Daniel, Joseph, Esther: What did they all have in common?

How to access the Excellent Spirit

Have you ever heard of the bible characters: Daniel, Joseph, Esther, or Nehemiah?

Do you want to know what these bible hero’s all had in common?

The one thing that each of these particular heroes of the bible have in common is they ascended to the top of their systems of influence and were able to order the direction of nations.

I am convinced in the global community in which we live there are problems that can’t be solved until people who have supernatural abilities step on the scene.

Think about an example – God gives a dream to Pharaoh that can’t be interpreted until Joseph shows up. What if all the chaos, all the problems, all the trouble that is happening globally, the issues we are all talking about, complaining about and praying about were absolutely indispensable to create a platform for the emergence of the next Daniel, Joseph or Esther?

Not only is that possible, but I think it is plausible.

Watch this video to find out how to access the same Excellent Spirit these hero’s carried.

Also, I will uncover a fresh new concept I haven’t talked about anywhere until now!

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8 thoughts on “Daniel, Joseph, Esther: What did they all have in common?

  1. i think i may be David, and a friend maybe Joseph. this video has so much confirmation. Thank you so much!!

  2. Your video has confirmed so much in this season i am!! I AM DAVID & My friend is Joseph!!! What to do next? ?