11392822_10153402888049936_7300143391148828333_oGOD SEES SOMETHING IN YOU.
Paul said, “Christ in you” is “the hope of glory” (Colossians 2:2).

This truth means more than “Christ in you is the hope of going to heaven.” It means that the Christ who died FOR you is the Christ who died AS you so that when He died – you died.

There is a “glory” in you that you may be missing. Your old man is dead and buried but you have a “new” man inside. In your spirit.

Your born-again spirit has the nature of Christ – the very glory of God is woven into your new nature. Believers are “partakers of the divine nature.”

As a born again Christian, the “inside you” is different than you think you are. David saw it when he said – “The king’s daughter is all glorious within” (Psalms 45:13).

When we judge ourselves rightly, we are agreeing with what God says.

He says that the OLD you is dead and buried. He says that in Christ you ARE a “new” creature. Not in some abstract way, but in a literal way – your spirit man is remade by the breath of God into a divine substance.

You are “born from above” in your spirit. Your mind, memory, thinking, feelings, habits may still be in the PROCESS of renewal BUT God sees who you really are.

You recognize the “term” Christian. But think of it this way: a “Christ”- ian. Dare I say what the first century understood by the term Christian: “a little Christ.” You may be mature or adolescent but He sees you as His own seed. Partakers of Christ. His nature.

Morpheus told Neo in the Matrix movie: “I’m trying to FREE YOUR MIND” as he trained him to discover his actual identity as “the one” who would challenge the “matrix”, the “agents”, and the programmers, changing everything for his generation.

Morpheus, like the Holy Spirit in this example, represents the one who knows your real identity. See yourself with Heaven’s eyes and you will see that Christ in YOU wants to become Christ manifesting THROUGH you. But YOU MUST SAY YES TO HIM to manifest this identity into reality.

There will be an End Time company that does this very thing. Nature itself awaits the manifestation of the sons of God. A company of those who grow up into Him. The potential is in us now. The latter rain will cause the seed to mature quickly.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? What do you see about your identity in His Words? How can we get our souls and bodies to line up with this new reality?

Assignment: SHARE this message with your Facebook community, print out for co-workers, share with family over dinner. Thousands of Christians need this truth. Imagine the Killer Sheep that will arise once they recognize their TRUE identity!

– Lance


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  1. Lance, dude! WOW, just got finished praying with a friend exactly this issue, and got this revelation:
    2Cor 5:17: If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away, BEHOLD, ALL THINGS have become new.”

    We need to look, BEHOLD, ourselves through His eyes, and SEE ourselves as totally new creations -LOOK for the ALL THINGS HAVE BECOME NEW! Quantum physics has proven that there are things – energies – that do not exist unless they are observed! And light is spiritual energy!

    The Lord has been reminding me of something He told me years ago, “Anyone can find fault with anybody, no one is perfect! What I’m looking for is the good that is in people, and having it brought to the surface.”

    Then as we were praying for my friend’s grandson, who has psychiatric issues, I saw the “thought trees” as in Caroline Leaf’s books, and to curse the negative ones to the root! That Jacob would never eat of the fruit of them again!!

    FOR ALL OF US! “Old things have passed away” – those old “thought trees” have passed away, dead, dried up by the roots!
    I purpose to BEHOLD all thing become new!!!!

    I hope that makes sense! I’m pumped from the prayer time, and 2nd cup of espresso!!!


    • It makes total sense the Bible says without a vision my people perish we have to have a vision of being new creations in Christ we have to have a vision of the reality that those who believe in his name will cast out demons heal the sick and raise the dead we have to have that vision before us before we ever do it

  2. This is where Holy Spirit has been revealing to me that we would experience a deeper level of the manifestations of the resurrected Christ in us…He wants to stand up in us. He has been there but He wants to flex and manifest His glory through us. We are being stretched and expanded to contain more of Him, as we have asked. As He reveals it to us we walk into it. Last night the Lord showed me in a vision, this huge ball of light outside my house explode, light blew out in all directions, and as it exploded I felt the ground beneath me tremble and I heard the rumble and then my hearing faded and I heard a faint ringing in my ears…it was awesome and terrible and mighty. It was 8:36 pm. I believe the Father wants us to know His Light is going to explode from His people and reach far, in a greater way, revealing those things that have been hidden, within us and without, and that an out-pouring of His wisdom and understanding will come to His people in greater measure for the days and seasons ahead.

  3. God and I had a similar conversation on my way to work. This is truly a confirmation. It was really deep and I plan to walk in that knowledge and see Him completely manifest through me.

  4. This is a primary truth that I believe GOD wants us to embrace during these summer months. Do all that you can to get this working in and through you to others. Christ in You! He said: “Your mind, memory, thinking, feelings, habits may still be in the PROCESS of renewal BUT God sees who you really are!”

    Be diligent, because the devil goes about like a roaring lion (seeking to turn your mentality from your true identity) seeking whom he may devour. Blessings. Craig Ferguson.

  5. Lance,

    Great article. I am grateful for your diligence in making disciples for His kingdom. One consideration: For Christ to manifest Himself through us, we must do more than say “yes”. We can say “yes” and still be on the throne of our heart. Christ will not honor that. We must refuse the desire to save my own life, that we might have His. We must surrender. Perhaps that was your going in assumption. This issue of reign is lost on many; making it difficult for them to experience the power of the normal Christian life.

    Humbly yours and forever His,

  6. Yahweh is sending His Love and Word through His vessels by His Spirit to call His members of Yeshua’s Body to BE all that He chose us and created us to be from before the foundation of the world…redeemed and reconciled us to be when Christ died at the appointed time, and calls us to be in Christ who was raised up for our justification. We are to say Yes and He will manifest and we can rest and He’ll receive all the Honor due to His Name. Amen!!!

  7. It’s about time that we as Believers find out who we really are! There is so much damage that “religion” has done to the real identity of Christians we haven’t known who we really are for years. Maybe a few along the way caught the revelation but for most of us it’s been late. But late is better than never and I believe the Holy Spirit is giving His people an “awakening” to Grace and in that we find out.
    Just like Eve in the garden; she already was a child of God and had everything she needed right there but she didn’t know who she really was.
    It is my belief that the Lord doesn’t want the enemy to get away with this deception any further than he already has and we are in position of understanding things that maybe have never been revealed as clearly as they are now. It’s the right time to know just how much our Heavenly Father loves us as His children and just what the cross really means to us in our identity in Him. We will really be able to do exploits for Him when we know who we are “in Him.”
    Thank you Dr. Lance for your timely word!

    • Amen Charlene!!! This is so where I have been and am seeing God wake my spirit up to His divine Grace!! Religion
      is bondage indeed and the Lord has been telling me that our understanding of our position and relationship with our
      Covenant God is key in these last days. (Psalm 25:14) The ultimate war will be with the pharasees as it was when Jesus walked the earth. May God give us His perspective!!

  8. Thank you for this word. God asked Jeremiah “what do you see” and then evaluated him. I have been praying for eyes to see through our God’s perspective, which has given me ample opportunity to change! Much is shared about the mouth and words and our ability to create. Time to align our sight!

  9. Great Stuff. It is important to know who we are in Christ to be able to reach out to others.
    Though the starting point is being born again but much more than this is the desire to have an intimate relationship with God. The more we seek Him, the more we know who we are and the more we can have impact in the world. For we are the salt of the world.

    God bless

  10. The revelation on this topic, that I have received & taught, really brought home to me the fact that all the things of our past carnal life are shadows. Shadows have no substance to them. They cannot be handled, picked up, or have any influence over us in any way, in & of themselves. The only way they can seemingly influence us is if we give them power to do so, & even then the shadows of the past are not what is holding us captive. It is the thought process in our perspective that is causing us to believe that the shadow has any substance or power over us to hold us captive, & cause us to believe that part of our past has not been made new. We have been made completely new in every way & every area of our lives in Christ. It is for us to DECIDE to let go, & then TO let go of the shadow attitude & mind set with the help of the Spirit of God, & embrace fully the newness that we are in Christ. To own it. In this way we work out our own Savation & come into the truth of who we are in Christ. Thanks for your post Lance. You are a great inspiration & blessing to the body of Christ.

  11. The remnant Bride knows who She is! Her identity is fixed by Her Lover (Christ The King) and He says of Her, Song of Songs 4:1-12, “How beautiful you are, My darling, How very beautiful!…You are absolutely beautiful My darling, with no imperfection in you…My sister My bride, you are a locked garden–a locked garden and a sealed spring.” Apostle Paul firms up this ancient poem of Love saying, Ephesians 5:26,27,
    ” Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave HimSelf for Her, to make her holy, cleansing Her in the washing of water by the word. He did this to present the church to HimSelf in splendor, without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing, but holy and blameless.”
    It is a finished work accomplished by God alone, supernaturally a mystery, where the TWO (Christ Jesus and His Bride like people) have become ONE flesh. When post modern Christians finally discern and perceive THAT reality within their soul, their identity becomes clear and resolute. That is Christ in You the hope of glory.
    By God’s Grace…may we truly and quickly become ONE in the knowledge of The SON, for the wedding supper of Lamb comes. Maranatha

  12. Lance,
    This is just the message that needs to come forth in this hour. It is imperative that we know who we are in Christ Jesus. We have been purchased with a great, great price–the blood of Jesus. There are those who teach that God restored us to the first Adam, with his authority. But, NO, we are a new creation, something that never existed before. Created to be like the Second Adam!

  13. Dear Lance,

    I received this email from you this morning. As I read through each line, I had to stop and hold my heart still as waves of over flowing spiritual joy flooded my spirit! Before I could read the next line, I had to stop and give praise to our Father. Then, more joy came in. He speaks, whispers a word of direction. Sends a messenger and speaks again. Confirms it and speaks again. Then, confirms and speaks his message via email from lance learning. Confirming the word. again! I call this, spoon feeding from the Lord. He nourishes and builds our spirit with EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED at the right time for the right moment. Truly reveals himself as the good shepherds with his exact timing as leads and feeds us. God’s calling to the end time army of kingdom daughters and sons rings loudly in my spirit! It is truly an awakening call as his bride assembles to meet him fully prepared and ready. We are his oil vessels and his Holy Spirit the fire power of revelation. Now, a couple of things are going on here. 1) It is important and urgent! 2) God is showing his strong arm and faithfulness to the church and 3) God is ready to show miracles to those who will believe. Now is the time to arise and shine!

    I wouldn’t normally respond but I thought you should know when the Holy Spirit moved through your email message
    and truly reached someone. Thank you Lance…God bless you and your ministry. I pray with you and for you all the time:)

  14. This is a confirmation of what I have recently come to a fuller understanding on, and also teaching I have recently heard from Pastor and Apostle Ron Carpenter, Jr. In 2 Cor., Chapter 3, Paul spoke of the greater glory of the new covenant, saying that the ministry of the Spirit under the New Covenant is more glorious than the transitory glory that rested upon Moses (vv. 7-11). Paul declares in v. 18, ” And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” So many Christians still think that “glory” will only be realized when we all get to Heaven, “just over in the glory land.” How freeing it is to realize that because Christ in us is the hope (and realization) of glory, transformation is making us more like Jesus. We are being changed from glory to glory! Makes me want to shout, “Well, glory!”