Current News: Impeachment, Brexit, And So Much More!

Have you been tracking what’s happening in the capital as the impeachment proceedings have gone full-tilt crazy? Did you know that Nadler, Pelosi, and Schiff are all from sanctuary cities? It’s been a nonstop assault on sixty million Americans who voted for Trump, to undo what they voted for, and make sure it never happens again! All from Philistine strongholds for rebellion in America against the government.

Nadler presided over a historic vote today on impeachment based on what? The Horowitz report came out this week and there were 17 specific violations, I’m talking crazy stuff like they altered emails, they altered documents then they misrepresented them to the judges who issue these warrants to spy. The intelligence community did this!

I’m going to tell you what’s happening in Europe, in Poland, Scandinavia and in the UK with the Brexit vote. So many things are developing!

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24 thoughts on “Current News: Impeachment, Brexit, And So Much More!

  1. We win as we pray for our leaders..Thank you my brother for all you do for His Kingdom. We have been part Of Christian international for 30 years. We are positioned over Sacramento to pray for California. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Pastor Mike.

    • Thank you Lance..that was very enlightening, and you articulated everything so well…thank you for sharing your insight, and prayers…may the Lord bless you with more wisdom, knowledge, insight, and understanding, and may you become a powerful influence for us, and the other sheep countries!!! Amen!!

  2. Great message, as always!! God bless you for your willingness to fight the good fight! God has placed a fire in my spirit for President Trump and has humbly led me into a brand new position as an author. My first book is called “Secret Places” and was just released by Covenant Books—the story of the 2016 election and aftermath in fictional form. Emphasis: this is not a political battle but very much a spiritual one. The story must be told, as you so aptly do, time and time again. Your messages do not fall upon deaf ears. May God’s church step up to the task at hand. God bless you!

  3. Hi Lance!

    THANK YOU for being a practical voice of Truth and clarity of what is transpiring in America, for calling and challenging Christians to wake up and take their place in this spiritual war! As we watch prophecy unfold before our eyes, we a are to provoke one another to good works… Prayer, fasting, being bold in our faith, undaunted in our purpose, and fearless in the face of opposition…to name a few.
    Holy Spirit spoke to me in the last couple of days about 2020…being a year of spiritual clarity and greater depth of spiritual vision—to spiritually see on a different level.

    May God continuously increase in your life in every way!

    Lisa Long

  4. Thank you Lance, President Trump is still president and will remain.
    “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven
    suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” Matthew 11:12

  5. Gutsy message…thank you…Acts 4:31…agreed
    Eliezer son of Dodo…May the sword cleave to your hand!!
    Fight on mighty man of valor…be strengthened….I am encouraged today.
    Pastor Eric Peters

  6. This is wonderful Bro. Lance; as usual you see it…..good! I also believe it is the “remnant”that is going to keep praying, voting, doing; whatever the Lord sees fit for His agenda. Thank God for His mercy and grace right now or we would surely be done for but I listen to God and His prophets who always offer hope and I see a GREAT AWAKENING and REFORMATION on God’s heart and will pray into that and His Kingdom come and His will be done…..on this earth right now as it is already written in Heaven!

  7. All you are doing is mocking! What constructive purpose do you think that serves? Nothing at all! You are no better than the Democrats who are raping a nation. You are ranting like a fool. That is the same destructive spirit that the Democrats are operating from. You just act slightly more civilized but not by much. It is the SAME spirit. STOP IT!

  8. Wow! So you’re stirring up fire starters with your listeners – praise God. I want to post Ps. 52 out of the voice bible – it is pertinent to where we are in this impeachment thing. It talks about our enemy – and the things the Lord abhors in Prov. 6. Also note the end of the Psalm – it’s a good prayer for President Trump – staying close to God’s evangelical people and trusting God to put him over. You’d think it was just written for our current circumstances. I’m a prayer. Thanks for sharing:
    Why do you boast of all the trouble you stir up, O mighty one,
    when the constant, unfailing love of God is what truly lasts?
    Have you listened to yourself?
    Your tongue is like a sharp razor,
    full of lies that slash and tear right to the soul.
    You’ve fallen in love with evil and have no interest in what He calls good.
    You prefer your own lies to speaking what is true
    You love words that destroy people, don’t you,
    lying tongue?
    You won’t be smiling
    when the True God brings His justice and destroys you forever.
    He will come into your home, snatch you away,
    and pull you from the land of the living.
    Those who are just will see what happens to you and be afraid.
    And some of them will laugh and say,
    “Hey, look! Over there is the one who didn’t take
    shelter in the True God;
    Instead, he trusted in his great wealth
    and got what he wanted by destroying others!”

    But my life is abundant—like a lush olive tree
    cared for at the house of the one True God.
    I put my trust in His kind love ****************
    forever and ever; it will never fail.
    Because of all You have don**************
    I will humble myself and thank You forever.*************
    With Your faithful people at my side, ********** praying evangelicals
    I will put my hope in Your good reputation.******* God’s faithfulness!

  9. Can we share this on our FB pages?
    Thanks for summarizing the current events and encouraging Christians
    to lift up these things before the throne of grace and mercy. We don’t have
    to know all things or even have strong opinions either way in order to bring
    these situations before the throne and ask the Just Judge of the Universe
    to render a verdict that will bring His will on earth as it is in heaven!

    • Great! So much in-your-face, unapologetic truth with humor… you had me agreeing with you and cracking up repeatedly by just being unfiltered Lance. Love and appreciate you!

  10. I love it Lance. You are so funny… Keep it up and get more radical. You could fill in for Rich Little or Robin Williams. Maybe your message would get more exposure.

    In Convergance,

    Apostle Richard Skoff
    Senior Pastor – Grace & Glory Fellowship
    Founding Pastor – GLORYLAND MINISTRIES/David’s House
    Cell – (330) 622-2009
    EMAIL –
    FACEBOOK (To hear Latest sermons)

    Isaiah 40:5 (KJV) And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

  11. I sent a few out Lance. I totally agree with you. Thank you, for the thing, and so concerned about our country. I keep remembering to give it over to the Commander and Chief, our G-D. HE REALLY IS IN CONTROL! Doesn’t mean I gave up, though.

  12. Incredible, all that call themselves Christians need to watch this and pray like they have never prayed before. We are here for such a time as this.

  13. I am not familiar with all the workings of the senate, but I read an article that addressed why Lindsay Graham may not want to allow a trial over in the senate should the impeachment document be sent over for a vote. The article said that though it would take a three quarter majority of the senate to remove the President, the calling of witnesses only takes a simple majority. The article then went on to name 4 Republican senators who hate Trump and could very likely vote with the Dems in the senate when it comes to deciding who the witnesses would be. The article concluded that we could end up with months more of the same kind of witnesses we saw dragged before the congressional committee with the sold out press spinning its message for months on in to 2020. The author of the article didn’t think the senate would vote to impeach the President but the phony, incriminating “testimonies” would continue into 2020 and the Dems & media would cause an uproar in the when the vote failed in spite of all the “witnesses” against him.
    Not allowing the Dem circus to continue might be the best way to go and allow Durham & Barr to do what they must.

  14. Christians should be firsting and preying 24 /7 no Christmas food idont think witchesare
    feasting this time we love and support you Man of God yes keep it up hope we listen and Get it
    in Jesus Name

  15. Thanks for speaking out with boldness and humour. Here in England we are rejoicing about Boris, thank you everyone who prayed with us, it was a long 3 years. Now the trade talks start with the European Union, and the rest of the world. It makes me smile that Boris and Trump are Blond. Happy Christmas from over the pond. ????????????????????