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96 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog of Lance Wallnau

  1. we are very excited about what 2013 holds for us. we have been in the ‘waiting’ for many years and truly believe that our camels are coming in this season. your insights and revelation of the word of god have been incredibly impactful in our lives. thank you for allowing us to join you in this year of release



  4. Yes. This is helpful! Thank you lance for having the insight to get this going. As a teacher, I would like to read more on divine strategies for the education mountain. what is god’s current blueprint to align our education system with heaven?

  5. Yes it was helpful. I’m 64 and I have no idea why I’m still here on this planet. I didn’t think I would live past 40. I hear so many words on young people but hardly ever on people who are my age so I wonder….what on earth did God create me for? I need all the help I can get because my life has been very hard. Thank You lance!

  6. I recently viewed a program in which you systematically took a young asSiStant producer through her list of passions, giftings, desires etc and brought her to a point of focus relative to the direction that The Lord was after in her life. My wife and i are in our 50’s and believe that We hav only come to the thReshold of the thing that we are called to. Now is a Time where real focus is needed to brinG a number of seemingly disjointed visions together. It is strange because it seems that my famIly and I are in a big community of bElievers where we seem to be One of a few sTRange sparks. I am in the business arena and my wife homeschoolS our children. We are lookIng I believe for the convergence that you speak of.

  7. I saw you when u were here in Australia in 2011. I am an inventor and adventurer with a background in youth min transitioning into entertainment mountain via action sports . Looking for new tools as I partner to birth a new sport and develop a heavenly culture around it. I’m strong in thE priestly anointing but need to Step deeper into the kingly anointing. ThAnks for leading the Charge and having such a heart empower and equip the next generation

  8. I have been Attracted to your ministry for about 15 years, but its finally clicking that I have the same ministry. You are Bringing forth the same revelation, but in different words. Yes, I have people surrounding me. I have 12 kids from 2 marriages. The youngest is college age. I am an apOstle/teacher/writer/musician with a calling to house thousands of children, bringing revelation/activation into theIr lives. Convergence will take placE when he bringS me out of this Job’s trial: health/ financial. My wife is a seer.

  9. A couple questions…how do I form a core group? Also I want to bring a significant change in culture through media and the arts in hollywood and through that change the world…if I can sound so bold…lol.. I would like to know your thoughts and if you can give any strategies or comments. Thanks lance….you are amazing and your revelations I have been blessed to hear have helped me trmendously. Also do you help people on convergange…what you do on the white board?

  10. Hi Lance,
    Thank you so much for sharing all this with us who want to grow. What a blessing to be connected to you in this way!
    You teach a lot about how to reach our potential and how to make an impact and it’s all great and it motivates me and gives me keys. but i don’t know where to apply all that you teach me. I feel that i have absolutely no clue as to what i’m going to do with my life professionally. I’m 32 years old and I have been in the norwegian military since 1999. this is not my life’s calling but i don’t know what to start or turn to.
    How can we find out where our calling is and what our key strengths are?
    (sorry about the caps… I this is the only webpage that I have had this issue with. I’m not able to turn off caps in this text box but I write “normally” on every other webpage/tab atm… not meaning to yell, hehe)

  11. the lord has given me many visions and dreams. some are so big it scares me. I feel like these dreams and visions are impossible pipe dreams. how do i step into that destiny?

  12. Thank you so much Lance for your work, and for the video last week.
    I was so pleased to hear your teaching, I watched your other interviews
    on PTL (via itbndotorg). One recent was a contrast of old and new style ministries with the host and you – each person solid in God’s Word, but with fresh insights, new ways of delivering God’s msg to
    this generation globally. I’m very excited about China news. Wow!
    You have such a rare personality – like Briggs-Meyer INTP. I’m
    interested in hearing your personal story as to how you first caught a glimpse of your calling and how you came to Jesus. It is helpful to
    understand a teacher’s background; this adds to credibility. You spark ideas, and conversation. I love the idea of working from the end goal –
    “Jesus looked beyond the cross” Powerful! I’m all ears! 🙂

  13. The banner on the blog site says: “When God shows you a vision, a passion, picture of you doing something you’ve never done – it’s actually the future calling you – Answer the phone!” Just in case you need it – God’s phone number is Jeremiah 33:3: “Call on Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know!”

  14. Hi Lance, I am 56 and have been living the “Marketplace evangelism” life long before you actually gave my life’s work a name. I have never heard anyone in the ministry that really get’s the concept of using my business mountain calling for ministry like you do. I live and travel the world and opportunities are everywhere to share Christ in a real way using business relationships. I look forward to working thorough the Success Keys for 2013. I have not joined any of your personal speaking opportunities yet but I plan to I am just really busy working out my destiny. I believe 2013 is the year that The Lord is calling men and women to their destiny in the earth to spread the Gospel of His Kingdom like I have never before seen in my lifetime. This is the last chapter of my life and I know God has been preparing me all of my life to shine like never before for Him and end my last days growing His Kingdom on earth in a material and practical way. Blessings my brother, it is an honor to be a beneficiary of your teachings.

  15. Hello Lance, I am interested in Prophetic Creative Arts and all aspects of the Entertainment industry. God has called me to raise up a prophetic army and send them to the entertainment industry, and I have a company that will deal with Talent Management, Training/Coaching Artist, TV/Film Production, and Consulting in Creative (arts) Business Development, and Apostle/Prophetic Authority in the Creative Arts for the Body of Christ etc.

  16. Thank you Lance for making all this available. I am in the process of getting back on my feet from being chronically ill for the past seven years and I know your teaching is a gift from GOD! GOD Bless you, your family and all your endeavours.

  17. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I am always amazed and encouraged with the revelation and teaching you share.

  18. This information is so important to the Church today. You are so right when you quote “my people perish for lack of knowledge”. I am moving into a vision GOD gave me 16 years ago and I need all of this.

  19. I’ve been tracking you now since the Piercing the Darkness conference about three years ago. You challenge me, affirm where I am right now, and confirm so many things that have already been stirring and cooking within me! I look forward to further practical steps you will outline. Thank you and thanking God for you!

  20. Very excited about this new and exciting venture!. Want to see how the Lord will lead me into my purpose and destiny!!

  21. Lance, You already have the the much neglected Heritage Web site from 18 Weeks with Dave and You. (

    Note: It seems as thought the comments are sorting in chronological order with the oldest listed first. Perhaps you might have someone sort these in reverse order so that the newest comment is listed first. Just a thought. God Bless your tremendous efforts.

    Chuck Christie

  22. Hi,
    Just want to make sure that this is set up to be able to post anon. I’m in a mountain right now that I am moving to a higher influence but have known that I am to be “undercover military” right now. I have been seeking God’s insight as how best to begin to unveil Him with wisdom in an environment that has been extremely hostile to Christians and is very liberal. Can you do a teaching about wisdom in integrating into that mountain and sphere of influence? I have seen so many Christians blunder in with real unwise conversation and no understanding of the mountain. I liken it how a missionary would need to study the culture and be aware of the land and territory but it seems that a lot of Christians don’t understand that sensitivity and I really want to combine boldness, passion, wisdom and sensitivity with the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    I have been following you since I saw you on TBN years ago and still have the notes with the 7 M sketches that I took that night. I attended a conference in Albany probably 5 or 6 years ago where you taught on favor and so much and it has revolutionized my approach with people and I know that I am where I am now because of your faithfulness in teaching this strategic and inspired message.
    God BLESS you so much and I am trusting God to be able to make this CABO trip in May.

  23. I was expecting you to showup again. I know God is doing something awesome. I see in part, I do not know what te whole picture looks like but I see the direction God is taking me in. I believe I am very much a part of this network of believers.

    Thanks for creating a blog. We thank God for you………

  24. I have followed you for around 4 years, and doing so has really changed my life and its trajectory, and totally increased my faith for enourmous, impossible dreams to come true. You have made such an impact on my life!! When I need a reminder of why I am going through the struggles I am going through now so that I can eventually see these dreams come true, I just listen to your series “Ask, Ask, Ask.” I feel the anointing on you whether I listen to you or read what you have written-and I thank you so much for doing this. I would love to learn more about how to figure out my talents, giftings and abilities and how to maximize those to benefit others and how to put with them money-making ideas. I long to be a savvy business woman and entrepreneur, to travel the globe while doing that but also taking the Gospel to the nations-practical steps to put all of this together is what I need help with!!

  25. I’m having more and more prophetic dreams and visions and of course the devil keeps throwing more stuff at me, it seems with no let up.

  26. Thank you! This is an answered prayer for me. A wile back ago it was impossible for me to get your teachings, so I asked Abba to open a way for me.
    Thank you Dr. Lance!

  27. I read & I’m re-reading Success Keys for 2013. It’s given me a greater understanding in how to take total responsibilty for me and why the war fare I’ve been growing through is for my development to take higher ground. God bless you greater than you can imagine yet! Thanks for sharing with me, I truly appreciate the anointing of JESUS upon you!

  28. Your messages are always inspiring and so timely. I was wondering while in Cabo, if it is during that time that I will find where I belong and what my message is? I do know that I am to get my voice out there I am still trying to find my voice though. I’m not sure if this is making any sense. I want it to be genuinely me and not fluff, which is why it’s taken me so long. It’s all about Kingdom anyway.

  29. We have just seen two programs which you taught with Os Hillman and we are so excited and looking forward to more of the same. So many tell us what we need to do but you taught us how to and that is inspiring. We are beginning a new series of your teaching next Wednesday and I know the group is looking forward to working together to see change in our nation. thank you and God bless

  30. Lance I trust you to bring practicial, realistic teaching that will help us partner with the prophetic flows and the time we are in. i love the gift you have that marries the supernatural with contextual, practical understanding and application. (Supernatural is probably a bad word to use – it’s all normal to God!)

  31. I have been listening to your messages for a few years and have been through your 8 week 7M Univ. As a business coach I am so excited to be able to connect with you on a more regular basis. You are a mentor already to me and many others through your teaching!

  32. I have been following you since 2006. Greatly enjoy your ‘In a Heartbeat’ teaching-I ordered if from ‘It’s Supernatural when you were on back in 2007. I just signed up for your free ebook on convergence. I related to your statement that we have hidden treasure that is for us but not from us. That is exactly how I feel about the children’s book the Lord allowed me to co-create with Him that tells the gospel in a unique way. It is a cross over -will sell in secular markets as well as Christian. I am currently sending it out to publishers and believing God to add His super to my natural in the process. I guess that makes me a new member of the tribe. Shalom.

  33. Lance, I just soak up everything you are teaching! It is so good! The Holy Spirit has revealed my core purpose to me to teach & minister to others. But where do I fit in? & how do I reach those that want what I have to offer? I would appreciate your imput.

    • Awesome, awesome ,awesome. I am in the life maturation stage right on the verge of convergence stage. This is indeed timely and I am grateful for this ministry. I attended the Fire on the Mountain conference in Harrisburg last month and have not been the same since! I’m looking forward to your future post . So far your post have confined that I am on course. Oh and I have been sharing this with friends. Thanks. Striving on into purpose !

  34. I had walked in my “convergence”, and through multiple circumstances, I had come out. These past several years I have been “looking” for that affirmation that came when I was in the flow of my convergence. I am not sure how to “get back”.

  35. The Lord gave me a prophetic word in January 2008 through my season when He was doing deep breaking in me (I asked Him to do whatever it took to bring me closer to Him). I have longed for convergence as long as I can remember. I knew it was possible but everybody around me was ignorant of what I was asking about; and some said i was crazy for searching for “MORE”. I would like to see a weekend training happen in Bakersfield, or the central coast; Pismo, Cambria, etc.


  37. Thank you for such insight and wisdom you carry for doing Gods purpose. We are truly in days when Gods teachers are greatly needed. Your ministry is God sent and I am in need of a great (mentor) teacher as yourself. I look forward to the beginning of a new open door, to extend my knowledge and wisdom in these next following months. Thank you Lance, I look forward to hearing from you. Tony…

  38. Ive been a fan of lance for a couple of years now and just found these teachings. What awesome divine-appointed stuff! Thank you God for lance and his team, giftings, and influence!

  39. Thank you for visiting the Philippines. Looking forward to seeing you again. I’ve been reading your free ebooks and watching your video blogs.

    We are a builder of townhomes. How do I raise capital without borrowing money? Thanks.
    How do you raise capital without

  40. Thank you for doing this. You are a terrific teacher and I connect
    With your style. I never forget your drawings. Thank you!

  41. I agree, it is very valuable to share comments; and i agree your vision to develop a network with those people share our same principal and belief

  42. Hi Lance
    I am interested in your blog the “micro church”. The Lord laid on my heart some things in the summer of 2012 about having a safe place for anyone to come and experience true worship and also experience the presence of the Lord. Most people in the church have not been cared for as they should be. So we have opened our home to make a way for others to come back to a place of ” I will trust in the Lord for He has not left me alone “. I find a vast discontent in people who are God lovers but the church has become more of a social club and not a place where God is manifesting himself. We find more people that need to be encouraged and honestly “brought back to life again”. So I would like to have your thoughts on this.

    Thank you my friend

  43. Dr. Wallanu,

    Afternoon. Thank you for your blog and appreciate what you have shared and are sharing. I have been following you for a while. I have viewed your DVDs (Level 10 living, Level 10 coach, read your blog, listened to you at the Boundless Conference etc.).

    I understand 7M concept and appreciate your passion for the same. However I wanted to find the basis and tie 7M concept back to scriptures. I studied books of (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus) to do the same where in Genesis God created the heavens and earth and in the book of Exodus/Leviticus the nation of Israel was formed. So logically all the 7M sphere should tie with both. I have the outliers but I cannot firmly link 7M spheres to scriptures.

    I did research on sphere sovereignty and Abraham Kuyper. And they both tie this to Neo Calvinism. I want to tie this back to scriptures.

    Since you are the SME on the this subject, I will appreciate your help and your thoughts.


  44. Lance, I have an opportunity to enter an MLM business but I know there is a lot of controversy about this especially for Christians. Do you think this is one of those mountains that God is wanting his people to rise to the top of? And do you have any helpful info on this?

  45. I am thrilled that you have started a blog. Every time I have seen you on TBN I am glued to the tv listening to your wisdom.
    Thank you for creating a place where I can interact and gain more insight and wisdom in life and in my life purpose.
    God Bless everything you put your hands to.

  46. Extremely excited to receive this information. Things are lining up! Can hardly wait for the next teaching, article, statement, profound insight, revelation. Thank you a thousand times over, & then some 🙂 🙂

  47. Here is a brief overview of the latest chapter:
    Encoded E=MC2
    This is the story of a most remarkable entity: thermonuclear radiation.
    The process is the mass of the atom’s nucleus turned into radioactive energy. Oddly, atom’s mysterious properties are alluded to in scripture; and for its powers primeval beings via for the prize while exploiting its work. It’s genesis is fundamental as it presently overshadows our existence for good…or evil! Antiquity reveals it is germane to life; also is instrumental in its’ formation as well as the primary function in the Cosmos of stellar entities…These are the inklings of Atom’s footsteps in the Bible.

    You asked for input and I will share yours with others.
    In God’s natural realm of opulence,

  48. Thank you for the REAL truth
    I have a neighbor that says Jesus name was made up that there was no “J” so we are lied to
    Also that he has dark skin and we are lied to again can you reflect truth to this

  49. In my seventies, living in an isolated and arid spiritual environment. Feel like I am constantly fighting the fight. Sense forces that have stopped every move of God here. Weary and asking God again, what specific one thing are you asking me to do. I live in Trinidad, Colorado. A place of mixed history, most of it reflecting sad and horrid decisions made by its citizens. Yet God placed my husband and me here three years ago. Why? And how can I move into Convergence??

    • I listened to your video on the Esther Anointing. I felt it significant to me and where I am living now….besides our Nation. Provoking thought.

      Also, I have been working for a convergence, using other names like purpose, it seems all my life as a mature Christian. Yet I feel blocked at every turn. I really need a confirming Rhema Word from the Lord. Would be grateful for your input Lance. Thank you. Rita

  50. Hello; Lately I have become aware that there are two groups of Christians that are being revealed. The line in the sand is being drawn between, Liberal and Conservative Christianity. Liberal Christianity or Liberal theology is said to have been birthed in the late 18th century. It is said this wasn’t Progressive Christianity or Political Liberalism. It seems however absurd as it may sound however that there is a certain group of Christians that are politically Liberal, or Democratic, and a group of Christians that are politically Conservative. Neither side can understand why the other would support the politics that they do. Has anyone ever found the point of this great divide? If that can be found maybe there is a point of potential Unity to come back into the church again.