Did I Ever Tell You About The Demon That Manifest In My Meeting? Oh Boy!

I've been thinking a lot about what's coming in the future for America. I want to make a prediction – that the Democrats who ran for congress and won, who ran as centrists, not radical socialists and progressives (with a few exceptions) are going to drive the country and the stock market into a panic. They're out to destroy the President, there is a demonic spirit on them and the economy is already showing signs of this constant destabilization of government.

I predict a backlash, as the people who got elected are not free!

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5 thoughts on “Did I Ever Tell You About The Demon That Manifest In My Meeting? Oh Boy!

  1. Thank you Lance W this was SO refreshing: In the midst of Christmas rush here in the North East of England, I sat down and had a desire to know what our ‘Men of God’ Prophets in USA right now are thinking/ thought re what’s happening secularly at present and thought I must find out how Lance is thinking… what his latest thoughts are… (which I haven’t for months…!). Plus to hear the story re the demon inside your church building and how many were in agreement with it for it to be there! and therefore the judgement we need to have of ourselves to continue to be pure and right with our Lord was SO refreshing!! Plus great to be more aware of whom the ‘kings and rulers’ of our time are, to pray for them indeed – Thank you SO much such vital leadership for us sheep you have brought this December – Very grateful! Liz W, North East England.UK.

  2. I just listened to this for the second time. The first time was when it was first posted and the second time was today January 2nd. The story about the demon in your church (having an open door) because there were a sufficient number of people that allowed it to be there was a word of wisdom to every Church. I have experienced this again and again over the years, but I had forgotten.
    I sense that the Lord would love it if each church would come together for fasting and prayer to seek their hearts about divisions and attitudes, things that we each may need to repent of, to cleanse our hearts and to cleanse our churches of division. We need to come into alignment with each other.
    The pastor’s & leadership at my church are really open to the cleansing process, coming into unity, repenting, and seeking the Lord, but I don’t feel the congregation is always in alignment with what the Lord wants to do and there could be a demon in our building as well. Actually it is very likely.

    It was cool that the demon revealed itself the way it did in your church, but before the Lord really started moving it was hidden, right? We are aware of the spiritual warfare, but we don’t always know where it’s coming from. I pray that the Lord will expose secret divisions in all our churches, so that He is welcome to move among us with power and authority. It will affect the United States as well…

  3. Hi Lance. This is Penny from Australia. Love your periscope and I am hungry for more. Saw you on the movie The Trump Prophesies and loved your comments there. We have the same issue here in OZ but not yet as vicious as The States. Its coming though. Probably a change of government next May which will take us into a very dark place. The church here is asleep. Too busy scratching around the edges with feel good projects that are useless while the enemy steals our God given western culture and freedom from under our noses. I share your periscopes everywhere I can. Many need political education first just to get with the program. They feel that politics is too dirty for them to even know about. They think God will restore order if they pray yet have no idea who the enemy is. They have no idea we are in an intense pre tribulation battle to the death for souls and Gods wrapping up of this age of grace. We must pray for God to take the veil from the eyes of His church worldwide, especially the western world. I loved what you shared about the Jordon Petersons and others as I have often wondered why so many of the unsaved can see what is happening but the blind church lies silent. Thank you Lord for Donald Trump, your Cyrus for these times. Thank you Lance. Always praying for you and your ministry.