Access Your Genius Capacity

3 Reasons To Renew Your Mind With Scripture

You have access to the mind of Christ! Think about that. Your limited understanding can expand to the point where God mingles His thoughts with yours. The gifts of revelation, prophecy, discerning of spirits, and words of knowledge are all accessible to you!


Jesus told the disciples, “I have many things to say to you, but you can’t bear them now.” Can't bear it now? Think. What would Jesus love to tell you that He can’t tell you because you simply can’t handle the conversation? The disciples would not remain in this condition for long however, and neither will you if you follow this closely.

Jesus went on to explain how He would get them ready for more, and deeper, understanding. To paraphrase, in John 16 He said, “The Holy Spirit is not only going to reveal to you everything that I am saying, He will reveal your future and things to come. He will teach you from the inside out. He is the spirit of truth.”

The key is this—your mind interacting intentionally with God's Spirit of truth!

  1. Renew your mind to walk in ALL truth: It is possible to have a day by day walk with the supernatural mind of Christ and this is made possible through the Holy Spirit.  Remember, “Man does not live by bread alone but by EVERY word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Deuteronomy 8:3).  Don't just feed one or two familiar themes, explore the whole Bible—every word!  I want to be able to walk in all truth.  Derek Prince once said, “Your relationship with the Word of God reveals your relationship with God.” Sad to say, most of us look at Bible study as if it were boring school work. Truth is, the Word of God is a spiritual book that feeds your revelation capacity.  Your soul feeds on whatever stimulates your mind and emotions. Your body feeds on physical food. Your spirit feeds on communion with God and His Word.
  1.  The words of Jesus are powerful: Jesus said, “My words are spirit and they are life” (John 6:63). They contain within them the thought structures of how God thinks.  Remember in the movie The Matrix when Neo gets a download from the  Matrix into his memory and is instantly transformed into a Kung Fu master? Well, when you plug yourself into the Word of God you literally, intravenously, tap into the mind of God Himself. God begins by the Holy Spirit to renew your thought structures, to breathe into the very membranes of the way that you think.  He starts to infuse His truth into you—in the same way the tree feeds the branches that bear fruit.  Suddenly your soul and your body and your circumstances start to fall under the authority of the very Word of God.  
  1. Commit scripture to memory and you tap into God’s heart: When you memorize chunks of scripture it’s like taking a cosmic antioxidant into your brain that eats up all the corrosion and junk that you don’t even realize you have accumulated over a lifetime of exposure to demonic, carnal, and soulish thought structures.  As the Word of God takes root in your heart, it sets off like a time capsule and it comes back to you in the moment you need it in ways and in layers that you can hardly imagine.

As a final note of encouragement, ponder this:  Jesus defeated the devil after 40 days of fasting by quoting just one book of the Bible.  He didn’t fly all over the Old Testament scripture.  Three times He quoted Deuteronomy in response to Satan.  Imagine, one book of the Bible is all you need to defeat the most powerful temptations and attacks of the devil if you have it memorized, internalized, and ready to fire back at the moment of temptation.  

Question: What changes can you make today to begin to implement scripture memorization into your daily routine?  Tell me about it below! 

As One!


P.S. Would you like to learn a simple technique that helped me memorize whole chunks of the Bible? If you guys are interested, tell me in the comments, and I will explain it on an upcoming broadcast! (This is a cool video app you can get for free if you use Twitter!)



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207 thoughts on “Access Your Genius Capacity

  1. I am blessed to study under Brother Lance’s material. I am going to refer your teachings to my wife Manisha.

    We are being lead into a direction where God is taking us to our place to fulfill His assignment.

    All I can say now is that brother Lance can help us to be trained for a glorious future.

    I bless God.

  2. I can listen to the word on my phone and play it through the car speakers and keep listening to it over and over.
    I can take 15 minutes before bed and read scripture.
    I can quote scripture more when I give someone a word.

  3. Hi Lance,
    Aye yii.. This is something I need to improve in! I do use my YouVersion bible app on my phone & iPad & read the daily verses. Sometimes I create a meme based on a verse because the visual helps also.
    Memorization of anything word-wise has always been a challenge for me – unless tied to music (even then it can be challenging depending on how “wordy”).. The older songs (choruses based on scripture) from the late 70’s and 80’s were a lot easier to remember since there’s not as much lyrically speaking compared to many of today’s worship songs..
    So yes please, I would love to hear about what app you’re talking about!
    Thank you! ?

  4. Yes I would love to learn how to memorize scripture.
    Taping verses and then playing them at night and when I wake. Then write it out and say it.

  5. Hi Lance, Thanks once again for your words of wisdom. I’d like to ask if you know of Dr Caroline Leaf , a Christian neuroscientist. As you have said, scripture changes our mind. What Dr Leaf has been working on for 30 yrs is that your mind changes your body. Using Scripture we can physically change our brain matter. It is so simple yet most people don’t know it. I am a Christian psychologist in Brisbane Australia and I use her work every day. I’d recommend you check out She has an App …..21 Day Brain Detox. It is wonderful.

  6. This is so important. Many churches and even Bible Colleges no longer believe and therefore teach the inerrancy/authority of God’s Word. The acceptance of evolution and billions of years has destroyed belief in the foundational book of the Bible – Genesis. It was the stumbling block for me but thankfully I connected to Creation Ministries and Jonathan Safarti’s book Refuting Compromise. Blessings, Ron

  7. Lance,

    I loved the fact that you used the Matrix and Neo again in example, just watched it again day before yesterday, final episode. You’re absolutely correct…when we “have the MIND of Christ,” all the gunk inside the natural organ of our brain/mind/memory, is bypassed recalibrated and renewed. The biblical account is the plumb line, for measuring what Holy Spirit “The WORD” imparts to us, in an accurate way.
    Thx’s this helped…CC in AZ

  8. I have learned to speak GODS WORD out loud every day into the atmosphere..My promise scriptures that I am warring with and believing for…Amen

  9. This post is encouraging beyond words. Thanks! And I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to hear your tip of memorizing chunks of Scripture.

  10. I don’t use twitter…….can it be emailed so I can read it on my I pad or my kindle ? I have memorized some but need to start learning more

  11. Hi Lance,
    As a teenager in the 70’s, I did the Navigators Bible memory cards where I memorized a lot of scriptures. But the way I learned the most scriptures was the house church I went to. All of our worship songs were right out of the scriptures. Some of them were 3 or 4 verses long. I can still sing them to this day and have used them in prayer when I am under attack. Of course the KJV seemed easier to memorize than the NASB or even ESV today. When the NIV came out it seemed impossible to memorize. If you have any tips I’m all ears!

  12. I would like to memorize scripture better. I can give a story or words of scripture but I cannot tell you book, chapter, and verse. Thanks Lance!

  13. I would like to learn to memorize whole blocks of scripture. I am in leadership training in school of ministry. That would be very helpful for me. And I know of I do the word of God will become explosive in me. Do you offer it on another platform beside Twitter. I don’t tweet.

  14. I memorized much in my 20s. Romans 12: 1 – 2 early on led to the realization that renewal of the mind transforms our soul and thus our lives. It has kept me through time. Recently when my dad went into assisted living, and has recently passed, I started listening during work and mostly during the night watch. It is the only thing along with Gregorian chants that has brought peace during the past few years. Peace that has passed all understanding.

  15. Definitely would like to learn a simple technique to help memorise scripture. I used to do this when I was a child of around 12 yrs old, but now I’m in my 60’s, hey why not recover that skill. As you say the Word is life-changing, a lamp to our feet, transformation of thought – as a person thinks, so he/she is!

  16. Wow! I have several verses memorized, but not chunks! It seems like I stutter and stammer when just trying to get a verse or two under my belt. I absolutely cannot wait to find out your technique for learning chunks of the Bible. Please! Do not make us wait very long before you share your secret technique! I rarely post, but nearly always read your daily posts on FB and 7 M. God has given you so many gifts. Thank you for helping us see things in a bigger dimension and a different light, but always in the center of His Word.

  17. I always say I’m not good at memorizing. Or I memorize and remember for a short time, and then it’s gone. Usually when I do remember a verse, I can’t remember where it’s at in the Bible. I need motivation and would love to find out what helped you.

  18. I definitely have life verses that I rely on (2 Timothy 1:7, all of Psalm 30) but longer than a verse or 2 is difficult to memorize. Add
    in the complication of memory issues from multiple surgeries on my brain and it’s super-difficult. Lance, I’d definitely like to learn that technique!

  19. I’m very much interested in memorizing whole chunks of the Bible. You’re amazing, Lance. Thank you so much for giving so much. We were on one of your dream trips

  20. Hi Lance. Thank you for all your broadcasts on Facebook and periscope. I can’t wait to hear from you each day. Yes I’m interested in learning big chucks of scripture easily. Thanks for all you do! Love you and Anabelle.
    Portia LaVigne

  21. When is your next broadcast?? I don’t want to miss it. I am interested in finding out how to commit scripture to memory. Thanks Suzanne

  22. Lance I would LOVE to learn how to memorize chunks of scripture! PLEASE tell us how! Thank you & God bless you in all of your ways in Him! Lora

  23. Thank you so much…I love the written articles you send or post, and then sometimes I have time to watch a video. I like it when there is both…but if it’s written, I can print it and read it later. I’m a reader rather than a watcher, but this generation is mostly watchers I guess.

    So the way I have memorized a LOT of scripture is to buy books with scriptures grouped into categories (like: Sword of the Spirit by Joy Lamb, or the Prayers that Avail Much series…many others) and I speak the Word aloud – (sometimes REALLY ALOUD – Loudly!) and then I find it has been deposited into my spirit and memory and heart, and it’s there when I need it, and the Holy Spirit pulls it up…it sort of ‘floats up’ and I wield the Sword through my mouth from the rich treasury within me. And THAT’S how I have memorized scripture. (You asked how we did it.) I LOVE to fight with it!

    God bless you and thank you for the blessing you are to the Body of Christ.

  24. Yes! I’d love to learn more; always a student!
    I am learning to pause on the scriptures that He reveals to me and just wait for Him.
    Thank you for the truths you share through your passion and obedience.

  25. Speaking not just reading the Word enforces it for me. The Word is a message, and I need to open it and read it out loud.

  26. Hey Lance,

    Pete and I are graduates of CBC and studied under Paul Milligan and Billy Epperhart. As a result – we own 3 businesses now. Well, as you can imagine, we are ultra busy. I would love to know how to memorize chunks of the Bible. I have studied Dr. Caroline Leaf’s method and I’m trying to put that into practice. I just wish I didn’t have so many distractions.


    Ruth Rauch

  27. That is just awesome. Now I know that if I focus on one book I still have enough to defeat Satan. God bless you, sir.

    Show me the simple technique to memorise scriptures

  28. What I found most effective for me in memorizing the word is, doing a whole book: It´s easier to memorize scripture verses in context. The technique I used was speaking the verses with rhythm. Is stays much longer in your brain.

  29. Memorize, internalize, and FIRE BACK. That’s good! An important change that I need to make NOW is- no email, social media or news first thing in the morning! Choose to get into the Word first thing again. Discipline is good and I need to redevelop this. Yes, please share the memorization technique 🙂
    Thank you!

  30. Greetings Lance
    Would like to hear about memorizing scripture.
    Thank you for sharing your heart and mind with us, truly inspirational.

  31. Excellent Teaching. Yes, thank you for sharing how to memorize whole chunks of Scriptures at a time. Thank you, you have gone down veins that desire to travel.

  32. Hi, Lance,

    We follow you in the “Underground” and we love it!! Memorizing scripture we did years ago with the Navigators, but I have to start all over again. Great that you are willing to help, I´m looking forward to it.


  33. I own a smartphone, like most people these days, and it has a feature in which I can record notes and play them back later … Once I had to memorize a script for work and I utilized this feature to play back my recording of me reading the script … I would listen to it over and over, playing pause when I needed to until I had it memorized. It is a great way to memorize Scripture too, and can easily be done why taking a nice stroll or walk so we can get some exercise at the same time. What a great steward of our time, mind, and body – when we do this. 🙂

  34. I have memorized many scriptures and find it to be encouraging. I am interested in any “techniques” that help in memorization too. I fid it hard to find a way to memorized too big of a text like a whole book of the bible.
    Thank-you for this encouragement. I tend to get lazy and not continue to work on this discipline consistently.

  35. I use an app called Scripturetyper to memorize scripture. Also available online at Synchronizes across devices. It uses an algorithm to remind you when it is time to review particular verses.

  36. A simple technique to remember whole chunks of the most important Word that promises to make a way even when there seems to be no way, a way to remember The Way that gives us life even when we see death and destruction all around, a way to keep in communion with the author and perfector of my faith. Yes, please, and thank you. ?

  37. Lance, thank you for such an eye-opening article on drawing closer to the Lord. GOD succinctly states to us in Hosea 4:6 that MY PEOPLE are destroyed for lack of knowledge” He is saying that since they had no desire to place His Word in their mind and heart so that they could share it with others during their lifetime and pass it along to their children and their children’s children, then He will forget them all, just as,they forgot Him. In Matthew Henry’s Commentary he states “If we dishonor God with that which is an honor, it will, sooner or later, be turned into shame.’

    I would be eternally grateful for your words of wisdom on scripture memorization. Thank you for all you do to further God’s Kingdom on the earth. May He bless you and your family richly for your selfless pursuit of Him.

  38. Great article! Scripture is the best way to renew your mind. Would love to know your technique to memorize Scripture better!

  39. Lance
    Another timely word!
    I so appreciate your ministry!
    I traveled from the Bay Area about 5 years ago to Bakersfield to attend a short series of messages where I was one of five you prophesied over…it has been an even more interesting ride ever since in my desire to impact the world of Fastpitch Softball!
    Thank you for your COURAGE!

  40. I found a way to memorize some scriptures by looking for chapter and verse matches. John 1:1 is easy but Mathew 7:7, Luke 4:4, John 14:14 are powerful phrases we remember easily. And the list goes on; Romans 10:10, Hebrews 10:10, 2 Timothy 2:2.

    I know I did not list the verses, look them up yourselves. 🙂

  41. I am the son in law of a pastor you know in Edmonton Alberta, I am very interested in this technique. Oh his name is Pastor G Carter, he’s the one who walked to me about you and how impressive you are about your faith in God that I should connect with your ministry. So far I love your teachings thank you.

  42. I appreciate your teaching Lance. It is clear and thought provoking. You memtioned an Video App that helps you memorize scripture. How do I access? Thanks for the input. Be blessed! ?

  43. I would LOVE to know how to memorize Scripture> I really have a problem memorizing . 87 years old doesn’t help but I want to have access to all you are talking about. Thanks and God bless!!

  44. I have note cards with scripture that speak about fear, courage, trust, faith and promises that I tape on the wall of my office that faces me. Every time I have a discouraging call, or am experiencing frustration or are feeling defeated, I get up from my desk and go read those scriptures until my thoughts and my “big picture” changes.

  45. YES!!!! I want to learn “a simple technique that helped me memorize whole chunks of the Bible.”!!!!

    Please make video!!!!!!

    Blessings on your day.

  46. Yes, also desire new techniques to memorize scripture. Have utilized repetition and “pictures” to do this in the past.

  47. Yes Lance. I would love to learn your simple technique to memorize “whole chunks of the Bible!” He honors HIS WORD above His name!

  48. Yes Lance. I would love to learn your simple technique to memorize “whole chunks of the Bible!” God says He honors HIS WORD above His name!” Thanks!

  49. Wow! That’s a powerful truth about Jesus quoting from Deuteronomy against the enemy I will take the time to read the book again now and get the Holy Spirit in rich my spirit man with this truth . Thanks as always! Praying for you and the team. As One! Sonia

  50. Thank you for these very informative blogs and yes I would love to learn a simple technique to memorize Scripture.

    I have learnt Scripture by reading and reading the Bible every year.

  51. This was so encouraging and so helpful!!!!!And yes, absolutely! Would love to know if the memorization technique!!! Very much needed!!! Bless you Lance.

  52. I loved this teaching!! It was so encouraging. I would love to know how to memorize chunks of the bible. The thought of memorizing seems daughting and tedious as of now but again, would love to have some tools to help with this!

    Thanks for your uplifting words!

    Nancy Schreder

  53. Hi Lance Sue Crouch from Australia here. Yes I’d like you to let us know a cool way to memorize scripture. I’ve recently been listening to you and have just been awakened to what God has already put out there for us through your teachings I am pouring over what you’ve been saying. Also trying to get onto Uncorked but they said they don’t cover my area ?. Bless ya heaps. Sue

  54. I would love to get back to where I was with the Lord, everyday is not as bad as the day before. Desperate cry for help!

  55. I need to continue to fill my thoughts with His Word to take my assigned mountain.
    Psalm 119:11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

  56. God revealed to me a treasure chest to represent the thoughts He thinks toward us. Each item of coins and crowns and jewel are of His thinking placed within our lives by Him when He formed us in Mothers womb. They are to be mind or discovered by us. Each representative of a gift or talent or anointing at each level of discovery. I was only to trust Him and dive deep as deep calls onto deep in that discovery. Later I learned and shared of our uniquness ….we all think act respond and articulate in the uniqueness of our dna line . Just as Jesus had a set time to come into the world and a nativity background and prophetic words to fulfill so do we as individuals. Who He is and what He did as well as the way He did things was all predetermined and as He was in this world so are we…in more ways than we realize. We are the treasures set in earthen vessels and to have His mind is to know and discover not only who we are and who’s we are but to know the path choices to follow to reach the expected end for us and pass on the undone elements to our seed or children and children’s children …the good inheritance. The word of God is Christian in the flesh…we are a speaking living epistle of His words toward us. I do not memorize the word’s of His book so much as love Him by spending time in Him the book… to drink and eat absorb what He has for me to feed apon …and then allow the word to be incorporated into who I am. Filled and poured out..I am become His new River of life working in and through me…I am His vessel to work the work He has filled me with. I think of it as a Goblet in the hands of the King ..may He taste and see that the bitter and the sweet of my life has become a new wine that pleases His pallette ..if not pleasing and fulfilling change me is my heart cry…write more on my heart to change me teach me more that He may do and be all possible through me. A vessel is empty and void of anything without His filling. Without the potters wheel I am a clump of uselessness . When His love completely fills me all things work through Him and by Him. Love is the principal thing by it I am free and filled and useful. Without love nothing. He is His word if I open my mouth to speak as He has filled me I speak for Him. If I open my mouth to speak without Him come only the issues of my life not His. … train of thought on the subject may He be the author.

  57. Yes yes my husband Ray and I would love to practice this new technique and to teach it to others. We are part of your periscope even tried now for many months. Met you at destiny worship center in Destin Florida at the business meeting lunch. Little then did we know what an impact you would have in our lives daily.

  58. Yes! My husband Ray and I would love to learn this technique for memory. Learned to prophesy at MorningStar conferences in the 90s then moved to Florida to be part of CI for seven years have been a part of your tribe, daily periscopians for many months and the dream trip webinar. Met you at Destiny worship Center in Destin Florida at the business lunch. Never knew then what an impact you would have on our lives daily here in Utah. We are now part of K2 the church who are planting churches all over Utah to catch those coming out of the Mormon church and need the love of Christ to set them free. Can’t wait for the day you come here. Our new Ministry with David Bartosiewicz is “Have you Experienced Jesus ” and “EX Mormon Files” on YouTube. Ray is the cameraman. Interviews with Mormons and Christ believers that is absolutely fascinating and powerful. Dave is gifted in his non confrontational approach. Can’t wait to see you again in person.

  59. My personal witness involves another line of scripture… know where Jesus tells them not to worry about what to say that the Holy Spirit will remind them. Jesus was also led by the Holy Spirit in what to say to the devil. It’s where Eve failed and Adam failed. They listened to someone else’s voice. The easiest way to “memorize” scripture for me has been to let the Holy Spirit guide the teaching. It sticks and He knows how I learn. From there I have discovered not only richer relationship, but He calls to mind the verses I need when I need them and then He adds and adds to broaden the foundation of what He has already taught me. I find myself leaning on His understanding of scripture and not my own understanding (which can happen I might add when we study scripture without the Spirit of Truth). Since He is the Spirit of Truth that guides to all truth, it has been better for me to let Him pick out what scriptures, when, and what time. In this way I have been able to notice actually effortlessly living the word as I go and as we move on to a different angle of loving Him and each other, I have often discovered I am not only partially living that way already, scripture becomes a confirming light to the fruit already coming but I understand it better because I am already starting to walk it out….but that is how it has worked for me. Everyone is different.

  60. I would love to utilize in greater capacity the mind of Christ that is mine. I don’t have a twitter account… never saw the need. is your free app available in another format?

  61. Yes Lance, it would be a big help to me to be able to remember bible quotes, as you suggested!
    Thank you and Bless you!

  62. The Lord saved me at 31, gave me the gift of composition and began giving me scripture songs to sing and play, which not only taught me the Word, but brought revelation from His heart by the Holy Spirit.

  63. Yes, please. I know Michael Brown memorized in Hebrew as he said it is easier to remember, but my Hebrew is not THAT advanced.Praise God for all the work you do. I follow and quietly learn very much from you. I travel frequently to Africa and preach for a month in each country. There is also a battle for the soul of Africa. For this reason, I would love to learn more memorization techniques. I am leaving tomorrow for once month in Cameroon.

  64. Thanks for this encouragement on scripture memory. I recently downloaded the Scripture Memory Fellowship app. It’s a great tool and you get prizes for Scriptures memorized!

  65. I FaceTime with my grandsons, ages 9 and 6, every Monday morning to review their scripture memory work with them. That keeps those verses sharp in my own mind, and reviews them for me as well as learning their new ones! When my own kids were little I spent 15 minutes each day before school, from kindergarten through high school, with each of them (I have 2 kids) memorizing large portions of scripture, as well as catechisms, the Gettysburg Address, the preamble to the constitution, and other school information. It’s rewarding to see that they have that value for their own children now, and started teaching them verses as soon as they could talk.

  66. Thank you Lance
    Bless you
    My only goal is to live a life led by the Holy Spirit.
    I want Him to lead me in all things
    I got saved at the age of 40
    So I have much junk in the system
    In order for me to separate my soul thinking to spirit thinks I must devour and feed myself the Words of God. – Hebrews 4:12
    Also Faith comes from hearing the Words of God.
    Also it my weapon to smoke HaSatan and his buddies
    My mentor and my brother in Yeshua is walking by the Holy Spirit all the time
    Holy Sporit of funny, He is a genius and He is so kind
    So thank you for encouraging
    I need to be consistent in memorizing the Words of God so they can be written in my heart
    Times are coming only those who walk in the Spirit will be able to survive
    I agree with all you said
    Bless you Lance
    I pray everyone take your advice seriously and feed our inneman rather the soul man
    I am reading ” The Spiritual man” by Watchman Nee.
    It opened my eyes big time
    I had no idea the difference between soul and the spirit
    Now I do
    So again bless you
    Continue to grow and bring much glory to God’s Kingdom
    We have not a minute to waste
    Your sister in Christ

    Here is my email
    Please add me to your email

  67. Yes would love to learn the secret to learning chunks of the Bible and committing them to memory. I can imagine how wonderful it would be that when we are attacked or come to a circumstance in our life that the word of GOD would just rise up in my spirit to remind me I am more than a conqueror.

  68. Great word. Thank you Lance. In the Passion Translation it says to let our heart get entwined in the Word….in another place it says, let the Word get entwined in our heart. So true! We can do this by memorizing, meditating and feasting on the Word as Holy Spirit breathes on it. Yummy! What changes can I make to make scripture memorization a priority…..I think i need to find a passage that God is speaking to me about, and ask Holy Spirit to help me memorize it. I find if I go over it three times a day especially early morning and then again right before bed, that it is easier to memorize.

  69. Lance – Thank you. This entry was so good. It really helps with a perspective adjustment if one finds themself in a “reading the word dry spell”. I am interested in the technique for memorizing scripture you mentioned. I’ve always used putting it to music as a memorization method but I am open to another tool, as well.

  70. So I got impatient waiting for Lance to reveal his secret and got the free app Scripture Typer and in just a few minutes memorized my first text. You inspired me, Lance.

  71. I would really like to learn the steps to help me memorize Holy Scripture. I have struggled with this, and recognize the importance and wisdom of truly being one with The Word of God. Thank You

  72. Hi Lance,
    Thanks for all of your amazing teaching! Yes, I’d really like to know which app you use to memorize Scripture.

  73. I have been applying this principle of memorizing the word of God,and would love to know how to more easily digest chunks of a bible book more easily! Thanks Lance!

  74. Will you show us how to memorize blocks of Scripture?

    I will get back to studying the Bible more faithfully again instead of doing so much research on the Internet. My goal.

  75. Hello Pastor,

    I am very very interested on memorizing The Bible.

    Please, teach me how.

    P.s: Sorry my name is Nancy, i leave in Montreal (Canada).

    Thank you so very much.

  76. I am interested to know how I can access my genius capacity and simple technique to memorize scriptures.


    Julie Carlson

  77. Hello Dr. Lance,
    I’m interested how to memorize chunks of the Bible. So, please share.
    I appreciate you,

    C. Voni Zoubi

  78. Hi pastor Lance blessings to you Annabelle your son and daughter and all your beautiful and prophetic family. I love to heard from you and your inside to manifest the kingdom in the now is awesome; I do want to learned how to memorize scriptures to have weapons for the attacks of the enemy. Your persona enlight my life a million thanks. May JesusChrist strengthen and revitalize every cell of your been in his holy name, amen

  79. I have had trouble memorizing all of my 78 years… It controlled me because I had no confidence to seek jobs… I was so envious of my Sunday School friends that could recite scripture and I would go home and say terrible things about myself and cry, I so wanted to be able to know the Scriptures….
    I feel in my heart this willl heal me… There is no concidence that I was lead to you , seeking truth about President Trump!!!
    God Bless You and your Family,

  80. I love the meme! It reminds me of the book “Life In The Rowboat” by Richard Eagle. In a rowboat you don’t look forward… you trust where you are going, by seeing what God has brought us through in the past.

    Music helps in scripture memorization. Is that the method or do you have another way to help us memorize the Bible?


  82. Yes, I would love that. I am wondering about ‘Cyrus’ types you have run across in your travels, ministry other than the obvious three. I know some about Guatemala, Hungary and Brazil…..doing lots of reading. But I know there are others, less famous that perhaps you have insight to/ministry with. Perhaps even input with……

  83. YES please! I desire to know your “easy” way to memorize chunks of scripture
    Holy Spirit brings verses to mind and I am grateful
    Your timing in asking if people are interested is so timely – it has remained a constant desire of my heart
    Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural Verse of the Week remains a good way to join with other believer in meditating on The Word
    Now to have more…….Amen!
    Powerful blessings and favour of God pour over your life and ministries

  84. I am 79 years old and still love learning. I feel after coming through many trials and frustrations that God is now calling me to greater things in His service. At this age it is not easy to memorize scripture as I have in the past but I feel a need for this in order to witness to others. Any help or suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated. I feel such an urgency in my spirit, even at this age, when most of my friends are just waiting for the rapture. Thank you for all the material you give out, I listen to all!

  85. Im a new subscriber. Im 71 years old. Can I still memorize scripture? I want to, like I used to when I was 35 and 40.
    Please tell me your process. I saw you mentioned Twitter. I am not on FB or Twitter.

  86. I already do that use scriptures declaring them over me, affirm them etc… 🙂

    I find it is very very powerful and i teach it in my PE classes or sessions with those who are accepting of it 🙂

    ” I have been given authority to walk on scorpions and snakes and to overcome all the power of my enemy so that nothing can harm me”

    “With man this is impossible BUT with God all things are possible” i

    Psalm 91 is my prayer (oops my bad i have neglected that of late ) will get right on to that 🙂

    Jesus said if you say to this mountain ( problem) etc be thou removed and cast into the sea and believe it to be removed, then it will be removed …

    Joshua 1:9
    Have I not commanded you
    Be strong and Courageous
    Do not be terrified
    Do not be discouraged
    For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go

    NB: I think the issue Lance, is that which is stipulated in the scriptures, is that those who have eyes will see, those who have ears will hear, so if you don’t read the scripture the word and like see the awesome power of God in those scriptures you won’t understand it, you want apply it, you won’t really believe it, cause you don’t have the FAITH & understanding to and cause you don’t have that relationship with Holy Spirit to enable you to see it or to hear it or to understand it or to truly believe or to truly walk in Faith & Agape Love, you won’t see the power of the Word, the power of Almighty God, cause you don’t really really believe it, which means you don’t therefore have Faith, walk in Faith, and to do that is not easy as a human being hence the importance of daily God spending time with God Jesus Holy Spirit chatting reading scripture and praying etc… before you go about the rest of the day, which i admit i have neglected due to being highly busy etc… but today for me is all about getting back on track with that, my only day of rest and consciously hanging out with Holy Spirit which connects me to Jesus God YHWH 🙂 and when i do that I am so in heaven and just love it! I love hanging out with God Jesus Holy Spirit & Holy Angels love it, it is so joyfully peacefully satisfyingly blissful 🙂 heavenly

    NB: I have experienced going to that third realm as stated in the scriptures

  87. Brother Lance,
    I would love to know the techniques you willingly want to share regarding memorizing chunks of scripture. I have memorized many over the years but as a 78yo great grandmother it is becoming harder and harder. Again I would love to accept your techniques and be able to do this, because I do understand the importance of being able to recall these “gems” Father G-d has given us.
    Brenda Elrod

  88. Hi I wanted to tell you a dream that I had maybe one year ago so that you can help me discern its message.
    I just saw two golden rectangular paper thin plates of gold where it was carved out the image of a racing horse in each one of them.
    A few days later just by coincidence I stumbled upon a video of that profet that received the sign of the two horses that won the triple crown as a sign of the timing for the election of Donald trump, so I knew it had some relation to the president. I understood the simbolism but I think that for my dream it means more and it’s a profetic image showing the two presidential races and because they where carved out of gold it means victory.

  89. Yes Lance, I would you like to learn a simple technique to help me memorize whole chunks of the Bible. How valuable that would be!
    Thank you!

  90. With Twitter going in the toilet, what way are you going to utilize to get the technique to memorize chunks of Scripture to us in your audience? Seems like All of satan’s satanic media is going to be going in the proverbial toilet. We need our own media outlet for God’s saving message.

    Finally, Lance what does it mean and when do you think it will happen as to the Bible saying, “the Eagle’s wings will be plucked? or something similar? Doesn’t the Eagle mean the U.S. and doesn’t a plucked Eagle indicate “defenseless”? Hopefully this is way future tense and the Saints are outta here.

  91. I can’t emphasize enough how important it was that we as kids started memorizing Scripture at a young age. Although as an adult I compare other translations when reading the Word, when it comes to quoting Scripture and being reminded of verses, they are always in the translation I began with. My dad had a box of verses and he would pull one out every day, but it was that competition at church to learn vast passages of Scripture that spurred me on to memorize. I earned a Bible for my efforts and still have it, stickers and all! In answer to your question, if I make an effort to memorize as an adult, my advice is stick to the version that you are most familiar with, but I’m so amazed at how much Scripture I’ve retained in me. I had no idea…it just comes out when a preacher is quoting or reading Scripture. And I’m so grateful.

  92. Yes, I am very interested in learning how to memorize Scripture using your simple method. We’ve just discovered who you are from Flashpoint.