AMAZING HISTORY (Secular Scholars Don’t Like)

In an overlooked chapter of history General Douglas MacArthur, upon taking oversight of Japan at the close of WWII pleaded with denominational leaders, “Send me Bibles and give me Missionaries and I will give you a Christian Nation.” Japans ancestral deities and emperor god were no longer omnipotent in their eyes. The General knew they would become a Christian Nation – a Sheep Nation – if they met Jesus. The God of radical goodness, healing and provision.

Some answered the call but overall the American response was weak and we lost a window to a nation. America won the ideological battle against Nazi Germany, Emperor worship in Japan and even later with the collapse of the Berlin wall we won against Stalin’s Soviet style communism. Our failure was that we won the battle of Global influence but lost the war of ultimate ideas! Much like toppling Saddam Hussein in Iraq – we knew how to win wars but not how to occupy what we landed in once we got there.

What did we export to the world? We exported our idea of democracy, economics and consumerism. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would belt the world with computers and smart phones. The music industry evangelized with Rock-n-Roll sex and drugs and Hollywood belted the world with…well, Hollywood. Ironically, after Iraq, Jerry Springer became the number one exported television show into the Arab world educating god fearing Moslems on the decadence and decay of Americas godless Christian culture.

Curiously, even if Japan did not get what MacArthur wanted, South Korea has become the number #1 mission sending nation in the world.

You won’t find MacArthurs request in most history books.

What do you think?

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31 thoughts on “AMAZING HISTORY (Secular Scholars Don’t Like)

  1. What was the source of this information about MacArthur requesting Bibles and missionaries? I’d like to read it and spread the word so more people can know.

  2. Amen, we currently have an invitation to setup a medical clinic in Iraq to help the Yezidi ‘s that have been displaced by ISIS. Go to for more information and to get involved!

    God bless you Lance as you continue to evangelize the marketplace!

  3. General Patton also wanted to use a small window of opportunity at the end of WWII to defeat the ‘godless communist’ Soviet Union but was laughed at and called a ‘warmonger’. General Patton was a Christian who was an avid giver/tither and had memorized large chunks of scripture in both the old and new testaments. He made sure his troops had all the things they needed physically and spiritually. Patton was an avid intercessor and prayer warrior for not only himself but the troops as well. He gave up things he could do without even if a private (in rank ) needed them. He gave up his own boots, sweaters and other articles of personal belongings to soldiers who were suffering. He gave money to soldiers needing to get back to the states because of the ‘last son’ rule….you can refer to ‘saving Private Ryan’. Patton was not afraid to help or give where it was needed. He even reached out to a wounded German soldier pleading for help along the road. When Patton got out of the jeep to go to this man he noticed he was dead and in a ‘frozen’ position. General Patton was a man of generosity to everyone no matter who or what they were. He was practicing what it meant to live in the Kingdom of God but the church, at large, didn’t have their eyes open at the time. How I wish General Patton could be here to see what is about to happen on earth with the Kingdom.

    • The reason democracy in America has survived 200 plus years is because it was founded on Christian principles. We as Americans cannot attempt to establish democracy in any country that is not willing to follow Christian principles. Unless a nation is changed into a Christian nation, the Untied States is wasting time, money and most importantly, American lives trying to import our democracy on others.

      • Steve – you are partially correct regarding our Christian Principals as standards for Creating our Countries beginnings. However It was not those Principals that got our Fathers Writings into place. As there were far too many bickering’s among our leaders to eve bring about a unity in our fathers writings. It was not until Benjamin Franklin put forth a decree to all our leaders and that decree was to seek our Fathers Wisdom thru Prayer and once they agreed to do so commonality and unity began and their writings and our nation was formed. AND I agree Democracy – or a Republic to be exact – will never have any lasting staying power in a country whose God s not The God of The Bible. And such a nation would only arise and survive if it follows the close principals of a one on one Relationship with The Only God by all its people and with one another. So also our United States is not immune to THIS same Principal of Gods = to be His People via Relationship with Him and with/for one another. If a nation does not do this – they all will fail.

    • Thank you so much for this informationa about Patton. I have watch that movie with George C Scott many times and wondered at a alittle talk he has with one of the men who took care of him how he had a destiny that he knew he was suppose to be fulfilling…”As God is my witness” he said. He was clearly a man of so much Vision. Supposedly, and this is all that is told of him in the movie, is that he believed in reincarnation also and yet he tell a minister that he read the bible every GD day. It was sort of a heathenistic joke. He was of course being controled by Truman at the time and not given the positions he felts that he was capable of because of the slapping of an enlisted man. Then there is the moment in the movie where he ask the pastor to write out a prayer good whether for battle and of course his prayer is receive and they win the battle. Where did you get your information on his Christianity and being an intercessor and so forth. If it is a book I would like to read it Rose. Thanks for the info, really interesting.

      • You can find that information in many sources…one of the books you will find the most out in is “Patton: Ordeal and Triumph” by Ladislas Farago. That is the book the movie is LOOSELY based on. The book will shock you. The movie doesn’t tell the truth about the slapping incident or many other things. ‘The Patton Papers’ by Henry (?) Blumenthal is an eye opener too. Those are his diaries from WWI and WWII era. You will have to go to Amazon or other book sources because these books may be out of print. Another thing…Patton had a great sense of humor and loved teasing and interaction with people.

        Patton was a prophet and didn’t realize it. He actually saw visions. Several times he saw the outcome of the war but didn’t know how to interpret the message. When he saw Napoleon on the long, frozen trek back to France from Moscow he didn’t realize God was showing him the German army. Patton kept a pad and pen by his bed. God gave him answers in his sleep. There are many instances where Patton’s prayers were DIRECTLY AND PRECISELY answered. Recorded in army records. I could go on and on and on…. Patton was a great man. Flawed like all of us….but a KINGDOM Christian.

        • Very cool to know Rose. I have read a number of books on Patton and have always considered him a Great Christian man and n even Greater Christian General. And I agree with you on the slapping incident as very few know the true story of the solider he slapped. I have my own views on this. One is that cowardness can spread like a disease among soldiers if it is not dealt with quickly and decisively. This incident if I recall correctly happed at a time when the soldiers were about to go out to a very important battle that was very instrumental in ending the war. The solider in question was allowing his cowardness and fear to get out of hand and there by infect the other soldier’s. Patton had to act quickly and wisely and he did. The press, politicians and other non-understanding civilian’s with no knowledge of warfare misunderstood General Patton’s actions. BUT his actions saved a many of the lives of those soldiers who were heading out to battle the next day. As fear was removed and a steel mind and heart in doing what had to be done that next fighting day prevailed. That’s my understanding of it Rose. From your readings – what IS the answer to what and why General Patton did what he did?

  4. The church in which I grew up had two women, Anne Krause and Anne Wigglesworth, who, if I remember correctly, where the first women missionaries to Japan. They dedicated there lives to sharing the Gospel. I believe that their efforts have not gone unnotice by the Father and will produce a harvest of souls. The Samaritan women at the well testimony planted seeds that Phillip reaped.

  5. Great stuff Lance, God bless you , your family and all your work and business …continuing the Japan story…McArthur sort the advice of Dr Edwards Demming, who helped build Japan’s strong economy…if the Japanese businesses were taught to tithe after WWII they would be unstoppable today…

  6. Will we make the same mistake with IS. Our combined military may overwhelm and defeat them, but unless the worldview and violent ideology of Islam is replaced with the peace and love Gospel of Christ, it will be just more of the same; just a different location.
    My main concern at the moment, is that IS is getting all the press, sowing fear into the Nations of the world. Where is the voice of our prominent Church leaders offering the only alternative idea; ie. the Christian Message, bringing hope and confidence in a better future.

    • I agree John and to that end I sought God on the answer to those questions on how to stop the fear of both our Christians Arabs over there and our American Citizens and replace it with His Truth. In answer to that God gave me a song that God and I call: Glory Hallelujah Heaven Here I Come (AKA Hey ISIS you R So Dumb)…. I tried for some time to get it in front of Mike Huckabee but got zero response from him or his team. Might try Gary Sinise next and or Don Potter. I’ll give you the lyrics below – tell me what you think. P.S. It’s done with a banjo, harmonica and a violin and done Tennessee blue grass style. And it goes like this:

      Well I heard about those killings – in a faraway land
      Heard about those killings of the Children of The Great I AM
      Heard about my kin – martyrs all they be
      Heard about their assent – to Heavens Glory

      Well Glory Hallelujah Heaven here they come
      Yep Glory Hallelujah in Heaven their having fun
      No more tears nor sadness – no more wars or hate
      They have gone on to Glory gone on thru Glory’s Gate

      Well ISIS and their madmen – think that they have won
      But The Glory of “The Father” and “His Holy Son”
      Has made a Way to Glory – that’s Completely Pure
      Madmen sending our friends on Vacation – that’s for sure

      Well Glory Hallelujah Heaven is for real
      Yes Glory Hallelujah its Love and Happiness they feel
      Now that they’re in Heaven with Father Son and Holy Ghost
      Heavens having a party while hells gates are starting to roast

      Yes ISIS and their fools think they have Glory
      With lots of lovely virgins waiting for them on hand and knee
      But when they leave this world they’re going to find out
      That the women they are heading too – nowhere to be found out

      For dog gone it don’t you know it – true to his form
      Allah has lied to you again tricked you to the core
      There aren’t no female virgins – waiting for you
      If there were just what could you – a ghost do?

      Even if those virgins were beautiful flesh and blood
      There’s no way you could touch them with your body here on earth
      Rotting in the grave you would wait eternity
      To be able to touch those virgins you say are waiting for thee

      Your paradise is a false one – it’s for the simple and insane
      To get you a killing – in a name
      Allah won’t be there to greet you – when you die
      When you get on down there you’ll find – a fool’s paradise

      But someday I’m leaving this earth – someday I’ll be gone
      Away from this earth – singing brand new songs
      When I get there Father, Son and “The Holy Ghost”
      Will greet me with their Love and the Love of The Heavenly Host

      Yep Glory Hallelujah Heaven is for me
      I’m going to sing this song all The Way to Glory
      No more tears nor sadness – no more wars or hate
      I’ll be on my Way to Glory – going thru Glory’s Gate

      Yep Glory Hallelujah – Love and Happiness I feel
      Glory Hallelujah thank you God your Heaven is real
      You sent Your Son to die and rise no one else has done the same
      Thank you Father God for – making The Way

      Yep Glory Hallelujah Heaven is for me
      And in the lands where people – are not free
      Comes a time when they will go – to Heavens post
      And they get to sing this song with Father, Son and Holy Ghost

      Along with God they will see – forever young Heavenly Host
      Some who’ve been martyred – by hells ghost
      And someday the evil ones – they will see
      That the evil they are doing is – for nothing

      Cuz Glory Hallelujah Heaven is for real
      Glory Hallelujah it’s His Peace that I feel
      Knowing I am Heaven bound – to be forever young
      All The Way to Glory I‘ll be singing – this song

      Glory Hallelujah Heaven is for me
      Glory Hallelujah Father, Son, “The Holy Three”
      Glory Hallelujah – I am on my Way
      Thank you Father Son and Holy Ghost – for making The Way ….

      A Musical Ending –
      Make it Festive you Tennessean’s!!!

  7. We should never be surprised by the way man fails and we should always focus on the fact that……. GOD is always in control.

    DID YOU KNOW???? Most people don’t even know that Mohammed’s mother 9founder of Islam) was a CHRISTIAN! He suffered from very serious epilepsy as a child and teen. When the episodes got extreme, he decided o go to his mother’s preacher and ask for divine healing! The preacher was one of those of the belief that healing powers for those other than CHRIST ceased after the disciples died. He told the Mohammed he would pray with him but healing was not available anymore!!! Think about that one……….. if he would have been healed, would Islam have been born???

    We need to remember that saying; “Wide is the gate…………….. ” or; ….. “It is easier to pass through the eye of a needle……….”
    So I suggest we throw (one starfish, of the thousands that swam up on the beach last night) back into the sea, …. at a time!”

    The past is carved in stone, ……….. but the future is still in HIS hands …………….


  8. Awesome that Patton and McArthur, two iconic generals, were strong Christians but shameful that secular historians have hidden that fact! I never knew!

  9. I just came back from All Nation Convocation Jerusalem 2014 hosted by Tom Hess. Wow, revival is breaking out in Japan. We have a group of young Japanese from baby to adult on fire for God and was challenged to bring 500 Japanese next year for the Convocation. Next year theme , Arise and shine, for your light has come. Jesus had pull the trigger and fire the revival movement from Japan to the chopstick Nations . Preparing the way for the King of Glory to come. You should be there next year to wirness and participate.

  10. What do I think? I think it is time for all of us to walk our talk.

    At the outset of what ultimately became THINK ANG GROW RICH, Andrew Carnegie offered to Napolean Hill access to the wealthiest men in the world at the time to see what made them tick and to document it.

    The chance of a lifetime.

    The catch, Hill had to make the decision to jump on board within the window of opportunity afforded by Carnegie, roughly 30 seconds.

    A YES or a NO….NOW was the offer.

    Will we miss our opportunities or will we walk into the moments offered to us?

  11. Thanks Lance,
    I understand that many of those post war missionaries to Japan came back discouraged and feeling ineffective. They probably did not have the church and prayer support required for the task.

  12. I have long said that it is either Bibles or bullets. If we can get into a country and influence them for the Kingdom — even if we do not win that many souls – – we make a positive influence (desciple the nation), and then receive fewer terrorists from that country.
    Probably isn’t politically correct but it really does come down to just Bibles or bullets.

  13. And G-d says, …if my people will humble themselves and pray…..then I will….G-d we will lay down ourself, our deep good thoughts once considered and will enter your agenda and pray. I pray that where war opens the door I ask that your people will pray and supply Bibles and open mouths of your gospel of peace. Amen

  14. I appreciate the recent blogs on history. I always did like learning about history. How sad though what is taught today in the history books is not the same as we learned years ago and sadder yet is that they have chosen to snuff out the Christian foundations many of those leaders had and stood by in their role of leadership. My question to you, what is all this information showing you? Lincoln?

  15. I am Japanese . Now I see many Apostolic, Prophetic people rise up in Japan. In the near future , many apostles and prophets will be sent from Japan. We will see it.

  16. Love the article and the point of the message. I, too, would appreciate knowing the source of the MacArthur statement. An international leader in the body of Christ read something in our church one time that he got from the Internet, believing it was the truth. Our pastor pointed him to evidence that it was not true. He learned an important lesson and made a public apology, along with a commitment to do a better job of getting to the source of the truth, rather than only taking someone’s word. We owe this level of diligence and integrity to Jesus and the nations that are His inheritance.

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