Cities Erupt And Fires Ignite As We Enter Pentecost Sunday

When the Lord said to John “come up higher,” John had to do something to go up because he was being invited. So how exactly do you come up higher? Well, here's the good news, if you're hearing the voice of the Lord that something is happening, you're being invited to come up higher.

While we watch riots and cities burning in America, remember that Pilate made a quick verdict on a rigged trial because a riot was brewing. When God is moving and the devil is moving, there is a disruption in the earth. There is an acceleration of revelation coming and we're about to enter the feast of the open book.

We're entering into a period that I believe is a beginning part of the end and the great unravelling is happening globally.

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2 thoughts on “Cities Erupt And Fires Ignite As We Enter Pentecost Sunday

  1. Thank you for laser focus, in the midst of disruption and diversion all around. Yes, may we rise up as the apostolic model of every tribe, nation, and tongue in our cities. We are CI local church apostles of a small body. We are diverse, we have been demonstrating the unity, and yet you can sense the winds of division wanting to suggest that it isn’t enough. Not working. Blah, blah…

    AS ONE! Awakening angel get me by the ear! We will double down in love, diversity in unity, and by a fresh baptism of Holy Spirit’s power!

    We so appreciate you Lance. You are a gift to all.