August Prophetic WATCH WORD

10388577_10152606768939936_7103010324542620559_nIn “The Wizard of Oz” Dorothy clicked her ruby slippers and went somewhere.

August is a new chapter for you in more ways than one. Something new is beginning. New chapters have bookmarks. Bookmarks are like mile markers in your life journey. The most common markers include leaving home, finishing college or your first serious job, getting married, having a child, buying a home.

For many, a marker involves a radical mission update from the Father of Lights, who enlightens our path to see the way He is calling us to go.

“Your life is an autobiography unfolding, a never-finished sculpture, a work in progress – with chapters of external achievement and accomplishment followed by periods of internal management and renewal. The temporary destinations you reach are much less important than your ability to manage and enjoy the journey itself.” (from book: Lifelaunch)

The seasons of “external achievement” are balanced by God with seasons of INTERNAL work. If you only go external you forfeit the internal ability to handle the changes.

It is a beautiful fact of spiritual life that the “outward man” ages but the inward man is constantly growing. Likewise, outward circumstances wax old, close out and are set aside but new seasons and divine doors open to those who are going somewhere on the inside.

The secret is to understand the rhythms of life. Know how to appreciate the times when God is calling you to an ever-deepening interior walk and talk with Him.

Discerning your seasons enables you to dial up or dial down with contentment. This is the secret to experiencing fulfillment all the time.

There is an anointing for every season of life ..”the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month…”
(Rev 22:2) Twelve months… and a different fruit for each one.

Change is accelerating and uncertainty increasing in the Earth…BUT GOD does not change and His story is unfolding in your life in the divine rhythm of endings and beginnings.

This month is a new and much-needed shift for you. Enjoy the low-hanging fruit that is extended to you from the tree of Life!


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39 thoughts on “August Prophetic WATCH WORD

  1. Wow, your reading my mail. This message is exactly what I am going through this month as a culmination of a 5 year journey. We are moving offshore to start our new life in a new and wonderful Caribbean country. As a businessman The Lord is directing us to a new land of opportunity. In this last chapter of my life, the best chapter is now beginning. Life is a gift.

  2. This last year has seemy wife leave me and Christian s persecute me and I am hemmed in on every side and barely keeping my head above water. To go with the flow would have been easy but Gods way has cost me everything.

    • Dean,
      From your brief statement God’s way certainly has cost you a lot, but it hasn’t cost you everything. You still have God, and that’s everything. I applaud your ability to let out your frustrations, hurts and anger. Don’t stop, God can handle it. Just don’t let it turn int bitterness. In Psalm 22 David told God exactly how he felt and held nothing back, but he also recognized who God is and who God is to him. Vent, it’s healthy, but don’t complain. Be angry but don’t become bitter. Remember, your wife may be gone but God will never leave you.

    • Still going thru the fallout of similar circumstances some deep truths rise to the surface. Things like, when I am weak, Jesus in me proves Himself strong, I can continue thru Christ who strengthens me, THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death, God causes all things to work together for good, in (not for) everything give thanks, the meaning of perseverance and long-suffering, the treasures of darkness, having done all – stand, and many more. Basically all those passages that the comfortable have no knowledge, unless they too have gone thru the valley. Jesus brings us out the other side.
      Letting go of the loss and ‘what should have been’ has been the most difficult part.

  3. That’s what I’m doing right now, trying to wrap my head and heart around my new Normal. I needed this word for my current Right Now moment. Thanks Dr. Lance!

  4. Today’s word struck me. The Holy Spirit has been inviting me to press in and lean more on Him. I am entering a new season in many ways and this affirms. Thank you

  5. Our new normal is in need of being embraced. We’ve (my sons & I) are facing the future without my former husband, who’s also dropped out of our boys lives. But we know God is in our corner & has our backs. Thanks for some much needed encouragement.

  6. On target! Selling my house and moving from Chicago, where I have lived all my life, to Texas! Looking forward to change and new challenges, even though I am a senior. Thanks for the encouraging words!

    • Dolores, Praise God!!
      Me too! I’m moving to Texas from living all my life in Chicago. God bless you as you are transplanted.

  7. To Dean,
    Count it all joy when trials come. Read and hear Philippians. God closes doors no one can open and
    opens doors no one can close. Trust the one who hung the rainbow. He loves and longs for your voice of praise. Blessings, PJ

  8. I have been going through challenging health issues, having to set down ministry, resigned and not working, loss of a precious parent, ungodly judgments, shingled troubles BUT GOD!!! I am seeking God to hear what He is wanting to accomplish “in” me during this time~~it has been almost overwhelming!! The Lord is full of Grace of which I am drinking in, bringing confirming words such as yours Lance!! Thank you for hearing and sharing what the Lord is speaking!!! Abundant blessings to you and yours!!!

  9. Awesome how God our everlasting Father communicates to His own through His own. Thank you Father, you amaze me and fill me with awe !

    Thank you Lance, I love your creative and brave ways of communicating truth about our King and His Kingdom.

    You are a true minister of truth being directed by the Spirit of truth.

    May this day be blessed for you. And through you .

    Blessings from the Bay of Plenty, Tauranga New Zealand.


  10. Thanks for this Word, Dr Lance. I have been stuck so long in one place, that change feels like an eviction. But God, has been faithful in all things. So I will try and relax and allow Him to do something new in my life. No matter what change brings to me I will trust Him, even when I don’t understand. Perhaps that’s the reason for my change, I finally stopped trusting others to do what only God can do.

  11. Your word today is confirmation to my husband and I that we are right on target. That’s a big OMG! We are observing key words that you are using, ie: “Tree of LIFE”, fruit, divine rhythms/seasons of endings and beginnings, God does not change, ever deepening INTERIOR walk, divine doors, the secret, etc. Come now, Dr. Lance, we know who you really are. Who you really are is from that chosen blood line. We also know you can go many levels deeper; but knowing the gracious man that you are, you are making your message more palatable for us. What I guess I am really trying to say is GO FOR IT! In going for it you may lose some, but what you gain will be much more qualitative than quantitative; it’s time some of got off the milk, and into the meat of things. We know who you really are Dr. Lance, you are truly one of the great ambassadors of the “One New Man” as stated in Eph. 2:13-18 (The Scriptures/ISR version). You have truly been a blessing to us and have been following your teachings for a number of years now BECAUSE we know you teach from the whole word from B’resheet to Hazon (Genesis to Revelation). But, truly the only absolute teacher and cousel that we follow is Ruach Kodesh (Holy Spirit), because we know absolutely that there will be error there.

    And with all that said, Dr. Lance, this day we chose the bless you with the Aaronic blessing that says,

  12. August is truly a new chapter and new beginning.This was confirmation of what was said to me just this morning. My inner man is crying out for growth.Thank you for your obedience in writing these articles, just a blessing.

  13. Lance, your story excites me. I told my wife I feel this emptiness inside. It feels as if I have lost something in myself. I am a big believer in personal growth an development. I may not be having a life change on the outside and yet I feel God calling me on the inside. I find many times in life when I feel myself walk away from God and take the world on without daily devotion or a prayer walk. I feel the older I get God is calling me closer and when I ignore that voice I feel an emptiness. I saw you speak live and a klemmer and associates event and to this day your words have inspired and challenged me to seek gods passion and purpose for my life.

  14. I was in your place 7 years ago. The lies, betrayals, and unscrupulous practices flooded my life. My only salvation was Jesus’s promises, and focusing on Him. My daily prayer, “please don’t let me be bitter.” Not only was I vindicated, but a $390,000 debt was removed. God can and will do it for you, if you give it all to him.

  15. It was very strange reading your August mail. I have been invited to apply for the job I have dreamed of over the last year. It has just been created unknown to me and I have happened to be on the recruiters books who are tasked with filling it. After30+ years in employment I have just had 8 months ‘rest’ which was strange and good I felt this month was a time for getting ready for the new year and then the call came. There are obviously many hurdles to negotiate I dare to trust that God. Father of lights has shone light on the path he wants me to take. It is an overwhelming task and Kingdom critical.
    1 Cor 2:9.
    1 Corinthians 2:9
    But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard,nor the heart of man imagined,what God has prepared for those who love him”—

  16. Thanks again Dr. Lance! You seem to always hit the nail right on the head. I love your blogs and get excited to see them in my inbox. I remember once hearing you say when someone states they are going through transition, they are really saying they are going through hell!!! Inside, outside, all of it is happening! He is faithful and I am still here! Lol! Blessings to you and yours! Thanks again

  17. This is timely for my family and our church. I have a daughter leaving home to go to Visible College in Chicago. I choose to trust God with her. Also, our church is being led in a new and exciting direction and I trust the Father for wisdom and provision. I have been teaching for a long time that we are triune beings as we are created in the image of God. We live in three different places. Eph. 2:6 says He has caused me to be seated with Him in heavenly places. I said all that just to say that when the issues and cares of life confront my natural man I can choose to respond from my soulish realm or my heavenly realm. When I respond with the heart and mind of Christ I can never go wrong and I have nothing to fear.

  18. Thank you so much for that thought provoking article. It has truly blessed me and intend to bless others with those encouraging thoughts.

  19. Thank you Dr. Lance for the clarity. My spirit has been feeling what you’ve just said and yes! My mind and heart have been trying to grasp it. Bless you for being faithful to your call and gracious to share with
    those of us who need your ministry so much, as a light to help us on our journeys.

    Sincere gratitude,

  20. Thank you for the word of confirmation, I received the same word in the spirit. It is so great to know that he is lighting my path.
    The resistance has come from Satan and from his work within people he has placed in power in my mountain, education. My wife and I have been walking around the walls a Satanic stronghold for 5 years, always knowing that victory will be the outcome. Praise God! Raise high the name of Jesus!
    II Corinithians 5:7 For we live by faith, not by sight.
    Hebrews 11:31 By faith the walls of Jericho fell, after the army had march around them for seven days

  21. Thanks Dr. Lance! Always a timely word! August is the 8th month of the year and the number 8 stands for ” new beginnings”. I am starting a new career working for a faith-bases Financial Firm that I know is part of God’s destiny for my family to conquer the business mountain among others. We have a heart to disciple nations and Isaiah 55:5 was prophesied over me, so I know God is moving our family in that direction.



    • Also, God is bringing me out of a 30 + year battle with lust. There has been more resistance last month for Satan than ever before. Thank you God that victory is here and it is mine!

  22. Lance – Thanks for the word … on point!

    I had a significant appointment for a new venture – just this morning.

    “Lord … will you continue to align us with your purposes and strategy.”

  23. Thanks so much lance for the encouragement! I’m actually between jobs right now, God is moving me to a new position in a different school, so what you just said was timely and prophetic. I know that August is a new season for our lives, God bless you and I will be checking out that book you recommended

  24. I just felt like this word was spoken directly to me…time and time again I have begun things and was more excited about reaching the finish line and having something to show for myself (probably without counting the cost) and always stopped way short…I began an 8 month journey at Mission Teens Christian Discipleship Center, and throughout my time there the Lord was speaking to me the importance of enjoying the journey, not just days but MOMENTS…..Praise God for the first time since High School I completed something I started but understand the completion of this commitment does not outweigh all that I learned and developed inwardly during my time there…Now I’m on the brink of starting college at Morningstar University, I just got married, and we’re moving my family to Charlotte, NC…. My wife and I have a 4 year old son, Ezekiel……. New doors are opening to those who are going somewhere inwardly…. amen…..To make a long story short, I really appreciate this Word of the Lord, it spoke directly to me at this time.

  25. This is perfect timing Lance as I am moving to a new location, church, home and university. I have just celebrated my 50th birthday and feel that I am shifting into a place of convergence, restoration and new beginnings. It is a much needed shift from 5 years of challenging circumstances and pain ( which I know is many people’s testimony) and hanging on to our Father has been the only way to get through it. He is faithful and his promises still stand. Bless you for your encouragement! Thank you for always sharing your heart with us.

  26. Well, like everyone, this post really speaks to me in so many ways….All year, I have been in a deep battle, (one of the most intense of my life) but aware, only by the grace of God of the internal deep work He’s been doing. Amazing how timely this is, we have also been rennovating our home for sale, to move into a new land dream HS breathed into us years ago….So THANK YOU LANCE for posting this. Hope revived, faith is stirred, Abba is with us so much more than we know. RIGHT ON and SO DEEPLY APPRECIATED by our family. “THANK YOU HOLY ABBA for the GIFT OF Lance!”

  27. Just reading through these comments has been a blessing! So glad that God has our back, no matter where we find ourselves today. Our tomorrows are all planned, and he has the play book, and Holy Spirit will reveal the strategies as we continue to trust and take the steps He gives us to take. I am a widow and learning how to live life alone — no kids — long story — but life is beginning to take shape and I am working through letting go of all the familiar things (if you didn’t hear Glory of Zion’s service August 10th you need to check it out). Long story short, I am embracing what seems strange, letting go of what is familiar, and expecting God to show up as I cross a new threshold in life. It is difficult sometimes as you get older to embrace change, on the other hand, staying stuck is dreadful and I don’t want that either. So I’m moving forward, ready to deal with the battles and of course blessings that await me. Life is good, even when it’s scary. The truth about never being alone even when you are by yourself is a great comfort. There is no way to thank the Lord Yeshua for the constant care he has given over the last 5 years of my life. The challenges were many, the victories rewarding, but I know that there is more, and I’m reaching for it as much as I know how….learning every day! Love your ‘on time’ words Lance, you really touch a lot of lives with the wisdom of God that flows from you. Keep it comin’! And yes, I want to move to Texas too!!! Soon i hope!!!