Do You Know What Time It Is?

Years ago I began hearing experienced revivalists talk about “thin places” or certain geography where breakthrough was easier. By “thin” they were talking about the ability to break through something. It made sense. I’ve traveled the world and can tell you that some places are an “open heaven” while others are a battle the moment your feet hit the ground. Then I heard another revivalist talk about “thin places” in terms of timing. There is no doubt that there are “times of refreshing” where God visits His people. He said that the feast days of Israel represent God’s calendar for certain things to take place on the earth. What about “thin places” in terms of times and seasons? These days I am studying the alignment of heaven and earth through a greater understanding of Israel’s feasts.

The Lord has been talking to many of us about this being a time when God wants to restore what the enemy has delayed or outright devoured in the past. There is a vast “reset” going on not only in America but in the body around the world. It is a season where much is changing. How will you align with this?

Right now is the celebration of Passover (April 10-18th) and I have a deep inner KNOWING that this is the year where God will bring alignment into your life and your house. In Israel the “house” meant more than the family, it referred to the legacy of the family and the economics of the household. In fact, the greek word for house is “oikos” which is the root word for economics. God is right now building relationships into the blueprint for your future and this includes financial resources. Remember this- relationships house your harvest! You need the right people God put in your life to help you fully cross over into your next season.

These next few days are a prophetic time to take hold of deliverance, power and celebration. It’s time that you really listen and focus in on what God has outlined for your life.

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