Breaking Off Familiar Spirits

3 Insights for Breaking the Cycle of Familiar Spirits In Your Family Line

Jesus spent at least a third of His time healing and casting out demons. Spirits can gain access into people or into the personalities of individuals.  When there are spirits that go from generation to generation, manifesting on a piece of land, or in an actual family or bloodline, those spirits are called familiar spirits.

So what you want to consider is:

  1. What generational patterns are at work in your life? What kind of spiritual forces have been in your lineage, family, and bloodline for many years?  The Bible speaks about familial or familiar spirits.  There are spirits that are familiar with your life journey, perhaps from generation to generation.  Many believe that trauma can induce the transfer of spirits from parent to child.  Addictions, poverty, and divorce are examples of patterns that can pass from generation to generation.  
  2. Some of your battles didn’t start with you. These bents and inclinations toward fear, mistrust, abandonment, depression, and even suicide can be generational. These patterns are rooted in family history and in some strange way were passed down from generation to generation in the bloodline. An iniquity is a bent or inclination of the soul toward a certain pattern of ungodly thinking—BUT the good news is YOU DON’T HAVE TO YIELD to any spirit or generational pattern. Not for one split second!  
  3. What can you do? When something is exerting an influence over your freedom of will and occupying your mind, it is often a spiritual assignment that is intent on breaking up your freedom to follow Christ. If the pattern has been evident in your bloodline, perhaps you are the one who gets the task of finally breaking it off of your household and the next generation!  This is where you become the champion that cuts off the pattern of iniquity or the power of a familiar spirit from operating because you choose to resist it and break the cycle in your own life.  That’s really what an overcomer is. Perhaps the Lord has called you for such a time as this to bring His freedom and deliverance to your family and future generations?  

Annabelle and I have decided that we would discern and judge anything that was operating in our lives that was trying to transfer to our children.  We found that when we confronted it and broke it off of us, we emasculated its power to transfer to the next generation.  All we had to do was alert our children to the family story and history so that they could be enlightened and resist.  Their power to resist was multiplied because we had brought it to the light and already dealt with it!

Question: What generational patterns is your spirit alert to even now? Ask the Lord to pinpoint the areas that it is time to address.  

Give me some feedback and share the process God has you in!

As One!

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162 thoughts on “Breaking Off Familiar Spirits

  1. I have always believed that those clinging to our Labry Household is one I label as Music Busters, suffered by all who tried a musical career but was discouraged somehow. And another accusing us of being gay when not-we will label as Gay Bashers, other Poverty that only a certain few in family suffer, such as grandfathers, great aunt, daddy, and me but parallels along lines of mental illnesses.

    • Lance.

      For sevsral years, I have sensed a very power ful sense of ” familiarity(dejavu) that. omes up from time to time still, mor3 so over the last 2 to 3 years.

      It certainly is an evil being deom another realm.

      I parsy, and usually fervency is needed to disspell it. But I do dispell it each timw. Except this lst time, it persisted for threedays or so.

      Thr spirits you reference are in refernece to the general sense of spirits following and. uesing bloodlines uto the third and fourt generation. I get that, and if unbroken, then, ofcourse, bad habits(spirits) will persist. But what about these actuall bad forms of energy(spirit), to which I make reference, that do not bring tempting tgoughts but just bad mo jo- in the form of a scary , if you will( cuz my faith IS stronger than fear/ opposite thereof)….

      It is a trippy world I percieve. Ive experienced special things. Usually rhey are of the senses, internal. And ,no, I am not schitzo.

      Eht youb5hing about that , sir? As what you refer to is not what i have (familiarly) experienced… Do tell. Im curious to know what you think.

        • How about if you just clearly state what is to be done to rid one’s self or family of a familiar Spirit.

          I do not need to hear chit-chat explanations and motivations. I am a born again Servant of Jesus by His blood.

        • Hi Lance,
          My question is–can a familiar spirit disguise itself in my mind as “the book of my past,”and continually remind me of past mistakes and bad choices that keeps insisting I have debts to pay (not financial) and I should be ashamed of myself because of my past? It acts like a constant harassing of my past that insinuates I need to keep trying to fix things but there’s never a resolution. Do you think this could be the works of an evil spirit!?

    • God spoke to me through you. Thank you so much. There is a spirit spouse that is trying to claim me and I am literally at war with this wicked spirit. There is no way it will get passed on to my nieces and nephews. Freedom is at hand. Thank you God! I have the power because Jesus Christ is on my side. God Bless!

      • You can get delivered like I did from Dr Patricia green. Her ministry is called “Joy ministry”. She’s an American with blonde hair and has a lot of YouTube videos of the teaching of the word of God. Shes a powerful woman of God.

    • My sister in law and niece just moved in my house because they were homeless. I usually place the musics in the house and prayers. Pray for rebuke the Spirit of Evil. My sister in law believes different religions, depression, and anxiety. How can I rebuke those in my house?

      • Tell them that no ungodly things are allowed in your home. Be it music, tv shows,items, nothing! The Bible clearly says in Joshua 24:15 “as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord” If they cannot abide by your Christian household then tell them they are free to live elsewhere. but it’s a choice mainly on you that you take the stand for the Lord n resist the devil who uses our loved ones mostly to cause us to stumble. If they stay start having Bible study n prayer inside ur home together. Get scriptures to stand on n quote them like psalms 91. Rebuke n denounce all family curses n plead the blood of Jesus!! shalom

    • Im in a public school system working with students that have special needs ( which includes ADHD, autism, developmental delayed etc..). We ( 2 other teachers besides me) had student last year that was aggressive towards students & us, used vulgar language, would run out the classroom, anything to disrupt tbe class. His parent was not supportive, unconcerned, living in poverty and student looked like a product of his environment. This current school year we have another student that demonstrates the same behavior as the previous child. The parent behavior resembles the other parent behavior as well.
      ***We were able to get rud of the other studemt before the end of the last school year***** Niw have another student that behavior is exactly like the other student.

      Would this be a famlluar spirit

  2. This is so true. when I became filled with the Holy Spirit one of the exercises I did was to renounce any activities that I had participated in that were not Godly…one was playing with a ouija board (when they were sold as a game-YIKES!), horoscopes, etc. I also had alcoholism on both sides of my family which I rebuked, and my maternal grandfather had a ‘spirit guide’…his ‘indian’ that he would consult with before making any major decisions. He also had some kind of ‘psychic’ power over women that he could get them to do whatever he wanted-but it left him with a horrific headache so it didn’t happen often. I was determined that these things were not going to affect me or my children yet to be born, so I took the authority of Jesus Christ and kicked some spiritual butt. Not one of these things has come back at me. Thank you Jesus!

    • thanks, my story is way to complicated. However, I can relate to the warfare. I will continue to pursue this topic and see how it goes. I have adult children ages 40 to a young son age 13. I and my husband have been born again and alive in Christ. I for 40 years, my husband 25 years. We have seen the demonic spirits rip our families apart as well as the children. Thank God we are still together fighting the fight.

  3. Indeed there are generational spirits and curses that are passed. The best teaching and information on this subject I have seen and experienced is Bob Lucy. His website link is below. He is currently working on a book with this as one of the chapters. There are specific prayers and methods he uses to help deliver people. One the key things I learned from Bob is, “You can tell the Devil to flee all you want but if you have given him a right to be there he won’t leave.” He’s (Devil, demons) legalistic, so he’ll claim any legal reason to be there.

    I’d encourage you to look into it. It changed my life dramatically several years ago when I spent a weekend with him (Bob). Thanks Lance

  4. Breaking off poverty mindset from both mother and father. Tired of ‘just enough’. Have broken this off…pursuing what God has for me in this season.

  5. What I have understood about generational issues.
    In Jerem. 31:31 – Gotasted the sourned talks about the new covenant, made a lot of statements about it
    In v 29 In those days they shall say no more, The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.30 But every one shall die for his own iniquity: every man that eateth the sour grape, his teeth shall be set on edge.
    A picture of generational curses/issues- children teeth set on edge by what previous generations did.
    At the cross, Jesus said he was thirsty and they give him vinegar, He drank it – sour taste, His teeth took the edge of the sourness, so we don’t have to, and then He said ‘it is finished’ and gave up His Spirit
    John 19:28 After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the SCRIPTURE might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst.29 Now there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a spunge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth.30 When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.
    So Jesus at the cross took care of all of our generational issues, we have to know and stand on that truth and revelation and avoid going back to the old man way of thinking and doing, we have been made new in Him
    He was given something earlier, but he did not take it
    Math.27:34 They gave him vinegar to drink mingled with gall: and when he had tasted thereof, he would not drink
    And Jesus took care of all the curses under the law Gal.3:13

    • Thanks Rachel…We going thru a hard time 5 years but every time the accusor comes I stand on Jesus love the cross and know He will come thru for us!He has done it before and He will do it again!

    • Correct, I don’t agree with generational curses and the doctrine surrounding it. When Jesus went to the cross he took all of the debt, pain, strife, and guilt of sin upon himself.

      When we first believed, repented, then received Jesus as Savior, as Messiah, we received him as healer, as keeper, as friend, as King, and completely as God with us always.

      No, Jesus did not remove suffering, pain, temptation, or tribulation. Once we received Christ the curse and the stain of it was completely removed.

      If Christ died for us to remain in bondage then what is that we preach? We say we preach the Good News but what good is this news if it does nothing? Then if you are not free then what Gospel (Good News) have you heard?

      “A slave is not a permanent member of the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”. (John 8:35-36)

  6. wow! Thank you! This article blessed me. I broke off unworthiness and inferiority. I felt the shift in me. Thank you JESUS!!

  7. In Jesus’ name I renounce the spirit that has led to divorce in the last 2 generations on my mother’s side.

    I also renounce the spiritualism that has pervaded our family, again through my mother’s side.

  8. This is so good Lance. Lately have been dealing with family stuff and what has been coming up is anger. Thought I worked through all that stuff but I guess we’re working on another layer. Just prayed and asked the Lord to show me again where any familiar spirits are operating. Thank you for the timely word.

    • Injustice or even perceived injustice is the father of anger. Dealing with the acknowledged injustice with forgiveness closes the door and many times, releases the anger.

  9. How many times am I going to have to say “another right on word!” Incredibly timely – if only you knew.

  10. Thank you so much! I felt I saw what I call an A Type familiar spirit from my father, a stress driven spirit, which I need to come against harder I see. Under it is a guilt one for feeling like I didn’t do enough or do things right. When I didn’t get to the Cano trip, I really think I was afraid of my mother. So fear is there too. Then I felt so guilty, like I had let you down.

    These I will take authority over. I would appreciate your agreement- for living with my mother, I can’t let those things try to dominate me and keep me from the destiny God has given me.

    Thank you for your discernment- I think it is right on!

  11. One thing I noticed a pattern of is poverty. And it was a generational issue because I remembered hearing my grandfather say it when we were kids. He repetivly would tell the grandkids that we didn’t need education because the world was gonna come to an end and none of that would be necessary. But even before I found Jesus, I always thought when i get old enough I will did associate from my family and go to college so I wouldn’t be as stupid as most of my family members. So I went to college. Its still been a breaking off process with my kids, because they believe everything grandma says. And I’ve been challenging my adult children to do what sounds impossible. Ignore the negative outbursts of old family tradition and become who you want to be. Its been a challenge, but we are making progress, because God loves us.

  12. Dear Bro Lance;

    Thank you for this post. I have identified patterns in my family and the bloodline from both my father’s family and mother’s that I have noticed in me and my siblings, and since I began to identify these patterns I have been speaking with some of siblings who are saved and we have been praying to destroy these wrong patterns. However, I have come to discover that not much is taught about this in the body of Christ and many people have come to accept certain patterns and familiar spirits as either who they really are or they think these are gifts from God – but I say God forbid and I am praying that we as believers must work out our salvation, victory and freedom not giving the enemy any chance by living weakly.
    Praise God

    • Different ministers use different terminology which has similar or same meaning. Familiar spirits are those spirits that found an entry way or open door in the generations or family bloodlines to legally come and basically harass a family through the generations. This is why we hear about generational curses or familiar spirits. Here are some scriptures that will help. First, the ones showing that generational curses do happen. I haven’t met a person yet that does not have some of these in their bloodlines. So no need for embarrassment because this is common to us all. But then, the GOOD NEWS comes in the last scriptures.
      Exodus 20:5
      Exodus 34:7
      Deuteronomy 23:2
      Jeremiah 2:9
      Matthew 27:25
      Good News
      Galatians 3:13
      Nehemiah 9:2 gives us the pattern to receive Freedom from generational curses by CONFESSING or REPENTING for the sins of our forefathers/mothers and for our own sins. Apply the Blood of Jesus (Exodus 12) our PASSOVER Lamb to each area. Then the enemy loses his LEGAL right to have his hook in us and he must GO!

  13. Hi Lance,
    In British Coloumbia we are First Nation People’s. This is quite prevalent
    With First Nations people. But yes it starts with me to recognize those pattern’s and pray and break those things off the family linage. So my children will have freedom from the past that has haunted for so long. Thanks Lance
    Chief Underwood

    • Chief Underwood,

      I applaud you for recognizing that this is such a problem with First Nations people. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Chief express this truth about their people! I lead prison chapel in Alberta & I have had 3 generations in prison, at the same time & my heart breaks! I’m about to lead a chapel on this very subject!!!! What wisdom from God’s spirit would you have for me, leading First Nations through this truth? I want to see them set free & see God’s glory rein in the First Nations people here!!! I want them to be set free

      • thank you for bringing this message to those in prison. I do jail ministry but it is not faith based so I don’t have as mush freedom to bring truth as I would want, but my prayers are someone will — and this truth will change lives and set our beloved inmate on fire for God!!!

  14. When I became Christian over 25 years ago, I was not expecting the severe rejection and hostility from my father’s family. It was almost as if they couldn’t believe I betrayed them. There is a tendency for rebellion, hatred of Christianity and sharp Scottish tempers. I learned that my father’s family came from the Scottish borderland with England and, a long time ago, an English bishop did a formal curse against the violent border clans, even naming certain clans and my family name was among them! The curse was spoken aloud in churches along the border. It gave me an understanding of how to pray for my family. I still pray for God to replace hatred with love, bitterness with forgiveness, and for His grace to displace judgment.

  15. Yes and amen! I wrote about this very thing on my last blog and several people wrote me back asking for more information. This is hitting at a very personal level for me right now but I also believe many are being confronted with it in order to prepare the way for an upgrade and increase in the Spirit. The Spirit of Unbelief is a major familiar spirit that must be dealt with. We won’t be able to receive the new wine with old wine skins. Thanks for publishing!

  16. I needed this reminder today, thank you Lance! One of the generational patterns I feel like I’m here to break is that of losing a home. My husband & I had to walk away from the first home we purchased as a married couple in 1990 after having owned it for 10 years. This due to job loss by both of us (he worked for one of the phone companies, I worked at a utility company) during the time of deregulation. I was a new believer & I tried to fight in the spirit to keep my home, but in retrospect I think I was too young and I didn’t do all I could in the natural. We rented for about 2 years then were forced to use our faith to be able to purchase again after the owner of the rental decided to sell. Praise God, We were able to purchase the home I’m in now but my husband ended up passing away suddenly in 2005 (another generational issue) . Now I find myself in the a SAME situation where it seems as if I will lose this house because I’m struggling financially and can’t seem to get help! After my husbands death, my focus of course was on my children. My youngest child, a daughter, just graduated from a four year university; my two older boys ( 1 is ex-army, the other also graduated from a 4 year university) are for most part out of the house. Anyway, come to find out, my GRANDFATHER (my mothers father, a distinguished career navy man) had to give up the house my mother lived in as a child in D.C. because of the Great Depression! I don’t know if it goes back farther than that, I imagine it probably does. One of the things I find interesting is that my mother, who was also in the service (WWII vet & still going strong) has never faced this problem. On the other side, my father, who was an alcoholic & whom my mom divorced when I was very young, did not have great money handling skills …

  17. I’ve just finished Robert Hendersons book…Operating in the Courts of Heaven….incredible book…I have been delivered and experiencing a new freedom. Many in my church are reading and recieving too. Highly recommend this book.

  18. Hello Lance thank you for writing on this topic I have been teaching on breaking generational bandages and curses for awhile my family cones from a background of Shaman my grandfather was a medicine man I am the only one out of 6 children who has been set free from so much Glory to God! One that has held my family in bondage for soon I would like advice on is the jezebel spirit and poverty in breaking it off us. As well on my husband’s side is masonic background . I’ve found as I ask Holy Spirit to expose more He does and I thank the Lord all that Christ did on the cross has dealt with this area for our freedom.and Victory I thank you Sir for your wonderful ministry God truly blessed you Always
    Rev Deborah Minoose-Morgan
    Aboriginal Ministries Association of Alberta. Canada

    • RAM Ministries Colorado Springs, CO
      Bill Suddeth deals, in depth, with breaking Masonic or Shaman ties in the bloodlines.

  19. All I heard about when I was young that “this person died of this or that thing, and it runs in the family”…heart attacks, strokes—I have said “NO”…I also said “NO” to the poverty thing…Early on, I said “NOT ME”

  20. I have been noticing things my adult children have gone through, were the same things I have been through. Poverty and divorce mainly. My parents didn’t go through that. Now, you said you and Anabelle renounce these things together and you are breaking things off your kids. I have been divorced for ten years and my kids dad wouldn’t go along on this with me. My question is, can I break these things off them by myself?

  21. Hi Lance,
    I would refer you to Elijah House Ministries who have excellent teaching in this. I am a Christian psychologist in Australia and often lead people in prayer to break off these spirits in their lives. It involves forgiving any ancestors who have engaged in this behaviour but also asking the Lord to show you where you first came into agreement with it yourself. Then going through a forgiveness, repentance and coming to The Cross to remove it and the reaping of it.
    Thank you for your work.

  22. I’ve been trying to discern what parts of my life (struggles) are due to familial spirits. There are a lot of problems I could attribute to this. I even had a pastor once tell me that my current struggles with a brain aneurysm (multiple surgeries and subsequent disabilities) could be from demonic oppression. Could have ties to my grandmother and the Masons… Help with this would be so welcome, Lance. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront of my mind again. I really want to know HOW to break these strongholds.

  23. Hi Lance!
    Will try to keep this short. For people living in or near the Colorado Springs, CO area. We have access to RAM Ministries (Righteous Acts Ministries). Bill Suddeth or Teia Martinez, who effectively ministers to children, adopted or natural born, down to 2 years of age). Teia has a seminar July 16, 2016 from 9am-5pm
    & I believe Bill has a seminar coming up also. I personally went through RAM’s training school. Their ministry is the most thorough, effective, quick, and financially reasonable program I have seen, compared to long term counseling strategies. People also fly in to get ministry.

    Four of our family members went through this process of identifying and removing the enemy. There was an IMMEDIATE shift in us four and because my husband and I repented for our bloodlines before us, and chose to forgive and release them for their failures that inadvertently allowed any harm to follow us, we even saw a major shift in the family members who have not yet submitted to this process. We are praying that ALL of our family will walk through this process.

    And Good on Ya Lance! For bringing this to light publicly. It is a KEY and it is TIME for God’s people to break free from every hindrance of the enemy that followed us through the bloodlines!! Amen!

  24. In case you have no way of getting ministry for this, I felt I should write the Main list of common spirits that resist us through our bloodlines so we are more equipped to recognize and DEFEAT them. mark 16:17, Luke 10:19, John 14:12. How exciting to know God is freeing His people!

    Each of these produce their own fruit when they are unchallenged.

    BUT!! Jesus gave us AUTHORITY OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY. So we can dismantle them ALL. Holy Spirit will help.

    Abandonment/Rejection, Poor Stewardship, Anxiety/Fears, Anger/Rage/Violence, Deception/Rebellion, A Religious Spirit, Unwortiness/Unbelief, Manipulation/Control, Shame, Bitterness, Pride/Mocking, Performance/Failure, Infirmities/Disease, Addictions/Escape/Dependencies, Mental Problems/Depression, Sexual Sins/Perversion, Witchcraft/the Occult, Victim/Trauma/Grief

    Then there are Stronghold spirits that produce their manifestations and fruit that you can dismantle also.

    Antichrist-1 John 4:3
    Bondage-Romans 8:15
    Deaf and Dumb-Mark 9:25
    Death/Premature Death-1 Cor 15:26
    Divination- Acts 16:16
    Spirit of Error-1 John 4:6
    Familiar Spirit-Leviticus 19:31
    Fear-II Timothy 1:7
    Haughtiness- Proverbs 16:18
    Heaviness/Rejection-Isaiah 61:3
    Infirmity-Luke 13:11
    Jealousy-Proverbs 6:34
    Lying-II Chronicles 18:22
    Perversion-Isaiah 19:14
    Seducing Spirit-I Timothy 4:1
    Whoredoms-Isaiah 5:4

    After booting out the bad guys, then replace those names with the opposite. Holy Spirit will help you. Then don’t open the door again… if or when they knock!! Keep em out. God desires to Bless us to a THOUSAND GENERATIONS. God Bless Us All.

  25. I had witchcraft done against me regaurding a picture of mine that I sadly and unwisely gave to person at school, my freshmen year of high school, I was also sadly befreined by a witch posing as young girl but who was actually an adult, she unfortunately got hold of the picture, and did terrible works of witchcraft against me with it, i spent a lot of my teen years and young adult years in mental and spiritual bondage, then i eventually decided to get saved, and on that day i was delivered from a terrible amount of evil spirits, and I started walking in my christian life, in my walk through out the years I would encounter spiritual warfare here and there, but praise christ, his all mighty power would help put these attacks under submission, then came a day, and I hope I’m not disturbing anyone when i say these things, where i found out that this witch and several other enemies of mine who practice voo doo, wanted to use this picture of mine to try to steal my spiritual identitity and have an evil spirit find place to hide in my body and be permenanly attached to me and never leave.

    • Hi Laura! Your situation is not uncommon. BUT!!! The GOOD NEWS is that as a Believer in JESUS, you have been given AUTHORITY over all of it and there is NOTHING the enemy can do to stop God from RESTORING back to you the years you feel were taken from you. It’s time to Take Back what the Devil stole. YOU are seated with CHRIST in Heavenly places. Goad has already revealed so much to you. God Bless you Laura!

  26. Great teaching Lance! Yes its time to have a great spiritual clean up. I’m doing this at this time too regarding heartproblems in the family line. Broke this off my children as well.

  27. I agree..most of the profound growth and healing I have had always involves deliverance and family patterns. Dealing with a generational addiction to beauty….bonded with an object of the feminine for sense of being didn’t receive from mother because Infant abandonment issues be fore three. But this was true many generations of my Danish maternal line.

    Art and loving decorating in the family but to the point of the using this to make one feel good. The lord showed me we were trying to make our own sense of home. Lots of envy and weird relationships between family members. God gave Jesus at loving whole mother who was present to him so he could give what he received. Satan had no in road to his heart.

    God wants us to not build for our selves cisterns not of him. I am calling on Him to heal my heart and open me to real relationship of love with him and not stuff and others.. Being such a old pattern of satanic lies is what I am walking out of now. So cool you brought this up . I have been moved by John Eckharts book and you tube of “prayers that rout demons.” 4 hours of prayers from The bible. Many by King David who contented for his life and family and kingdom and the coming of Christ his whole life.

    I really didn’t start healing till deliverance became part of my life with the Lord.

  28. Precious Lance & Annabelle & team & dear community
    Big hug to you all !

    I joyfully and confidently stand with us all in the spiritual warfare.
    You all often bring a big smile on my face and comfort to GOD also!

    Everything satan steals,
    (or manipulates lawlessly)
    when he is found out
    he must restore sevenfold
    and his house must give it up!.

    Kindly lift us as a couple
    for the full manifestation of
    our prayer language in symphony
    so that GOD will permeate our home.

    Kindly lift up a precious assistant nurse at the hospice who
    sheds precious tears for the patients she washes every day
    for a spiritual family at the hospice and a blood family complete with h. & c.

    Kindly lift up musicians in hospices and hospitals worldwide
    who sing to our Lord and bring joy to patients, their families
    and those who wash them and weep for them alone only for a short while.

    Vince (and Anne in her sleep)

    • Vince bless your heart, your comment really moved my heart. The Lord bless and keep you and give you peace in Jesus name.
      I come into agreement for the lovely hospice assistant, musicians and other care givers that volunteer their tome to setve others. May they be filled with Shalom joy, laughter, light & love as they labor among us in Jesus name amen.

      Invite sweet Ruach to come into your home, clear out debris, may the spirit of God tarry there in Jesus name amen.

      • Thank you dear sister, where two agree on earth, it does something both in heavena and on earth ! What a joy !


    Good words!!!

    Yes The Lord has called us for such a time as this!!! Great picture to encourage us! “A picture is as a thousand words!” J.A. Comenius said, The author of the first picture dictionary !
    Thank you!!!

  30. Dear Lance,

    You are so right in the things that you are saying. A few years ago we became involved with a ministry called Restoring the Foundations ministry. I would encourage you and others who are listening to your teaching to check it out. We minister to and train others to minister to the very things that you’re talking about.
    We have seen tremendous healing, restoration and freedom in individuals, marriages and families of those who break off the generational patterns, and who come out of agreement with the lies associated them. As they experience the healing from painful traumatic roots and then they are set free as the demonic spirits are disempowered. Please check us out!
    You are sooooooo right!


  31. Dear Lance,

    You are so right in the things that you are saying. A few years ago we became involved with a ministry called Restoring the Foundations ministry. I would encourage you and others who are listening to your teaching to check it out. We minister to and train others to minister to the very things that you’re talking about.
    We have seen tremendous healing, restoration and freedom in individuals, marriages and families of those who break off the generational patterns, and who come out of agreement with the lies associated them. As they experience the healing from painful traumatic roots and then they are set free as the demonic spirits are disempowered. Please check it out!
    You are sooooooo right!


  32. The one who THE Son sets FREE is FREE indeed!
    Familiar spirits are very Mosaic Covenant (limited covenant) based. We are now in THE new covenant ratified by Christ’s blood sealed in THE Holy Spirit, We no longer wrestle with flesh or blood (relatives) only with powers and principalities (natural forces that dominate large segments of society and culture) and with wickedness in the heavenly realms (or places). We as the Beloved of Christ, are the heavenly realm here on planet earth, and there is wickedness in the ranks!…and in the 3 heaven that we cannot see, there is a WAR raging because Satan knows his time is short. According to new testament doctrine- no Holy Spirit sealed, blood bought saint that is filled, can be indwelled by an evil spirit or a familiar one. But we can be overwhelmed by our own emotions and thoughts to the point of illness if we give into the intention due to the wrong of others.

  33. Right on Lance, not only do most families have familiar spirits bit also most churches and denominations. It is not something we should shy away from but confront and deal with it even on the church level.

  34. I remember as a teenager hearing stories about my grandfather, who was an alcoholic, and my uncle who died from drug addiction. My parents (who weren’t very spiritual) brought light on how those addictions destroyed many things for our family, and how the effects of it were devastating. I also remember in my teenage formative years, never being tempted to go down that path, although it was very possible to do so. Why? I believe it’s like you have said, when the curse is exposed for what it really is, the ability to resist is multiplied. I never had the desire to dabble in that stuff, because I knew what it would lead to. Exposing something is the key to resisting it, and as James says, resistance causes the enemy to flee!

  35. That was really Powerful. It was Eye Opening as well. In a day where people are afraid to talk or let alone think about the unseen demonic world at work trying to unfold hells kingdom, people are perishing for lack of knowledge. If we know how these demons work, we will know how to shut them down from sabotaging our lives and abortion the plans of Our Father for / with our lives.

    This is one of my FAVORITE subjects. Bring on more 🙂

  36. You are absolutely right Lance, I came from a family that was controlled by a demonic spirit of hatred. The Lord said I had been born into the house of the Destroyer. My family was under a curse but when I got “born again” Jesus started bringing me out of the demonic bondage that came with my family. I also married a man with a similar spirit before I got saved. After 25 years of marriage I found Jesus and the truth of the Word of God. After about 10 years my husband passed away after getting saved and I am now a Licensed Professional Counselor doing Christian Counseling. Within a few sessions after teaching clients the Word of God we pray for generational curses and iniquity to be broken off of the clients.

  37. Lance, pray for my son …yes, i have suspected many times he is manipulated against his will. So is my daughter. I agree with you god binds and breaks that familiar spirit. So have i. The Devil is a defeated foe . we are covered with the blood Covenant of Jesus Christ to exercise our free will.

  38. I really appreciate your ministry. Thank you for sharing and caring. Thank you for your wisdom. I think our family is dealing with several familiar spirits and you have helped. Please keep our family in your prayers. God bless you and your ministry.

  39. Dude this was so powerful man..I felt like a layer of yolk come off of me when I renounced to manipulation and sexual immorality linked with women..burped like two big times. Man I need deliverance in Jesus name. But as I read I felt darkness in me hiding, like it was actually hiding within me. Then I was like man I got to confront this. This opened me up to see I need Jesus to do a deep cleaning in my life…is there any prayers to this?

  40. I never understood this to be so easy. Thank you for the clarity. I have seen some pretty strange things being done in churches. This gives me peace.

  41. I found this article to be very timely for me. My husband and I both struggle with what we call “anxiety.” I even recently went on medication for it. The other night I had an encounter with the Lord and He helped me see that I am very fearful.
    After reading this and praying for God to show me where there is a familiar spirit he Said “fear.”

  42. Hello Lance,

    Thank you so much for your post. It is such an encouragement! For several years I have been learning about this subject of familiar spirits and its relation to me and family. Abandonment & a jezebel spirit are two major ones that God has identified that I have been battling to break off in me and my future generations.

    Thank you for asking for feedback. I greatly appreciate your prayers & support!

    God’s blessings to you & yours!

  43. Thank you Lance. I have been trying to deal with familiar spirits and various bondage for years with counseling, church prayers, deliverance books on iniquity and decrees. for at least 15 yrs i have been asking,seeking and knocking and crying out in tears for deliverance from a few areas of bondage and seeing temporary deliverance but never any lasting freedom and i have become angry at myself and God and my hope deffered for so long i dont really care to live anymore ive had so much stolen, killed or destroyed. im not suicidal but like a lot of people would rather just go on to Heaven than continue in bondage in this world as you know im sure…15 plus yrs is a very long time to be praying and asking for something while it is normal to sit at Jesus feet in His presence and worship him in songs, liufe,etc. Thanks for your prayers

  44. Meanness. as in narcissistic very mean bad meanness.
    i broke it for me, but one of our 8 children has it.
    we have talked to her and explained how it runs in the family
    she has seen it in my sister and my dad and knows it is awful
    but she still sees nothing wrong with her being that way
    i don’t know what else to do

  45. My father was a spirit filled tongue speaking Christian. But on my mother’s side it was different. Her father was murdered by a neighbor. I later married a man whose father was alcoholic and committed suicide. Then my husband committed suicide at age 34. I heard about familiar spirits from a well known preacher, Kenneth Copeland. I and my children were terrorized by my husband who was an alcoholic who became violent when drinking. I spoke many times to the familiar spirits in the name of Jesus and broke them off on me and my children. There are many factors to this story. I could write a book. I made a decree on earth that there shall be no more violent deaths in my family. But the alcoholism has remained with one son who seems to have a personality like his father. I sure could use more help. I refuse to let the enemy have him. He is a Christian and a good husband and father, but

  46. My fathers father was an alcoholic. My father was an alcoholic. Both are deceased now. I was an alcoholic. In 1997 my wife became pregnant with my last child, a son, my first one. I was determined some three years later that my son was not going to witness what I, my father and I suspect my grandfather had seen while growing up. I quit drinking and picked up God’s word. My son saw a father reading the bible. My wife saw the man she fell in love with sober. Today my marriage is the best it has ever been and my son at 19 years old has daily bible reading and is a believer. As I look back I felt through the years I had with the Spirit of God “broken” the chain of destruction set upon at least three generations.

  47. hi just yesterday I saw a gal from Texas (she’s a teacher of the Word of God) on u-tube, say that we might have some ‘soul tie’ issues: if we are continually thinkin of the past trauma’s in our lives, divorced, un able to start a new relationship, etc… so we need to cut off the soul ties with our past mates/husband or wife, boy or girl friends that had any sexual relations. Since I’ve done this there has been no feelings or thoughts of my past experiences with my x-husband. whew! I feel actually able to keep a thought, and it’s like, I’m lighter !

  48. I have had a few say to me-“Fear, being too hard on myself, and someone has said I have a demon following me around, trying to kill me”.

    I am sick n tired of this!!

    Grandparents-free Mason’s
    Mom-believer; although her struggle is as mine, I somehow believe a bit of a narsasist
    Husband- addict, died 2009 dui
    My children
    Son-24, some addiction struggles, LA Dream Center and now lead guitar at church, and AOD college
    Daughter 1-21 Life Pacific College
    Daughter 2- YWAM
    Daughter 3- school, life guard, and soon YWAM

  49. I have identified some of the major generational patterns in my bloodline which is evident in my family and the three major ones are : rejection, pride and religious spirit. It has been a tough fight and I’m still in the process of resisting it and renewing my mind and finding and building my identity in Christ and revealing the true personality that God created instead of one that is influenced by those patterns. Still fighting and resisting!


    • Nancy
      I like your comment. About how the spirits work in businesses, and other areas, AND THE PEOPLE GET THE BLAME. When I’ve tried to expose them then I’ve ended up being suspect. This has to stop. We have power over all the power of the enemy so God please show us what to do. We have to stick together.

  51. Some would be lustful thoughts, over eating when not even hungry, my wife had has many miscarriages just like her mom, the biggest one it seems for me is my eyes it is a daily battle fighting lustful thoughts. Thank you for this word ..

  52. Hi ya Lance,
    I have a question: does the spiritual influence over a husband affect the wife?
    I ask as I have worked through a lot of my junk (still going I might add) & have always been of the belief that we have to deal with what’s buried inside – from childhood traumas, & the like…(I had plenty!)
    I am married to a lovely fellow who came from another culture/country to myself. And although him & his family are all born again Christians, they have come from the background of it’s all been done at the cross & there’s no need to do any more. They are not ones who believe in generational curses (I do & have dealt with many generational spirits/curses etc in my own life).
    Does this affect me? I have noticed that in our walk we get so far & hit this “wall” & cant seem to get beyond it.
    Any advice on this would be so helpful…thanks so much for all you do…we appreciate you & your lovely Annabelle so much…Julie xxx

  53. Lance I have had more than I can say broken off me and I’m a reader not only of the Bible but also books by Prayers that rout demons & break cursed by John Eckhardt, also Perry Stone, and have attended 5 CLEANINSING STREAMS at Jack Hayford Church on the Way! I at 13 was in Job’s Daughters Mason teaching was never aware how devious that was all broken off my life & family! Also poverty spirit but seems to raise its ugly head! I’m 75 and been in the Chairsmatic movement since 1995! I want to be free and have more financial freedom I’m a giver too! Thank you Susan

  54. Generational patterns that God has revealed: Claims to Christianity, but lack of commitment to living out Christian values. False starts (business and relationships). Arrested development (talented and able adults failing to progress and refusing to take responsibility for their lives and choosing to live lives of emotional and financially dependency upon other family members and the government). Marriage destroying, denying or delaying spirits. By the grace of God, I’ve overcome all with exception of the last one, which I am trusting God to manifest in my life in the near future

  55. Lance,

    I have really enjoyed these videos on dismantling strongholds and unlocking your genius. I believe these are messages the church “needs” to hear and understand. Keep up the good work!

  56. I’ve felt for some time that I, too, have a thorn in the flesh. It’s a spirit that causes trouble for me with people around me…sometimes. Not all the time. But something that has happened recently has drawn my attention to the spirit that my mother had. It was a spirit of envy towards me to the point that she worked behind the scenes for my demise. Now, there’s a man at my church that we have been getting to know each other and are starting to care about each other. He is good friends with a woman who I tried to be friends with, but she’s not all that receptive…still we and some others go to lunch together after church. (It’s hard to write this succinctly… ). The point is that she has said and done things, underhanded things, to come between us. I just discerned yesterday that it is that spirit of envy. I feel like what can I do? How do I work this out. It is covert and I am the only one who sees it. My guy friend kind of sees what is going on but they are friends. I think is taking my word for it that a demonic force is involved. This is a huge challenge as I never was able to resolve it concerning my mother and it greatly affected my life. She cut me off from the family 15 yrs ago and died two years ago leaving all the inheritance to my sister. I really would like some help. I am a warrior, a kingdom builder and have a special mission from God. I know God is wanting to take down this stronghold. But right now I’m pretty much alone in the battle, humanly speaking, and am wondering how to proceed. I have renounced and “been delivered” and all of that over the last 40 years, so this is deeper than that.

  57. Lance, thank you so much for this topic discussion. My husband actually alerted me to this one and we spent some time in prayer that very day. We have several areas to address in our lives; but particularly for me, the Lord has highlighted a spirit of divorce in my life. This is my second marriage and we have had a very difficult past 6 years or so during which time my husband has become disabled. Over the past 2 years or more, I didn’t know if I could stay in the marriage. A year ago, my husband actually moved out for 4 months. After listening to your message here, and praying about spirit of divorce, the Lord highlighted to me that the timeframe is even the same as my first marriage which ended after just over 10 years. The Lord spoke to my heart, alerting me to the fact that I am in my 12th year of marriage to my current husband and that I must persevere and pray through this season. He also spoke to my heart that if I endeavor to do that, our marriage would be wonderful.
    Thank you for this timely message!

  58. I had a lying spirit come against in 1988 and it stole my joy and I felt responsible for my parents losing their money in a business that I managed for them. I was depressed. We went to a prophetic conference and I was called up first and the Lord delivered me through the word of the prophet. I haven’t lost my joy since the night that I was delivered. I have been praying for the sick now 29 years and seeing God heal them all of the time. In the last few years, I have found out that the devil has to have a legal excuse to attack us. Everything is legal in the courts of heaven. Revelation 12:10-11 says that the accuser accuses us night and day before our God. He uses generational curses to get us most of the time if we are Christians and are trying to live a good clean life . So I apply the blood of Jesus up both sides of the family trees of the person that I am praying for all of the way back to Adam and Eve, our natural father and mother, then we repent of their sins and then we repent of our sins. Then I tell the devil that every legal excuse that he has been using to attack this person is broken because the blood of Jesus has cleansed them from every sin and they are pure and righteous in God’s eyes because of the blood. We also put the spoken words of whoever has spoken negatively, like doctors, family members, people in authority over the person that I am praying for under the blood too, to break their power. Then I speak healing in Jesus’ name, new parts, whatever they need. Now about 100% of the people are healed when I pray for them. I had a lady with spina-bifida one night. I asked where you born with that and she said yes. I asked do you think that you sinned in your mother’s womb to be born that way. She thought a while and said no. I said of course not. God gives all things good, He didn’t do that to you. That was the devil who caused you to be born that way and he used a generational curse as the legal excuse to put that on you. I said that I can break that curse with my words and the blood of Jesus and speak healing to you. She said great, I’m ready. I broke that curse and told the devil that his legal excuse was broken and I spoke healing to her in Jesus’ name. In about 5 to 7 minutes, the Lord had her all healed and straightened up after being twisted up like that for over 40 years. He is so good. She was a born again believer that had been going out to start a new church/mission for the Lord about 20 miles out in the country for months. You can be doing your best for the Lord and the devil will try to slow you down or stop you. You just need some knowledge to get your deliverance or whatever you need. God has already provided whatever you need to live this life. Read 1st Peter Chapter 1 Verse 2:24 and then read 2nd Peter Chapter 1 Verses 2,3 and 4.
    God Bless. Keep up the good work Lance!!!

  59. I am 56 years old and all my life I have been plagued by the same abuse from everyone I love. My mother abandoned my brother and I when she divorced my dad. I was 2 years old at the time. She has been in and out of my life, more out than in. She often blamed me for things that happened to her, told lies about me and treated me as if I was unimportant. As a result, I became paranoid to let anyone down. I have tried hard all my life to resist failure. Pushed myself to be perfect for everyone in my life to no avail. Now I have 3 children, I have been very close to, until they became adults. Their father and I are divorced. He is extremely manipulative, refuses to take responsibility for his wrong actions and blames everyone else. Now my children are seeking his approval and beginning to act like him, they are doing things that are just crazy, then lying about it and trying to blame me for it.
    It seems they take turns “picking” on me. As I prayed about this the Lord revealed to me it’s a familiar spirit they have picked up from “idolizing” their father who goes to Church and seems to have it all together, but behind the scenes, they think he is cheating on his wife. Which is why we are divorced. He is a deacon in his church!
    I have prayed against this demonic spirit and I am writing you today to ask you to pray or what your thoughts are about this. Thank you.

  60. Hi,
    Wouldn’t things like trauma, addiction, poverty, divorce, etc, be broken off through the process of sanctification, for a Christian? I understood when we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, that He would break these bondages off our lives over time.

  61. Lance, my discernment regarding familiar spirits in my family has long existed. We’re all oppressed by jealousy, insecurity and depression. I didn’t know about generational curses and familiar spirits until a few years back. The spirits have destroyed mother-daughter relationships, marriages and psychological health. I’ve taken authority over them, but some family memebers will not stay away from evil occupations. I want to be delivered from these forever; I won’t date because I don’t want to be foolish and accusatory towards my mate. It is embarrassing to me to be a Christian who has these spirits haunting me.

  62. I had heard of familiar spirits but always via the usual interpretation, namely a spirit that assists a fortune teller or that impersonates the dead, or is associated with a witch. Bt I think that the definition and understanding needs to be broadened to include the simple fact that even if we don’t know what’s in our life and our bloodline, to some degree the enemy does. He is somewhat familiar with our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, esp. ones he had a hand in creating or augmenting somehow. As far as sharing with our children our life narratives and family history, I would issue a caution. Only share such things after you have dealt with them and received healing and deliverance, and be extremely pointed and careful to emphasize what God did about it and how He changed it for you etc. Sharing our traumas with our children, our griefs and sadnesses, can actually traumatize them due to their love for us, and then they form a bond of sympathetic loyalty if we have shared about something we are still stuck in. We are either sharing dysfunction and bondage or we are sharing a journey towards truth and wholeness. They may even feel guilty about moving ahead or achieving success, victory or happiness in their own lives if we are still stuck in failure, wounds or bondage in our past. I saw this happen in my mom’s life, my life and the life of my daughter. Its not wrong to tell the truth; secret keeping is no healthier than unholy and unguarded blabbing in detail. Its the WAY in which you share, the reason that you share and the content of what you share, that’s important.

  63. My husband is addicted to drugs, alcohol sex with women and men.
    he also has the exact personality of a male Jezebel
    How can I save him if he does not want to repent to jesus.
    And how can I leave him without breaking the generational curse of divorce.
    So, I was wondering can i just seperate from him, and I will not be having the generation curse of divorced placed upon him and me.
    what can i do about my difficult situation.
    I appreciate any biblical and honest help.
    God Bless you all..

  64. You fail to mention the cure: using The Authority in The Name of Jesus, declared in faith, that frees us from all influence if familiar spirits

  65. I can identify some familiar spirits in myself but I know next to nothing about my family history. How can I break spirits if I don’t know what they are.

  66. Bless you and your ministry, refreshing and simple truths shining His Light in the darkness.
    I bless you in Jesus name thank you for sharing

  67. My 29 year old daughter asked Jesus to come into her heart when she was about 5 years old. When we went to pick her up after church service, the Sunday school teacher told us she asked Jesus into her heart. As an adult, my daughter says she didn’t really understand what she was doing, and just wanted to please her parents, though we were not present when the Holy Spirit moved her heart to do so. She is violent now, filled with rage, curses me out and God and Jesus, with the filthiest words I’ve ever heard, and has some crazy destructive mental health and behavioral problems. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life! My other 3 children have made a decision for Christ, but only one of the 3 is walking and living that out. None of them have the issues my oldest daughter has. She told me a couple years ago that she feels like she’s possessed at times, even though she doesn’t believe in any of that stuff or the Bible, hell, etc. I believe she needs deliverance and healing. She grew up in a highly dysfunctional home…I was married to her father for 28 years. He is a classic abusive spouse, with all the characteristics of a “Christian” narcissist, that used God and the scripture to manipulate, bully, judge, condemn, intimidate, and abuse and control me. My daughter says this is the reason for her rage and hatred of Christianity… A Christian counselor at church told me that she can’t be possessed if she asked Christ into her heart, even if it was years ago…because she can’t be plucked out of the hand of God. Is this correct? I pray for the strongholds of the enemy to be broken in her life daily! I also pray for her healing and restoration.

  68. For me. The familiar spirit in my family is a whoring spirit among the men. Ad a result it eventually breaks down Their bodies and they are left totally useless.

  69. My blood line has every stronghold and iniquity you can imagine! Since I have started this journey of seeking God and standing in the gap for my family it has been overwhelming, but God gives me strength to endure. There has even been attempts on my life! But God is greater and no weapon formed against me shall prosper. God has been breaking strongholds as I seek to live according to His word. There is still a ways to go, but I don’t travel alone. Please keep me in prayer as I continue this journey of deliverance for myself and my bloodline. Thanks. Be blessed in Jesus name!

  70. My mother who could not abort me has come up against God’s call on my life my whole life. She is 82 now and still last year as I tried to rise up to all He had created me to be, I was amazed at how thorough her sabotage became at my starting a new business in the creativity I had done in gifts only, since I was about 10 years old. I spared her the details and excitement I was feeling to prevent her annoyance. As a survivor of CPTSD… she actually endangered my life in order to defeat my hard work at the commencement of TLC Creative Services. She waged the battle against it’s success for nearly 8 months. By that amount of time, about August 2018 until now March 2019; my health, finances and credit were severely damaged. She stil checks occasionally to make sure that I am still down. She also reacted with great trepidation at discovering my book of 70 poems I kept hidden for 16 years were safely copywritten in 2018. Her abuse and my entire family’s cooperation in my abuse were astounding. I felt as though I was being buried alive until my brothers 5 arrests for assaults against other people after I had been turned down for restraining orders against both he and my mother. There is so much more to tell. I am still reeling from those assaults, but now my brother’s criminal record prevents the two of them from any further attemps to prove myself mentally incompetent.

  71. Me and my granddaughter are dealing with familiar spirits. Spirits of fear and infirmity. I know this and I feel it is true. I am dealing with issues and when she is going through something (fear of swallowing, eating, wearing certain clothes, etc..) I know how she feels. It’s as if that spirit is laughing at me, mocking me. We both walk around with no freedom. I am 55 and she is only 7. There has been trauma in my life and she was living here at the time. I remember I used to think “I hope she doesn’t feel like this or go through what I am going through (anxiety and some fear because of stomach issues). These same spirits have been around my whole life. My brother and sister died of muscular dystrophy. We were always in and out of hospitals. I have had fear of sickness my whole life. I now see this same spirit on her… How do I break this off of us? I want her to be free and Jesus is the only way!

  72. Ive been plagued by an evil spirit of suicide and/ or fear it is generatuonal Ibelieve.A long time ago I heard voices telling me to kill myself.I attemped,but got help.That spirit has gone,but I believe another thing plagues my mind.See I write a ministry page on facebook and God has gifted me to release trauma in peoples lives. I get attacked by family, people outside things.It is really strong I pray for escape.Then I get threatened and violence after an attack my body feels like it is hurting.I get alot of pain in my left shoulder and it almost makez me debilitated.Ive asked God to reveal the root of this pain I feel, but again I go through trauma, terrorized by people and I just end up afraid praying for escape left in another bad state.I know God wants to set me free ,but Im at my breaking point.I want it to be over so I can be of service and feel better.Thank for everything

    • Laurie Garrett,

      Feel like I was led here for your comment.
      God loves you and I do too. Know that!

      First and foremost, get your faith up! Pickup your shield! Eph 6:10-20
      This is your issue:
      “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23
      Somewhere along the way of your ministry, you’ve taken your shield down. Maybe in your youth satan planted seeds of fear in your spiritual heart before you were mature in the word, there are many ways it can get in. It doesn’t matter. Now you have to guard and speak. You’re going to have to dig in the scriptures and see yourself differently than you ever have. Surface reading wont due. You will have to study, “a little here, and a little there” all around the bible to address the things trying to break in (start with Hebrews 10, 11, & 12 and branchout). There will be tough conversations you need to have with yourself in the mirror [“You get in there and point at yourself !”]. You have to speak directly to the thought and laugh in its face, while quoting the word. Those firey darts have to be quenched (thoughts) 2 Corinthians 10:5-7, because your spirit man is due for a reconstruction. You need a new image, the correct image to see yourself as God does, which is all about Gods love. “Perfect love cast out all fear”1 John 4:18, and fear is your biggest enemy, potentially the fear of people and what they think. Satan can use people close to you, but don’t let that stop you from speaking over them in love and addressing your personal situation. Remember how Christ and Paul went through so much (2 Cor 11:22-28), but you are living in the most awesome time, (actually you are being watched and cheered on by a cloud of witnesses who were before us Hebrews 12: 1-2) when the sons of God will be revealed (Romans 8:19); a power full group of believers that are blameless and have works and miracles that follow them. Many minsters have prophesied about this time where men will walk as gods amongst natural men, but I can guarantee you this, “you wont be ready unless you have a deep revelation of the word”. You have study everyday [the word is Christ (John 1:14) so you have to digest it. Put Christ in you] and if you do this the power will infill or back your words; then you speak and things will fall away instantly or within short periods of time. Speaking is the key ” Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” You will look strange speaking to yourself about things in the mirror, but things will fall away. You will actually feel your spirit man inside you gaining strength [physically feels like a growing knot or flame in your gut,(not adverse) Proverbs 20:27]. Be blessed and get back in the race and make your own way successful (Joshua 1:8) through faith and Christ. (any questions I’m here for you)…

    • Break.

      Don’t hold on rather begin to let God hold onto you.

      Do this by admitting that while life is miserable (and it is as we are in a fallen state and even the good fades away) death too is just the ultimate never-ending furthest extent of what we call “life”.

      Find out what true life is according to Christ (God)

      It is Him.

      If you are filled with His Spirit, that is eternal life because you then become part of Him forever, never to die as Him.

  73. Thank you! I am experiencing strange spirits in my life. From this post it looks like familiar spirit. Anything good that comes on my way get scattered. But I have to break that cycle through the power of the Holy Spirit

  74. Hi Lance thank you for this information. Last night I was crying and sobbing in agonizing pain about my life and praying to the Lord. Which is a pattern in my life. I often feel stuck and wonder why I’m not experiencing the blessings of God. I asked the Lord to help me and asked Him why I wasn’t experiencing His promises. I thanked and praised Him in this process and as His scripture came to my mind I spoke it aloud.
    I was awakened early this morning to this thought “your Grandma wanted to abort your Dad.” I instantly woke up! I believe God has spoken this to me. I had forgotten that many years ago that my Mom shared with me an argument my Dad and Grandma had when my Grandma was in her 70’s or 80’s. My Grandma had said to my Dad “I should have had that abortion.” My Grandma was not allowed back to their house and my Dad never saw her again. My Dad never knew his real Dad as my Grandma had him out of wedlock. My Dad was an alcoholic starting around 15 years of age, could be younger.
    I’m grateful for what God has revealed and I want to move forward can you help me? Do you have any resources, books etc?
    Thank you and God Bless you for this information!!

    Pam Scheese

  75. I very much agree with what you have been teaching with the wisdom you’re teaching from the One Christ Jesus who has all his knowledge stored up in our his children’s the children of God’s minds..amen!! Call to share what we have learn from scripture from Others The Lord God is speaking thru to touch the other child to help feed and lead the sheep ..thats what I was told thru God’s Holy Spirit to do..i didnt even understand this great great bigg calling upon those like us God calls to deliver his words of grace to save his people like he Jesus saved us amen and now we walk in God’s light by the faith he give us to walk safely amongst the wolves and stay safe …jeremiah 11 chapter..all about conspiracies of wicked evil men following Satan and choosing evil before God .we are God’s chosen Holy Spirit anointed blood covenant Holy children of God’s longer are we in the kingdom of darkness .amen..praise the Lord.Jesus rescued us God pulled us me myself out of enemies hands with his mighty protected strong arm pulling us me and my children out of Satan’s fiery furnace of temptations Jesus Christ Name .we are more than conquers thru Christ Jesus who strengthens us in our spirit. Spirit man.and mind body and soul….giving God Jehovah our and my own Father .in Jesus Christ name! Christ in Us-! Sealed by The Blood of Jesus as I give my testimonies that have won me over and The Blood of The Lamb within…covered by Gods Word redeeming us my myself from all evil …

  76. Hello my name is Tiffany Bonneau. I am a breast cancer survivor. Please pray for my two daughters, Dasha and Tynea. Please pray that the spirit of rebellion will be released from them. I love them so very much. I thank God that they are in my life. I pray that God will forgive me for all my wrong doing. I want to make God proud of me. I want my daughters to be proud of me. I want to be an inspiration to anyone who needs help. I loved Mother Theresa and all the great deeds she has done. i want to give back and put a smile on many faces. In Jesus name I pray AMEN.

    • I pray you and yours realize that your sin has separated you eternally from God and that nothing can be done to bribe Him from not dispensing His wrath YET that unfathomable wrath (Hell) was also paid for by Him as he hung upon the cross.

      We either accept that and are changed by being filled with the Holy Spirit (true salvation)


      We pay the price ourselves anyways despite what He has done

      Everything else in ones life is merely the earthly outcome of that choice

  77. Please pray for my daughter ( Laura, age 39 ) . I am her father . Her maternal grandmother was known as ” mad lulu ” (short for Ellen ) . Laura’s mother called her Laura Ellen . Laura is now homeless , living in a tent , refusing to occupy an apartment i have for her . She has not talked with me for 18 months. She still communicates with her mother , who lets me know the latest circumstances . We are divorced . I believe Laura is carrying unforgiveness and is punishing herself . I believe it is demonic influence also .
    Please pray or tell me how to pray against these forces .
    Leslie ( father )

    • Call them out for hours demanding they be exposed and remind them of their sealed fate. This repels them as they only exist now to distract themselves from that thought by feeding off of peoples sinful actions. They receive no pleasure in one who stands against them in Christ, (their condemer)

  78. Pay attention to your dreams. They try to manipulate you there as well.

    Be thankful to the Lord that you realize their existence and help make others aware.

    Someday soon enough the veil will be dropped and all will see, most will still be deceived.

  79. Hello Dr Lance,

    i really appreciate your article on this, i was just going through the net this morning and came across this.

    I am currently battling with a whole lot of issues related to familiar spirits, and i feel deep down in my spirit that, it is the root cause of my struggle for substantial breakthrough in finance, emotional and spiritual growth. I am actively seeking out solution for my total freedom through Christ, from every spiritual exerted forces that is affecting my person, which has it roots right from my fathers. I want to completely break free from it, if not for anything, at least for the well-being of my future offspring.

    I came from a community that practice physical, psychological, emotional abuse on children that are independent minded and free spirited. There is more like an invincible chain holding every member of my immediate community/family to unwanted psychology and emotional hostage. Truth, honesty and freedom of will is undermined, shame and subdue emotional pain is encourage, and projections, character assassinations and gossip is celebrated. If anyone tries to speak and condemn wrong doing among them, he will targeted and subdue the person in everyday. They do this by scapegoating children (mostly younger children, teens and young adults) through false accusations, character assassination, then taking them hostage using other youths, physically traumatizing them, then using dissociation and mind control tactics to keep the abuse in place.

    I was a victim of this, after the death of my parents some 13 years ago. And out of strong will and grace, i was lucky to escape with my sibling, from influence of the community members and my own immediate extended family who were actually the people that submitted me through deceit to be abused.

    The last phase of my struggle right now, is total spiritual break off from the effects of the trauma, and also total freedom in the mind, body and soul from the memories of the abuse. I have gone through years of PTSD and misfortune both in academics and work, but I have also done a lot of deep healing, therapy and processing. I just need the support of a more spiritually aware person, biblical mandates, resolutions and truth to pull through this last phase. Please also note that, over the years, i have struggle get myself free from this wickedness, but it seems like there is a kind of spiritual trip that always try to sabotage my effort to freedom.

  80. I have the curse of FREEMASONS I know this for sure I am trying to save my 4 children pray for us this is a powerful and cruel spirit they are trying to take me out my mother the Jezebel spirit and my daughter hails to satin the Queen has declared war on being persecuted and punished I fear for my safety they want me dead what do I do please help

  81. I would love more info on how to address and break the cycle and transfer. My family has carried familiar spirits for generations. Once God has revealed these spirits then what? I’m aware of prayer and fasting…is there anything else?

  82. I’m in my 3rd rental and in these homes behind the walls or vents I keep hearing the same repetitive words from “men’s and women’s “ voices.I am bothered by clumsy neighbors that intentionally do odd sounds repeatedly.Only in my home do these Godless beings relate to one another and not even know it!Lots of mass prayers are pleaded for in my situation that started out obscenely.”Mmmm.”is when at times trying to eat at which at times I discard.All day,every day.

  83. Christ follow, do not follow antichrist Paul. Hear Christ who says when an evil spirit is cast out of a man [male & female, any age; also see Isaiah-‘transgressors from the womb’], it travels over dry ground and then says to itself, I shall go back to my house from which I was cast and he finds it swept and empty and goes out and finds seven spirits worse than it and they go and dwell in that man. And so the last state of that man is worse than the first. When the people brought possessed children to him, Christ said how much longer must I put up with you, you wicked generation (whereas deceived Christians pour out sympathies on such). Neither true apostles Matthew and John confirm the lie in false apostles Luke and Mark that Mary Magdalene was once possessed by demons. Matthew 7:22-23 is speaking of converts to false apostle and antichrist (1 John 2:18) Paul’s lying filthy gospel aka doctrine, Romans 3:7.

  84. The Lord revealed the spirit of retention. The inability to retain knowledge. This is definitely a generational spirit. Having trouble shaking it.

  85. What does it mean whenever my wife doesn’t sleep in the bed next to me I sleep with peace.
    Then there are other times when she dreams I get bad dreams. I usually never ever dream.
    Is she carrying something unclean that effects me in my sleep?

  86. Thank you for this writing. As I have dealt with fear at different times in my life, I felt led to research familiar spirits. This article has helped me very much. The spirits of worry, dread and fear have come against me at times. I have learned to rebuke those spirits and not allow them to torment my life. I like what you brought out about bringing things to the light.. I have often experienced when I bring fears to the light .. they do lose their power over my life!! I may still have to confront and move forward at times. What can I do to become even more Free in the area of fear, worry and dread concerning doctors appointments and the fear of getting a bad report? This is something that seems to try and come back to plague me!

  87. Dear Lance,
    Thank you for your writings on familiar/familial spirits and generational curses. I have read supporting and conflicting comments on your article and I am happy for the Scriptures that were cited in some of the comments. What I would like help with though is the question of being told by Pastors who are called to the ministry of “deliverance” that when someone prays for a person, that is possible for the spirit or things affecting that person could transfer to the person doing the deliverance. Can you please confirm this with Scripture as I have not been able to do so. I am not referring to the Scripture of “when the unclean spirit has been cast out, it goes about roaming looking for another “body/home” to inhabit etc etc. I specifically would like spiritual confirmation of spirit transference. Many thanks and God Bless you and your Ministry abundantly.

  88. I always felt this was my calling, but I’m dealing with the spirit of Leviathan and all his demon’s realm of hell. I need help.

  89. Lance,

    Thank you for writing about this…it describes perfectly our family situation. When I was a little girl, the Lord gave me repeated dreams how he would remove me from my family. When I finished my studies, He did take me far away to teach me, to bind me to Him. It was a long, hard, intense, but also wonderful journey with Him. With the distance from my family came perspective and recognition, I clearly saw the demonic patterns repeating itself over generations. It must be almost 20 years that I’ve been interceding for them; even though they are churchgoing believers, I cannot discuss this with them..I’ve tried at times but was met with violent reactions or complete denial. 8 years ago I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease and had to resign from my job. The Lord clearly showed me that I had to go back to my family, to the town I was born. When I think logically about it, it doesn’t make sense…it feels as if I do the opposite of what is written in Hebrews…’make level paths for your feet do that your injury can heal and not become worse…’ I find myself amongst the same people that have caused me so much suffering (and possibly contributed to this disease); I am so grateful for all the wonderful blessings of the Lord, but sometimes it feels as if my life was stolen from me by this family I was born into and the familiar spirits in them. The happiest times in my life were the times when I lived on my own, many miles away from them. Every time when I was traveling to visit them, there was a prayer that just came out of a very deep place in my heart :’Lord, please help me not to be pulled back in bondage again’…and after a visit I had to fast and pray for a few days to get back my peace again. Now there’s no escape; I keep praying and fasting, but it seems like the hold of the familiar spirits is getting stronger, and even though I resist these patterns with everything in me, I recognise that I’ve been pulled in to some extent. And my injury (disease) has gotten worse…I regularly end up in hospital. Yet, I have this firm conviction and believe that our Father is the God of the impossible; in this situation where everything looks like ( to put it in the words of David), ‘my life is going down the pit’; He gave me the picture where He showed His might and power when Elijah had to face Ahab, Jezabel and the Baals.

  90. My husband loved God and served him, but he often cursed and took God’s name in vain when he was upset. He didn’t like this in his own life, but he could not overcome it. He has passed away now. Now I see this same thing in my young adult son. How can I help him to overcome it?

  91. When you are adopted not knowing your natural blood line . I have the blood line of Christ in me that breaks all strong holds . I know this to be true and I receice the word of God . However this fimilair spirit still comes to buffit me . I need a word of wisdom. May the Holy Spirit give wisdom on this issue . I must get past this, it is a stumbling block and Gods call on my life is restricted . Thank you brother

  92. I have spirits that call themselves God and Jesus one that calls himself the demon devil one that calls himself the devil and one that calls for sale Shannon Michelle willsey someone like you before she died here on Earth they have a lot of power there putting things that can crawl on me in my nose in my my eyes and none of my prayers are being answered and I don’t understand the one thing they did say is that I’m not the one that he was looking for and also if they’re not going to quit until I’m dead can you please help me thank you.

  93. Just had someone pray for me at Glory of Zion International Ministries for breakthrough concerning my health – knees and legs in pain – hips making it difficult to walk. Kevi said he believed it was God robbing in my bloodline – iniquity from former generations giving the enemy a legal right. We prayed together – he said there might be some prophetic acts the Lord requires of me to walk this out. The Lord told me in June my healing is coming – and I have a promise of Him spoiling me with His fullness. I am a tither and give first fruit offerings – I am an intercessor and know how to hear the Lord’s Spirit in some things. This is something I need help or teaching about so that I can walk it out. I pray in the seven mountains of society daily over our nation. Holy Spirit is my teacher. He will lead me into all truth. I am reaching out for insight about familiar and familial spirits – in depth. I am willing to stand for my own health and generations after me. Help!

  94. God has shown me the common cause, why the calling from God has been a struggle in 3 family ( including me ) , through a familiar spirit, my mom, I will confront and break this off in this month, what is best way to do, of course with Holy Spirit as guide.

  95. Thank you so much for this article.
    I am watching over a disabled person, who has been baptised as God told me to.
    He was good after that. Because God showed me that the spirit of anger was a generational curse.
    We had him visiting his sisters two weeks ago, and since his been there all the cursing and aggressiveness is back.
    Throughing tantrums like before, as he is acting like a two year old child.
    I was asking God to show me, help me with answers as I couldn’t understand his behavior, as he was good after we baptized him.
    And then out of the blue someone Just mentioned the familiar Spirit…. Reading your article cleared up all my answers.

  96. Hi

    As a Christian, is it wrong to include a dead relative in a celebration?

    For example, on Christmas day, we surrounded the dinner table to pray. Before we can start, my husband went to go get his dead mother’s plant and placed it on the table and said he wanted her to be included.

    I understood where his mind was at but it did not sit well with me. I was confused. It felt pagan.

  97. What if a spirit that, say was tormenting you through an adult in your life since you were 5 years old. When that person died, shortly after it seems as if that spirit is still tormenting you but through your child. What is this and what can be done about it?

  98. Praise God. My name is Allan. I Co-Pastor a church. I am married. I have two sons. One biological and one step son. One calls me dad while the other calls me by my first name. I have had him since he was six. Within the past several years I have been sensing a very strong spirit. It seems to be angry, its not me though. I need to break free from this. I was thinking this lent to do it. What are suggestions concerning this?

  99. I have been demoinized for over 21 years and paid two different so called deliverance ministers to get me delivered and now am out of money to pay anyone else. it speaks through my tongue all the time and makes me have bad dreams about sex and dead people and makes me eat food I don’t desire and makes me practice masturbation until I bleed. I am fighting to not kill mysef. I have repented of my sins and still have this demon impersonating me. is there anyone I can go to to get free? please pray for me and email me back. please help me.

  100. This is so true.
    I have seen division among my mother’s family. Now my mom is doing the same thing to us.
    I have seen my mother suffer because of her father in law’s injustice. I’m now observing her do the same thing.
    These habits have to be broken by prayer.

  101. Good morning, my name is Allison and I was searching blood line curses and demonic familiar spirits that’s from substance abuse from my son’s father coming down to him and ran across your article. Very interesting just not enough information, but thanks for the specific notes of confronting the known culperts with your family. A great lesson.


  102. I refuse to let the spirit of shame keep me from seeking help! I was also told that a curse had been placed on me several years ago. I have no idea when or how long. I NEED DELIVERANCE!

    Can you give me an example of giving a spirit “legal right” to return after it has been bound and cast out? I had bound, as it is in heaven, the spirit of perversion, it has returned. What did I do wrong, or should have done? I was exposed to this spirit (lust/sexual thoughts/masturbation) when I was a child, along with other spirits. I also know there is a spirit that can open doors for other spirits. How do I identify what this spirit is? I pray against these spirits in my family. How do I pray against the legal right, I may have given this spirit?

    I am the one to stop this spiritual invasion in my family.

  103. I need prayer points against stubborn familiar spirits and monitoring Spirits. Am writing from Nigeria. My late father dedicated me to an evil shrine, to save my life, when i was born, little did he realise God had plans for me and wont let me die. Be decieved by powers, my late father, betrothed me to familiar and marine spirits, introducing monitoring spirits into my life. Have been resisting them with prayers, for 24years now, i need away out. Please, here is my WhatsApp: +2349013469465 for prayer points please.

  104. God delivered me from something, I am still not sure . but it physically walked in the room ,put its hand on my shoulder. I am baffled, and still wonder what it could have been.

  105. Hi Lance Im not sure whether this is familiar or a curse but I have been repeatedly accused of things I don’t do and bullied as well this has gone on my entire life!! I am a nurse/midwife and have had to leave every job I have had due to the above. Inspite of much prayer it remains it also attacks anything new I try ie: study etc to the point where I h a ve to defend myself from incredible accusations…my faith has seen me thru but I end up having to leave whatever job I’m in with my reputation in tatters. I’m now in a new job and have run out of hospitals to work in due to this, as a result I never go permanent anywhere always casu a l Adam too scared of w h at may help ee n to me this is extremely iso l sting. I need so m e one with impeccable discernment. (I am a prophet and intercessor ) I pray all the time but still no one knows what this is. Hope you can help. I live in Melbourne Australia and not many do spiritual warfare here or even no about it. Regards Lisa

  106. Hi Dr Wallnau.

    Interesting article. Can you please support this with scripture as if very much like to see how it works out through the Word of God.


  107. Yes, this is what I am going through. I am the only one who ever received deliverance from bloodline curses and spirits but I am still going through difficulties. I get fully delivered and everything goes great and then they hit me again. They follow me everywhere.

  108. Hi Lance,
    My question is–can a familiar spirit disguise itself in my mind as “the book of my past,”and continually remind me of past mistakes and bad choices that keeps insisting I have debts to pay (not financial) and I should be ashamed of myself because of my past? It acts like a constant harassing of my past that insinuates I need to keep trying to fix things but there’s never a resolution. Do you think this could be the works of an evil spirit!?

  109. Hi Lance,

    I listen to your sermons and they have helped me through a very dark period of my life.. I have a very unique situation regarding this topic. I have been dealing with this topic for 8 years going on 9 years now. I do not feel comfortable talking about it on this forum due to the high profile situation that I am facing.