Trump’s Rollback of Obama’s Insidious Social Engineering Project

It is the hour for the church to arise! I have been studying a powerful transformation model on my recent travels that I will be sharing with you in the weeks to come. Donald Trump has been talking about things lately that simply do not get talked about in our current political climate. He rolled […]

Rude Awakening

Before the Great Awakening?

Remember this – the anti-Christ of the Bible emerges as a little horn that speaks great swelling words.  The mouth of the enemy is the enemy and the delivery system is media, what poisons people. Gods remedy is the VOICE of the Lord. The year 5777 is the year of the clashing of utterance – […]

Moral Dilemma – Does God Restore Virginity?

Discussions From The 7mGen Camp

Moral Dilemma – Should you still obey a law, if the law isn’t working? Does God restore virginity?  Can the Lord restore a virgin spirit?  A virgin identity? There must be revival in the land!  The youth at the 7mGen Camp said that they wanted their parents to experience it.  Can you imagine a revival […]

The Truth Behind The Oval Office Prayer Circle

This is a really powerful picture courtesy of Rodney Howard Brown and it captures the beautiful reality that this President embraces not only the simple priorities of the American Christian community but it’s belief in the power of prayer! This alliance is the strongest one any sitting President has ever had – and it’s the […]

Attack On Trump’s Son

How Does He Handle This?

HOW DOES TRUMP HANDLE THIS? AN ATTACK NOW ON HIS SON. How Is Trump the Human Being Dealing with These Personal Attacks and Phony Roadblocks Stopping His Agenda? Wednesday – July 12, 2017 RUSH: Have you ever asked yourself, folks — ’cause I do. Have you ever asked yourself how Donald Trump the human being […]

Interview With Dave Yarnes

From MorningStar at the 7mGen Conference

It was a powerful move of God. I asked Gabriel what the word of the Lord would have been for the night. He said, “Restoration, Power, Rejuvenation, Healing, Joshua Generation Awakened.” Watch the video to hear what the Lord has to say about this next generation! Dave Yarnes talks about the powerful move that is […]