My website: – please take a look. It is a young website and still developing. Bless you, Lauren Leigh :)x

  17. A while ago, I learned where I was at, was a process taking me to where God would use me. The process can be long and difficult but not impossible. I thank God, He kept me where I could grow in the prophetic process as He loves me too much to release me and His love for others was revealed to me in that had He released me before “His time” I could have hurt many people in my immaturity. I have come to praise Him in the Process.

  18. The process….when we connect to truth…it will set our process to advance the Divine intent in which we were created for. Don’t get stuck in process…learn who you are and advance forward to impact!

  19. Absolutely believe this is one of the truths the American Church is needing. Unless you understand this you cannot ” take up your cross and follow me.”

  20. Good article. I would like to hear more about the Prophetic process and how to discern what is going on when we feel stuck and frustrated with circumstances.

  21. Yes. More please! This makes sense for Joseph’s life story. Would like to read more. I love your words and video’s. I Listen often to you on youTube. Thank you for your work.

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