2021 Could Be A Miracle Year

When I was writing God’s Chaos Code last year, the Lord told me that Haggai was going to be big. Why? It talks about a great shaking, and the purpose of all that shaking is thrones, dominions, and powers being pushed down so that the glory of God could come into the church, and that’s […]

The Key To Turning Your Situation Around

The Bible talks about overcomers, and this is what I want to speak to you today. Overcomers are the people who overcome the manipulation of external circumstances. So many people let external events such as the current news cycle dictate how they are feeling inside. So you are watching the news, and something comes on […]

How To Get A Daily Infusion of Revival

On this week’s Firewall, we are talking to a very special guest who’s not usually in our neighborhood, because Pastor Anwar happens to be a dynamic evangelist who pastors a 20,000 member church in Pakistan. He was telling me earlier about these huge prayer festivals he does – the last one was attended by 1.4 […]

The Changing Nature Of Warfare

On this week’s Firewall, we are joined again by Rick Joyner, one of the most insightful and prophetic historians and authors I know. Rick has a chapter in my new book about the chaos hitting America, and I believe it’s part of a literal Bible code. We’re going to talk about the historical shifting, the […]

Firewall: The Battle For Sheep Nations

In this special episode of Firewall, I interview Rick Joyner. He is a futurist and one of the top twenty Christian authors of all time. He believes there are four “winds” shaping our period of history. The war for nations is no longer one dimensional, waged through hand-to-hand combat and ground invasions. Today’s war for […]

How You Can Make A Massive Difference This Election

On this week’s Firewall, we have invited back one of our subject matter experts, John Graves. The last time we spoke, I asked him to share how people can make a difference right from their home, even with COVID happening. There’s a lot of confusion in America, and we are prophetically telling people that chaos […]

Why Your Voice Is Critical For America’s Destiny

In this episode of Firewall, we will be zeroing in on what is coming up in this election. We’ve got details on the races and the role you can play in affecting the United States’ destiny. My special guest today is an expert on this subject, John Graves. He has an organization called millionvoices.org How […]