3 Steps To Changing Your World…Start brainstorming here!

10841875_10153367007754936_6701583598482624322_o3 Steps To Changing Your World…Start brainstorming here!

1. Use this platform to announce to the world what YOU are PASSIONATE ABOUT! (This is a network of 60,000-120,000 like minded people.)

2. Read over each others comments, respond and note who responds to you.

3. Network. Change the world. The secret is to be as interested in the other person as you hope they will be toward you. Sow interest- Reap connection.

– Lance


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5 thoughts on “3 Steps To Changing Your World…Start brainstorming here!

  1. I’m passionate about health. Learning and implementing and teaching others that eating healthy isn’t the pits. After 10 plus years of growing in this direction, my husband and I are currently in the works of opening a health and wellness center/store in our city. And I’m super excited for such a great God given opportunity.

  2. Hi Lance community, I am passionate about turning the poverty spirit on its head. Next week I will purchase an old factory in Gonaives Haiti and begin the development of a nation changing portal of encouragement , commerce and change. Pray with us that all of God’s creation that has been subject to a spirit of slavery will be liberated and delivered into the Spirit of freedom in His Kingdom.

  3. I am passionate about changing the way we think. Just like “beaver” in the post above, we need to turn poverty mindset around. Here is a blog I wrote about Renewing The Mind
    Changing the way we think is important, and that is why I love Lance Learning so much!