The ONE Path To Victory In Our Political Crisis

MIDNIGHT ALERT! It’s so important that we keep our eye on the ONE path to victory in our political crisis. I do media and news commentary so people send me links they think are helpful. To my alarm I’ve noticed 3 trending but distracting or flat out erroneous stories that people are believing and sharing. […]

The Great Reset

Hot Off The Press! This is wild. See excerpts from the Senate hearing on the Hill. Listen to how China used the virus to “reset” their own new “mixed ownership” model of Government control of ALL business. Is that what the Left is doing in America? Destroying small business so that the U.S. Government can […]

I Heard This Verse Break Out In My Spirit

As I heard another days dueling news cycle I heard the verse break out in my spirit: “Cast not away your confidence which has great promise of reward” -Hebrews 10:35. This came right after a “Flashpoint” broadcast with host Dr. Gene Bailey and Bill Johnson and Dutch Sheets. Bill said something interesting, “the person with […]

NEWS NOW – So Much To Tell You About!

I last broadcast from Washington DC, where the Stop The Steal and Jericho Marches were taking place. So much has happened since then! The Supreme Court ruled against the Texas lawsuit. What was surprising was that the three Justices Trump appointed weren’t interested in the fact that fifty to sixty million Americans questioned the validity […]

The Midnight Watch – BREAKTHROUGH NEWS

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made an unprecedented move by suing four states. Did you know this could be done? States can sue another state for screwing up its electoral votes!  Meanwhile, we have Waffle House Republicans who rode the coattails of Donald Trump into their victories and legislative assemblies all over the United States […]

The Most Significant Week Is Upon Us

This next week is going to be the most intensely important political week in our lifetime in the United States. The Government, Governors and Secretaries Of State are all feeling the heat. Part of that is because data is coming out from Georgia that says 58% want a special session of the legislators to deal […]

Midnight Watch – What You Need To Know

Today I’ve got a little bit of sanctified gossip for you as President Trump goes to Georgia. We’ve got a situation where the Democrats are on one side and they’re bold and corrupt, Republicans on the opposite side are self interested and cowardly. Just like Ahab and Jezebel. We cannot let this election be stolen […]

Breaking News… Brace Yourself

Brace Yourself. The Republican swing states are saying they are certifying their electors behind a Biden win BUT the public hearings are so explosive and the blowback against wimpy local state legislators is so loud the whole situation is still not settled. Especially as whistleblowers come forward and the facts get out to the Trump […]