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One thought on “Buckle Up, America

  1. “…deliberately colluded and interfered with — meddled in — the 2016 U.S. election in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump…”
    A friend and I went to see the documentary Hillary’s America shortly after it opened the summer of 2016. Afterward, I found Carol Swain, PhD’s page on Facebook and hit LIKE. She was the political science professor who was interviewed in the piece. I started following her and, every once in awhile, I’d comment on her posts. I started being followed on Facebook. Posts I’d leave about Hillary from alternate news sources would disappear. At that time, we were on Exede satellite Internet service. Our service began to be disrupted to the point that I had the man who installed the service out and he put in all new equipment. Although we were running Kaspersky at the time, I think I was being monitored by someone more local because, during that time a toll loop was being constructed around a nearby community and I complained on my wall that the construction crews were operating far too close to the Farm to Market road with large cranes in installing pylons for an overpass and how dangerous that was for passing motorists. Construction ceased for some time then it began again, after several weeks, with a larger and more carefully engineered plan with the overpass pylons being far away from the original cross road. It ended up being a major exit/access area for the toll loop. Facebook accounts with absolutely no wall history would pop up on Dr. Swain’s page and make comments to her followers who had commented, making leading statements. When I complained about changing Internet providers, the problems I was having quit — only to start up again closer to the 2016 election. At that time, our service became so terrible that I had to call the installer out again. Also, because of all my online research, our data usage was almost used up. I noticed I had 0.3GB of data left. After once again installing new equipment, the man told me, “You do know you’re almost out of data, don’t you?” I assured him I was aware of the usage but with very few days left to go before the new month rolled around, I wasn’t concerned. Imagine my surprise when the next day our account showed that we had 10GB as if I’d not used any! I called customer service and the lady there said, “I don’t know what has happened and I cannot explain it, but you do show as having 10GB of data left and it’s to your advantage!” It was all very, very creepy to me. I’m not buying that it was anyone through the Russian Kaspersky simply because of the ongoing conversation several of us were having related to the highway construction –and then that ceased. It was someone here who originally had their eyes on Dr. Swain. Several other people commented on her page that strange things were happening to their accounts too.