Identifying And Riding The 3 Storms of Life!

There are 3 storms you will encounter- The storm God sends, the storm that bad decisions create and the storm the enemy sends!

Each storm is navigated differently.

Storm #1

Life Storms

The Storm GOD SENDS is intense but designed to get you to the other side larger and more liberated than you ever would have been if you avoided the sea and played it safe. God sent a storm to chase Jonah out of resistance and into the perfect will of God- in Nineveh- the place he was avoiding.

(Jonah 1:4)

From the belly of the great fish Jonah cried “those who regard worthless IDOLS forsake their own mercy” (and the fish spat him up – on location). An idol is something keeping you from Gods greater thing- His mercy. His undeserved blessing. An idol is anything you love more than God. Many a storm is sent to break a hidden attachment from your life. It may be the fear of man, an addiction or a person or influence that does not belong there. The idol is almost always seeking something more than what pleases the Lord. Jonah made his own agenda greater than God’s. He was delivered when he yielded, and the entire time he was in distress, the fish was taking him to his destiny.

Storm #2

The storm of BAD DECISIONS may be choices you made or other’s made that effected you. Paul was nearly drowned in a decision made by others to sail when they should have stayed in harbor. Many Christian’s are downright frustrated with the choices of leaders in Government because they know the end result will be loss of cargo (economic) and the very ship of state (shipwreck.) Paul however prayed and fasted till an angel got involved and the ship was rerouted to an island where Paul took over…and made it safe to Rome. Adding new territory that wasn’t even in the original plan. (Acts 27:9)

God will overrule bad decisions to bring forth wisdom and get you where you need to be. Look at how Solomon the wisdom child of David came forth out of the disastrous decision David made to sleep with Bathsheba.

The storm you create becomes a storm God is in once you let Him take over the ship.

Storm #3

The storm the devil sends is an ATTACK that is designed to stop you, overthrow you and destroy God’s purpose for your life. When Jesus was with the disciples a great storm arose that threatened their lives. As experienced fishermen this was a type of storm they had never encountered before. Jesus arose and REBUKED the manifestation in the wind and the sea and there was an immediate calm. (Mt 8:26) Disease, financial attack, theft, violence are all works of Hell.

Jesus challenged his disciples “where is your FAITH?” The thought of their ship sinking while Christ was on board provoked Him to challenge what they were focusing on. He told them “lets go to the other side.” His Word was sufficient to give them leverage over the devil. Find the Word God is giving you in your Satanic assault and speak to the situation- Jesus talked to the wind and waves. He talked to things, to tree’s that did not produce and to spirit’s invisible to the human eye. Thoughts are “things” when they take on the power of fear. Speak what God says and watch heaven back up your utterance.

GOD IS ON BOARD IN EVERY STORM and each storm will BE MADE TO fulfill God’s Word over your life! “Fire, and hail; snow, and vapor; stormy wind fulfilling his word” (Ps 148:8) The Holy Spirit knows the way thru every storm- and He is on the inside of you. Hence God WILL NEVER LEAVE you or forsake you to the stormy elements.

All 3 storms are common to man – but you my friend are an uncommon vessel. What you come thru becomes a testimony to others. You are a STORM RIDING CHILD of the Most High God.

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99 thoughts on “Identifying And Riding The 3 Storms of Life!

  1. Thanks for making these thoughts of storms ever so clearer. I tried sharing it on FB, but the link does not work.

  2. This is a very timely word for me. For the past 5 years, my family and I have been going through all 3 storms. I don’t know when it will all be over and we can get to the other side, but I know I’m going to the other side, somehow, someday.

  3. I believe that God not only is in the storm but He is looking for you to do something; to reposition yourself to come into the calm (Shalom) of the storm. He requires you to take a step of Faith! HE’s there to help you and guide you but you have to act in Faith!

  4. Are you kidding me? Is this helpful! Everything you produce bears fruit in thought, insight and the ability to implement it quickly GETTING RESULTS!
    Several years ago, God spoke to me and gave me 3 instructions they were 1) Look for new voices 2) form new strategic alliances 3) follow step by step instructions.
    One of the new voices he introduced into my life was the ministry of Lance Wallnau and the other was Bill Johnson. As I have followed, studied, prayed and implemented the things that these two ministries in particular have instructed, I have grown by leaps and bounds and my life is bearing FRUIT! Thank you for the word you impart. YOU are changing lives–mine especially!

    Stella Payton

    • Very helpful. Let those Words of Life flow…anything that is Truth and Light.
      THANK YOU!

  5. Yes, thanks for sending your emails. I appreciate it. Always a good reminder to recognize/discern what’s going on in situations we may be dealing with. The Lord always loves us. He is always good.

  6. I find that your posts have so much application not only to my spiritual life but also to my professional life … or, said differently, my inner life and also my outer life. I’m a personal trainer within a large fitness-oriented organization. We are Christian based, but there are many segments of this non-profit that have taken their eyes off of Christ and have turned to idols. I, and many others, have become part of the collateral damage of the bad decisions that result from focusing on and following after these idols rather than Christ. I’m greatly encouraged by your statement that “God will overrule bad decisions to bring forth wisdom and get you where you need to be”. Amen to that! I just pray that He brings the entire organization back to where it needs to be as well.

  7. I did a Series on the 4 Storms of God and tied them into worship;
    the storm God rebuked, Matt. 8, which resulted in 0 worship and Jesus was referred to as a “man.” The storm we overcome, Matt. 14, which results in overcomers offering Jesus worship and addressing, seeing Jesus as Lord. The storm He lets us go through, Daniel 3, Jesus is there w/ us in the storm and it results in our being unharmed and promoted when we come through. Our testimony of God’s faithfulness causes others to worship God. Lastly, the storm of chastisement, sent by God to keep us in the will of God (Jonah).

  8. Thanks Lance. Right on. God is with us through all of this, even when we feel we are alone, He is there. He is mighty to save!

  9. I find all your posts very insightful. What I have discovered in my studies that G-d’s Kingdom is not linear and operates in a cyclical fashion, for all characters in the Bible.
    1. Crisis produces opportunity.
    2. Opportunity produces ministry and anointing.
    3. Ministry produces favor.
    4. Favor produces promotion.
    5. Promotion produces increase.
    6. Increase multiplies responsibility.
    7. Responsibility produces rewards.
    8. Rewards attract attacks.
    9. Attack creates crisis ……… And the cycle begins.

    As overcomers, the above allows me to understand what is happening to me in any situation while climbing my mountain.
    Thank you for your great teachings

  10. Thank you Lance!
    I need this. It is a NOW Word! Riding through storms in all three areas described. Victory is secure when Trust is in God, Blessed assurance!

    Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
    Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!
    Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
    Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

    This is my story, this is my song,
    Praising my Savior all the day long;
    This is my story, this is my song,
    Praising my Savior all the day long.

    Perfect submission, perfect delight,
    Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;
    Angels, descending, bring from above
    Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.

    Perfect submission, all is at rest,
    I in my Savior am happy and blest,
    Watching and waiting, looking above,
    Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.

  11. This is timely as well as helpful… I believe we miss the storm that we create at times thinking it’s the enemy when it’s actually from a bad choice or decision we have made… but the Lord is so faithful to His own and does get right in the middle of the storm to walk us out once we acknowledge, repent, and obey Him….

  12. Precise and concise. Your teachings are excellent !
    , always looking forward to reading them and applying
    to my life.
    Thank you

  13. This helped me gain perspective on a personal situation I am going through with my daughter and granddaughter. All three storms are going on at the same time.

  14. Right on. We often hear of Storms 1 and 3, but storm number 2 is something we don’t hear about quite as often. It’s the storm where Jesus covers our goof ups. I needed that today. Thanks so much.

  15. Wonderful to realise that as I yield to Father’s will, all the while He has been taking me towards the out working of His Word & Will. Amazing, such undeserved favour & grace Isa 42:1-4. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Is this helpful? In one word ABSOLUTELY! The Lord impressed on me that I can’t use circumstances, good or bad, to determine if I’m in His will. The problem was though when the storms hit, me or others, I had no framework or understanding for discerning the root and how to respond. Now, based on the truth you’ve revealed confirmed by the Word and the Spirit of God, we can position ourselves for revelation from the Lord for each storm and learn to overcome it by agreeing and confessing what the Lord says.

    Thank you Lance and God bless you, your family and your ministry!

    • Samual:
      Spirit filled for a some years … Self induced gunshot (failed to go)
      Do you believe God is still pleased with her?

      She does not know

  17. This is a perfect and clear explanation for the things we experience in our life as well as an on-time word. Thanks Lance, you will be richly rewarded for sharing the wisdom that God has blessed and entrusted you with.

  18. Thank you. I have been trying to figure out some situations in my life. This looks like the insight I need to constructive deal with them.

  19. Very timely! Going through a couple of storms. Great reminder that God is still in control and to persevere and “By faith” it through the process.

  20. Perfect timing. As always full of Gold! I’ve been looking into storms because on July 6 I succumbed to a bone infection after being bitten by a dog. Right now, I was meant to be in Bend Oregon with my favourite church and then speaking at an international conference in Seattle for work. Instead I’m on intravenous antibiotics and light duties ( rest). I was very disappointed and now, it doesn’t feel like a storm, more an opportunity. It’s not our circumstances that define us – more our ability to have a courageous conversation with ourselves and God and how we respond.

  21. Awesome word…thankyou SO much,will definitely be sharing this !!!..your posts are such a blessing to me.Your insight and teaching are SO anointed. Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou !!

  22. Weeeeeeeeeee! May I learn to more readily see and learn and respond to the lesson with each storm! Thank you Lance! Thank You Lord!

  23. This was so encouraging. At this moment my storm is the result of being on a ship that is sinking. I’m not the only one but I’ve been promised new territory, new authority, souls…
    Thank you… It meant a lot to see this tonight

  24. Lance,

    Thank you for your sharing your thoughts here. It always encourages and prompts me to know more about God’s ways, and walk in it.

  25. Thank you Lance! Very true about the storms. I found it interesting how you said “The storm you create becomes a storm God is in once you let Him take over the ship.”. That is so true, and I have seen God move in my own life after I’ve made bad decisions. Thank you for sharing.

  26. riders on the storm–roller coast of life–still hanging on–and miracles do occur out of the darkness–been through all three and sometimes at the same time–what an adventure. thanks Lance; as one.

  27. Hope that its okay to comment on another topic. Recently read the 3 steps/discouragement. Probably the first I have read with a different approach– I found it very encouraging. Out of nowhere I don’t typically pray for divine connections/divine appointments. I have been the last few weeks. Looking forward to what God has ahead. Thx for posting what the Holy Spirit inspires you to share. I have done a lot of gleaning from your teachings over the past year. Blessings!!

  28. WOW, Praise God for such a timely word in due season. I am what seems like going through a long season of each one of these after another, however, this gave me revelation and renewal that I lifted my voice to nothing but praise and not complaint with confession toward victory in Jesus name….AMEN.

  29. I knew that sooner or later I would find reference to Jonah…..I have had to return to a place I do not want to be three times now to face the situation I loathe to confront and overcome, but I am resolved now to get through with this and God has become much more inclined to clue me into his presence……I want to get to the other side ASAP… to you for your help, Lance!

  30. This was so good, so clear to understand and so the Word. I sent it on to several friends and to my Pastor at my Church. These are so helpful for all of us have to go through these storms and identifying them makes it easier.

  31. oh yes! This clarified so much for me and gave me hope. I had been thinking my “bad decisions” storms were going to have a permanent devastating affect for my future. And I can clearly see in which category all my storms fit. Thank you so very much Lance!

  32. Enjoy your teachings always!!! I have followed you for years!!! First time I was privileged to hear you in person was Conyers, GA. You, Kim Clement and Mark Chironna did the first “FUSION”. It was awesome and I will never forget it. Conyers is outside of Atlanta. The church is “IN THE NOW”, PASTOR JIM SWILLEY. I did not attend there as a member, I live in Loganville, GA. The pastor just a couple of years ago did an interview with Atlanta Journal Paper and confessed that he is GAY!!! Very sad to me and the church has lost a ton of members!!! The devil working diligently!!!! I would love to hear teachings on prayer and hearing GOD!!! I follow Kim C. on a weekly basis! Love him, Brother Mark and of course YOU!!! GOD bless you and your family!!! Hope you come to Atlanta area again someday soon!!! WE NEED YOU!!!

  33. Yes. This was very helpful. Please continue to comment on current events with prophetic spiritual perspective.
    Thank you, Lance.

  34. This was an amazing parallel to all I’ve known all my life… Thank you for this it is very inspirational and the truth! I think I have known every storm you’ve talked about several times over and in hindsight within the past almost 4 yrs I finally have seen how God used every kind of storm in my life to make me the person who He wanted me to be and to fulfill His purpose and show me His true self and the faith and wisdom that I have gotten from these storms I would never take back no matter how hard they were…. They just brought me closer to Him and my relationship with Him… Now I have testimonies of His unconditional Love, deliverance, and His power to over come once I let Him have control… Glory be to God the almighty!

  35. wow I was just in the word studying out the word vanity from Jonah 2:8,lying#7723 Heb. anything that- disappoints the hope -that rests on it. Anyway the Lord was using his word to break off some discouragement that was plaguing me. thank you for being a part of my freedom. amen

  36. Thank you so much for your Godly wisdom. I share much of what I’ve learned from you with my children and grandchildren.

  37. Dear Lance,
    This is extremely helpful. Navigating through storms is one of the top skills we need to develop. At 55, a life-long believer, I’m learning more now than ever about Who God is and who we are in him. Only recently understanding kingdom theology (Vineyard / Bill Johnson, etc.) and discovering the prophetic on new levels has made my faith and hope explode. I love what I’ve seen of your teachings — they’re life-giving. Thank you. I so appreciate this help! Blessings — Tracy Bowden

  38. Thank you Lance; claiming the word of God to me every day in the storm and this was beautiful! I cherish the words and am going to share them. God is showing me through many words that I am not to get discouraged; I am to take courage as you say, “Speak what God says and watch heaven back up your utterance.” God is melting me with love for him in the midst of it.

  39. Need to read this today. Been struggling with a headache/neck pain and face numbness for 7days. History of migraines but this tops the chart. I’ve been verbaly claiming that I don’t get sick and I claim devine health in front of some of my clients. Am I being tested by God or Attacked?

  40. I thank God for using you to deliver the awesome insight and revelation of Him and His Word. Divine revelation knowledge

  41. Revelation 101. I am growing and learning so much! Been saved since I was 4 and grew up with parents from the Jesus Movement. Awesome stuff but you have a way of pulling back the veil so I can see more truth. I feel like I am in school and I am so excited About learning and receiving heavenly revelation. Way to go and thanks for teaching with such hope and enthusiasm. Passion is a beautiful thing!