Lance’s Pentecost Webinar with Mario Murillo, Robert Henderson, Jeremiah Johnson, and Mario Bramnick

Six months ago, America was the supreme economic power in the world. Now suddenly the entire world is shut down, and the US economy is struggling to get back on its feet. We need to ask ourselves, what is God saying and doing in this season?

I’ve been saying for the last year that we are right now in the time period of the Book of Haggai, the one book in the bible that talks about the shaking of the heavens and the earth. Haggai only has 2 chapters but he prophesied to the Cyrus generation. We experienced Passover on April 16th, on May 31st, Pentecost, we will experience that too. During Pentecost, the spirit of God will pour out a fresh awakening on America. But what is God asking from us? Repentance! This is the moment that America is arising, and the church needs to rise up with it.

God has given America an intervention, an opportunity to reform. But I don’t believe America has really had a reformation and that this reduction of our economic status within the last six weeks is God sending us a message. God is sending us a wake-up call to repent and reform as a nation.

This is the rude awakening for the great awakening!

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17 thoughts on “Lance’s Pentecost Webinar with Mario Murillo, Robert Henderson, Jeremiah Johnson, and Mario Bramnick

  1. I love this kind of thing. I’ve written a song on the coronavirus situation: It’s putting the coronavirus world issue in context. I’m in New Zealand. The team got together to help me with recording (as soon as gatherings restrictions were eased).

    There are several good voices in these times and Lance is one of them. Thank you all for your ministries.

  2. I am trying to reach you to find out how to register for the meeting in DC just before the election. Is it going to be at the old post office Trump Tower?
    Please answer!

  3. Hey Lance I really enjoyed your webinar I was able to speak with Annabel one time went to my wife for 36 years divorced me I’ve been a follower and I’ve gotten a number of series from you folks I want to Tree Farm about 5 miles from Morrow Largo and I would love to host you and Annabel here I think we are the last nursery left around 5 miles from the ocean the house is about 6000 ft.² so if you wanted to have Meetings or meet with folks you’re certainly welcome I would love to host you spend some time with you folks this is a coconut tree farm so there’s fresh coconut coconut water very healthy lots of fresh air we have about 8 acres at about 6000 trees I was raised in Brooklyn New York for the first 20 years of my life go to my VW and drove to Alaska for the next 18 years of my life and now I’ve been in Florida for 29 years as a real estate broker and now Tree Farm owner my cell phone number is 561-436-8736 You’re welcome to quote anytime and stay with me at any time I’m sure we would have wonderful conversations I’m also kind of a follower of Bob Mumford Derek prince Mario Murillo so I think there’s a connection I’ve been spirit filled for 43 years and using a gift for 43 years God bless you I love you and I thank you for your ministry
    I should note that there was no grounds for my wife’s divorce after 36 years of marriage there’s no adultery no physical abuse or any of the normal things she just wanted out and we had both graduated from Bible college together it was heartbreaking and Annabel really did help me and I think her for that

  4. New Zealand is having elections this year. We have a popular prime minister internationally who has initiated multiple ungodly legislation here . Christian leaders are silent. What spirit creates this Apathy?

    • Fear of persecution & a desire to be like those around you. Israel walked in this when they wanted a king.

  5. My husband and I (Larry and Becky Pharr) feel so privileged of the Lord to hear Apostle Lance Wallnau and each one of the Lord’s Prophets and Generals of His Kingdom on earth from May 31, the day of Pentecost! We give thanks and glory to the Lord to allow us to hear the sobering words from His true Prophets. Our prayer is that we will “…not be hearers only, but doers of the Word.”

  6. I thank God for you in such a time as this. I have a sense there is a connection between the body of Christ and Jonah the prophet. I have felt for sometime our churches have become a place for many to be entertained withing their time tables. God forbid worship music should exceed a certain time and require them to stand past their time of confort. Like Jonah must we be put in body of whale( with the virus) to come to repentance . We have far to long been asleep as to what we as a church should do concerning our part voicing our desires for or against the laws that are being passed in our country. . Do you see connection. I have been praying with a friend asking God to raise up Jonahs to come out of the belly of the whale and go to the Ninevehs in our nation. I also would like your opinion on President Trump’s walk to the church in Washington. would have loved to have seen him knell and pray

  7. Shalom family! Did you know that “The Voice of Healing Church” name (Jeremiah Johnson mentioned) is back in Murrieta, CA? Apostle Mike Petro a Prophet. Info on website: (formally Forerunner Intl Ministry)
    Ps Mike Petro is revealing the mysteries…revelation of the parables of the Kingdom of God.

  8. If they do these things when the tree is green, what will they do in the dry time. In Massachusetts you must wear a “mask” to go into a store or anywhere else. This is a conditioning for the mark of the beast. I’m amazed at the Christians who have no discernment. Will the “mark” be “the great falling away”??? Something to ponder.

  9. I am watching what The Lord revealed to me years and years ago that I never knew how it would happen now being fulfilled before our very eyes. I was young then. Now I am much older in age.

    He spoke: “When they say it’s never been better! Beware the bottom will fall out.”

  10. I was blessed, convicted, motivated & encouraged by this webinar. At the Dream Trip in Tahoe, I was led to call out “new wine skins” on periscope. Now, I feel pressed to study the harvests which in OT times meant “stressing of the seed” before the rapture of the harvest. Barley was the first and most malleable produced by “tossing & winnowing “ . Wheat the second “seed to mature” required “threshing & beating”. Grapes the third to harvest required “crushing” prior to preparation for new wine skins.
    The clash of our culture that has awakened the slumber of the church, is the clash of the “seed of the word of God” and the sin of pride that detours our divine paths to redemption. The swiftness of the church to repent as per 2 Chron 7:14 “If my people…”, determines whether we are harvested by the winnowing trials of life, the threshing & beating by the enemies of our souls, or the crushing of our divine destinies as we obstinately ignore the call of our Holy & Sovereign Lord. I pray that I am part of the barley harvest; as I earnestly intercede for the wheat and tares on either side.

    • WOW. IM STILL LISTENING TO THESE. I COULDN’T SEEM TO GET TO THEM ON THE EXACT DAYS I’M A BIT FRUSTRATED HOPING MY PASTOR IS DOWN WITH THIS PROGRAM! SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS. I JUST REALIZED AFTER WOW THAT IV FORGOT TO THE CAPS OFF. I thought I was being too political but I get crazy that Christians aren’t getting serious about what is going on! Others as well. They just think it’s another wild event. WHAT?

  11. The reason bars get preference in opening is the state liquor and cigarette taxes. Not so with churches which are tax exempt and thereby ham-strung in voicing their conservstive political opposition and/or preference… and from boldly addressing biblical objections to liberal social agendas.
    Correct me if I’m wrong. We saw this strong-arming again with abortion clinics, liquor stores, and other facilities as “essential”, but tax-exempt churches with a conservative voice going underground.