If you missed my previous post here is the best part!

If you missed my previous post here is the best part!

I love the way Rick Renner puts it:
“HAVE YOU EVER HAD AN INWARD UNEASINESS or a lack of peace that you later wished you hadn’t ignored? As believers, we must learn to pay attention to the lack of peace we feel in our spirits. Sometimes that “inward disturbance” is God’s way of alerting us to something important or of telling us that something isn’t right.”

“God is faithful to speak to you, but often His voice can be heard only by what you sense in your own heart. If you sense peace in your heart, it could be God’s voice telling you, “You have a green light, so you can proceed.” On the other hand, if you have a lack of peace or an inward disturbance, it could be God’s way of saying “Yellow light, so move with caution.” It may even be God telling you, “Red alert! Stop! Something is wrong!” The Holy Spirit is so faithful to warn us when the devil is trying to plan something destructive against us. If you and I will learn to listen and trust His leadership, we’ll be able to circumvent most of those demonic attacks.”

“So I encourage you today to ask the Lord to help you keep your eyes on Him and your heart soft and sensitive to His leading. Just something for you to THINK ABOUT today!” —

Do you like this? I do.

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