10400001_10153458222664936_4218711056821744425_nAre we turning a page in history where the battle moves from nations to specific territories?

Think about this. Unbelievers have no knowledge about or spiritual authority over the powers of darkness. Only the interceding church has this power.

What if geography itself is going to reflect the spiritual government that is in the territory?

The cities of refuge in Moses’ day were the cities that the believers “occupied.” If they failed to occupy certain territory they were tormented by the inhabitants and had to flee to a safe city.

I wonder what it takes to actually create a city of Refuge where plague, destruction, and lawlessness cannot gain a foothold.

Governing a territory requires believers at every gate. As you know I teach that there are at least seven gates that shape the thinking of a nation. Probably the same is true for a city.

Regarding local government and economics, David Barton of says Christian voters are like space cadets in this arena. In fact, in the last four elections, Christian voter turnout has fallen by 40%!!! Today, there are 60 million Evangelicals in America, but only 15 million of the 60 million vote.

In fact, of the 60 million Evangelicals in America, 24 million are not even registered to vote!

Look, I will make a confession. I didn’t vote for a long time because I didn’t think it mattered. And I was too spiritual. I was seeking revival. Now I freely admit – I was stupid. I took for granted my freedom. Now when I travel to places WHERE THEY CAN LOCK YOU UP I feel differently. I let my voice be heard.

“Faith without works is dead.” Prayer without corresponding action is dead.

(My guess is that people who say they have “faith” but don’t do the minimal “work” of even showing up to vote are probably not front line warriors for Cities of Refuge.)

The point is that we have to move past talk because the times are dangerous. Cities and Nations are going to tilt toward “sheep” or “goat” status. The more believers that can penetrate and occupy the 7m world the greater the alignment of spiritual authority and jurisdictional authority.

I’ve got data to back the existence of cities of refuge where believers pray and righteous leaders rule. Maybe it’s possible to have unrighteous rule with believers who overrule in prayer but it’s way harder. Seems like a spiral flush if you have ungodly leaders and no intercessors. In the days ahead they may be cities to run from.

– Lance

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3 thoughts on “CITIES OF REFUGE

  1. Perhaps WE need to pray for The HOLY SPIRIT 2 start a REVELUTION N The Church so that WE The Church can began to disciple the Body 2 B like Christ instead of the world.When R the big Churches going to recognize the smaller Churches.
    The big Pastors want smaller Church Pastors to come up under them only to glote about what they big Pastors have.
    WE can not do what we R required to do if the big I’s stay big and the little me’s stay little.
    The big Pastors keep saying they want to help the little Pastors…what a joke. The tables R turning.


    Your Sister N Christ

  2. Interesting information however the cities of refuge were established in Israel by Joshua. Moses never entered the promised Land, he died before they were established. If they were established earlier as well, by Abraham or his offspring, still Moses was never in Israel.

  3. I love this! This is a huge challenge, but one that we need to take very seriously. We can’t ‘get away’ from this problem. We need to get rooted in our area and activate and cultivate the Kingdom. I found Dennis Peacock’s book “The Destiny of Nations” to be helpful in articulating some solutions.