IS THIS YOU? Had a really disturbing realization

1511638_10153434083094936_6669289294673061143_nIS THIS YOU?
Had a really disturbing realization. It has to do with how I've seen believers treat other people in service industries. Specifically, I am talking about the way we treat people we do not know.

Everything depends on the glasses you are wearing, right? If you heard testimonies about people meeting angels disguised as beggars on a certain block, you would see every beggar on that block as a potential “angel unaware.” If one approached you, you would treat them with curiosity and care.

If you are selling, you treat all potential customer's with deference.

Your first meeting with a future “in-law” or boss? You behave.

A patrolman who pulls you over may irritate you but you avoid being too confrontational, right?

How you see the other person determines how you treat them.

Should we not see all people thru the grid the Apostle Paul taught, namely, “honor all men, love the brotherhood, honor the kings”???

If you see all the world as a battle of wills in a contest you “win” when your side gets what it wants – you will behave like a jerk (forgive the candor).

The “combat” stance should be a last resort in any conversation or negotiation, but for MANY Christians – especially those who like to impress their boss (or friends or themselves) it's the starting position.

The concept of “combative” refers to the point where you get aggressive and demand what you want and threaten sanctions of some sort if the other guy does not accommodate.

This cannibalizing of the opposition shows up big time with Christian event coordinators – especially when a hotel messes up at a ministry conference. But, it is also likely with retailers at stores, rent a car people, airline people, any “customer service” call or hotel people and of course waiters.

IF THIS SAYING IS TRUE – “How you do ANYTHING reveals how you do EVERYTHING!” – The final test of your character is revealed in how you consistently treat a waiter or how you talk to an airline or how you deal with a room problem at a hotel.

Being a public figure can be embarrassing. After near 2 million miles traveling, nothing gets me upset easier than being treated rudely by an airport TSA agent – the newly deputized front line protectors of airport traveling Americans. Never fails …in the midst of my grumbling over being told to strip for a metal detector (Did I say I've flown 2 million miles?) a voice might be heard from a fellow traveler or TSA worker: “are you Lance Wallnau?” This happens in Dallas a lot because I attend a large work called Covenant Church.


At such times I do what anyone would do: shift gears, put on a friendly smile, and become “nice.” Evidently, I can be nice when I want to.

This week we will all be crossing paths with service staff at home-repair stores where we grab our items for home projects, grocery stores where we grab food for our hungry families this week, restaurants when we go to fellowship with a friend, or the gas station staff who take care of us as we hit the road for a busy work week.

Perhaps 2015 is the year we put ourselves through the “treat everyone nice” test! I think for now I am going to focus on anyone in a service industry.

It is time for believers to be resolved with a new standard. May WE be a blessing to those who bless us. May our response serve them as they work to serve us. May we be a blessing to Christ as we honor those in the service industry.

– Lance

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