America’s Turning Point – Cyrus Trump Intervention & The Book Of Haggai

I feel the Lord has given me a download and that America's turning a corner now. I believe that the Lord has been sending these judgments. We've had the virus out of Wuhan creeping across the world, hitting the number one economy and adversary of the Chinese Communist Party. That economic paralysis has wiped out all of Trump's gains, plus the trillions more added to the national debt. Meanwhile, we have the Democrats trying to keep everything shut down, and then on top of it all, there was the death of George Floyd.

All of these things have been hysterically politicized – it's as if right now we have a pile of dry wood, soaked in kerosene, and someone is about to light a match. More and more information has been coming out about what happened to George Floyd, and now we find out that maybe this wasn't a race issue after all, perhaps it was something else entirely, but that didn't stop the Antifa or Black Lives Matter from rioting. Not to say that there aren't police problems, but the response and analysis were a rushed judgment.

So why is the Lord doing this? I know that He put Donald Trump in as an intervention; that's why I went from 7 mountains to Cyrus Trump because I knew we had to make that turn. We're going to look at a prophecy from Chuck Pierce and the Book of Haggai, and I'll tell you why.

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8 thoughts on “America’s Turning Point – Cyrus Trump Intervention & The Book Of Haggai

  1. The only foundation that will stand is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The Church has to have that foundation in order to stand. Prophets, pastors, teachers, apostles are all men and can fall. They may be corner stones of support to hold up the roof, but if the foundation is not right, the house will fall. Prophetic words should be confirmations to us of what the Lord is speaking through His Holy Spirit.
    The USA parallels Israel. That is why we must be involved in rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem that we may see God’s house rebuilt His way in the hearts of men and women in the USA.
    There must be a repentance of pastors that have used the Church and the people of God to build their own homes.

  2. I feel that what is missed out by the Christian community is that they need to realize that the Lord wants to completely destroy the spirit of Jezebel, it was partially defeated in 2016 but not totally destroyed. That is what President Trump will do when he is re-elected in his second term.

    P.S. Jezebel thought she was winning and so she put on her makeup and dressed up just as the Left is doing right now. As you know, Jezebel was defiant even though she had been told that she was going to be destroyed.(Rioters and Leftist leadership etc).

  3. Lance, you’re such a breath of fresh air and carry a rare anointing of spiritual discernment in this mad and hysterical media-frenzied world we live in. I’d love to meet you and your precious wife one day to firmly shake your hands. G-d’s richest blessings be upon you, and upon President Donald Trump and his advisers – the whole western civilisation needs a growing, strong and prosperous America right now.