Catch up to what God just did!

Catch up to what God just did! Pray like never before as God resets America’s relationship with China!

You won’t hear this in the news but you need to know how your prayers are being answered. God is repositioning the United States in the world and did it suddenly.

China is doing something that did not take place in 8 years of failed Obama and Kerry leadership. President Trumps personal diplomacy offensive from Florida estate persuaded China to
1.) reject 400 tons of North Korea coal
2.) stop exporting oil to North Korea
3.) rerouted flights between N Korea and Beijing and….
4.) agree to meet WITHOUT North Korea in an official counsel to denuclearize the North.

And all this cost America nothing! It’s the fruit that comes from the right leadership strategy.

Meanwhile miserable liberals protested Trump over taxes and beat up his supporters in Berkeley. If we can survive the lunacy on the left we just might see a period of peace and open doors for business and kingdom diplomacy to advance in the Asian Pacific Rim.

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