Ever heard of The International Christian Chamber of Commerce?

Wow, I am HONORED to be part of this upcoming conference they are putting on June 25 – 27. Join us if you can! (See link below)

In the words of Mike Molnar, one of their top leaders, this is why this event is important:

“Nehemiah, a man of vision, and a man called to action was obedient to leave his comfortable luxurious place while working for King Artaxerxes, as he had heard news that things in Jerusalem were not going so well, he prayed and then took action!

“The marketplace and nations need people of action, people like you and me to hear what is happening, and then come to a place where we truly are ready to stand in the gap, and take responsibility!

“In Nehemiah. 4, the call was to rebuild the wall and to work with tools and shovels in one hand, but weapons ready in their other hand, ready to work, and recognizing at the same time that there is a battle for what needs to be accomplished, as the Jews rebuilding the walls were hated, ridiculed and despised… Sound familiar? What do you have in your hand?

“In the marketplace, the battle is real, and we very much need each other, as individuals and also other ministries also, and we need to focus on the “wallâ€â€¦ the proverbial task at hand…

“In verses 19 & 20, it reads- “so much work has to be done in so many places that we are widely separated from each other on the wall, but when you hear the trumpet, assemble around me and our God will fight for us!

“This is a trumpet call …”

He continued: “…When we were working on the very first invitation, there was an urgency in my spirit on sounding a clear call, it's time!!! No more separation, isolation, and frustration….
It's time to rebuild, Nations to serve, people to raise up, so much to do- together! Last time I checked, the Lord has not stopped using people to do His work here on earth, and if you hear the call, please come!

“I know our dear friend Lance Wallnau will be carrying a critical message for this season, and I know that as our chairman and entire International board, plus the local Minneapolis friends have come together to serve the Americas, that this will be a pivotal time!”

Now back to Lance: God is doing exciting things, my friends. Link arms together. God's army is on the rise!

– Lance

Note: Live-streaming will not be available for this conference. But explore this link on their website for more information: https://iccc.net/event/iccc-americas-regional-conference/

ICCC LanceWallnau

This is “ICCC LanceWallnau” by Lance Learning Group on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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