Back To The Garden

Back To The Garden

God called a family (Adam and Eve) to walk in supernatural dominion, filling the earth. Then he called a couple (Abraham and Sarah) to walk in supernatural wealth creation and the creation of a new tribe to fill the earth. Christ is the second Adam. He relaunched the mandate to fill the earth. In Christ you have a connection to your spiritual lineage of Abraham and Sarah. It’s full circle back to the garden of His presence and a supernatural business life.

Here is a “live” moment from Dallas “Great Awakening” event going on right now. We just took a break and Jude came up to share how HIS BUSINESS HAS DOUBLED since he attended last years Dream Trip.
Contrast the doom and gloom mentality of people fearing the collapse of America with the JOYFUL, CONFIDENT, PROSPEROUS, DYNAMIC state of mind of an entrepreneurial KILLER SHEEP! You are not going down in 2016 YOU ARE GOING UP! Why? Because God is giving to His people the ability to CREATE WEALTH (Deut 8:18) and CREATE SOLUTIONS to problems. China and India are huge growing markets that need goods and services that must come in from other nations.

The FUTURE belongs to the SUPERNATURAL ENTREPRENEUR. Stop being paralyzed with anxiety about shaking. God said it is a “PROMISE” of shaking. Not a judgment. Plug into the GREATEST chapter of your life and let God open the door into nations as a modern Abraham… and don’t worry about the money.


Because divine creativity is a form of currency. You’ve got a printing press in your belly! It’s the POWER TO CREATE WEALTH! (Deut 8:18)

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