5 Insights To Coming Out Stronger When Broken

What to do when a fragile but cherished vessel is broken? The world tries super glue, the devil suggests a trashcan, but God alone has a way of fixing things so that something greater comes forth. God’s healing power is mirrored in the beautiful art form called “kintsugi” where broken vessels are repaired with gold in a way that goes beyond repairing – a more beautiful vessel is formed.

Stronger-When-BrokenWhen a bone is broken it comes out stronger in the place where the original break was formed. In the midst of Jeremiah’s frustration with his nation, God reminded the Prophet that He alone is the master potter and has power to create and recreate when a vessel is marred. (Jer 18)

The word “kintusigi” literally means “golden joinery,” and is a perfect picture of what the Spirit of God does when joined to our life in the very area that life seeks to break us. In this ancient Japanese art of repair the artist does not try to hide the history, rather the history is highlighted with veins of gold or perhaps silver, thus adding a new dimension to the vessels value and beauty.

The celebrated 19th century preacher, Charles Spurgeon, once said an impromptu prayer someone captured in print. “Lord you have done more with us than You did with Thomas, for he was told to place his finger into the open wounds in your hands and side, but you O Lord God have done something greater with us for you placed your finger into our open wounds and healed them.” Indeed, God puts His finger into the wounds in our life and seals them with gold.

This explains a mystery regarding suffering.

In the final hours of Jesus life He warned Peter that the enemy sought to sift the young Apostle and rob him of his calling. Why did Jesus pray for Peter to come thru the ordeal successfully? Why not rather pray that Peter be able to sidestep the sifting in the first place?

  1. It is because in some way, the warfare intended to be used by the enemy to break us actually make us stronger and of greater value! When we bring the brokenness to Jesus we are made stronger.
  2. So it is in the stories of our heroes found in life and in fiction. All heroes go on a heroic journey where they engage a fierce struggle against a worthy opponent, only to become transformed as a result of their conflict.
  3. Joseph was made stronger by the ordeal of betrayal, David was fashioned into a commander in the cave of Adulum. Even scriptwriters understand the formula. The frail older Jedi Obi Wan engaged in a light saber duel with Darth Vader in order to buy time for the next generation to escape…”strike me down” he warned Vader, “and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” When a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it multiplies.

I remember a story about a young believer with a physical feature he hated – a crooked nose. It made him self-conscious. The Lord was talking to him about self-acceptance. Once he worked through the issue he was in an automobile accident. He came out unharmed but the insurance covered the plastic surgery and he ended up with the nose he always wanted. God is a good God and by no means the architect of accidents, but in this case the man got fixed on the inside and outside.

Consider this:

  1. Given a choice between sparing you temporary discomfort or letting you have a moments light affliction in exchange for an eternal increase in reward, which would you want Him to choose for you? Deliver you “from” the process or deliver you “through” the process?
  2. Many times you are delivered from the fire, but when you walk “through” the fire God declares “I will be with you!” You will come out a winner on the other side and like Peter, Joseph and David the new vessel will be able to contain and reveal a whole new level of glory. God is the ultimate “kintsugi” artist.

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35 thoughts on “5 Insights To Coming Out Stronger When Broken

  1. Timely devotion. I know many of us are weary of the battles but in the end we ultimately come out stronger & more fit to represent Him! God bless you Lance for ur prophetic & encouraging words.

  2. hi Lance. i’ve been through the fire and God was there for me all the time. those moments are some of the most precious times of my life. though i went through them with many tears and much anguish, i came out with treasures mined from the places of darkness.

  3. What a powerful words of wisdom Lance! It touched the very center of my heart ,that made me connect to my life. Really, God is our perfect artist ,we could ever imagine . Fixing all the broken pieces by His HOLY HANDS,to be the used for His Glory alone…Making it more stronger that before,reflecting the Glory of God ,that the world may know that there is nothing impossible with God..

  4. Absolutely excellent! What a healing, encouraging word, Lance. Your spiritual translation of the “kintsugi” process is beautiful! Helps me understand God’s perspective on some tough things He’s allowed to occur in my life over the last 3 years! Thank you!

  5. This article confirms what I’ve gone through as a young pastor, God indeed allows us to go THROUGH THE FIRE, for us not to be obliterated (hahaha) but for us to come out shining as gold. It makes my spiritual muscle hypertrophy hahahalelujah and be ready for the next battle!
    God bless! And thank you for the prophetic word!

  6. Great word, Lance! This is a perfect picture of Job, who had everything in his life shattered, but when the Lord put him back together he received double the blessings that he had before!

  7. Loved this Lance and trials I come through always make me stronger in my faith …from the death of my young son to broken bones every hospital stay is a time to bring glory to God and witness of his goodness…one I laugh at often was nurses changing shifts and standing in my door telling the other i have diabetes and when I rebuked them say said NO she doesn’t not knowing what they were agreeing too… the last time my numbers did not agree and I asked God to make them match I do not have it ….funny thing after that the meter read low…WHAT A GOD WE SERVE,,,,,

  8. Thank you Lance Wallnau. May God reward you richly for blessing us with godly insights.
    Thank you Jesus for healing me, making me stronger, making me more beautiful. Indeed Lord, you are the ultimate “kintsugi” artist.

  9. Yes!!!! Such a timely word lance. You always have the word of the season and its always so direct and spot on. Thank you. Please keep posting!!

  10. I love this. Circumstances do not determine our internal world. We don’t have to let them take us out, rather promote us. We can’t lose, we are victorious. HAHA GLORAY

  11. Dr. Wallnau: Thank you. I needed this. I was recommended to your site by Marc Pittington. He saw a despondent FB post I made and sent me a link to your site. Thank you again.

  12. Thank you so for availing yourself to be used by the Lord. I went through a painful experience that broke me (But later made me a better human and minister)… though atimes It still haunts me.
    But this post has really helped me and has answered my secret questions. God richly bless you Brother Lance.

  13. when going through a test or trial and walking through it I have gained more insight and revelation, the glass is not empty, but it is half full. it can bring great peace to look back and see how many lives are changed and usually it was for the better
    . stay close to him and stay positive..

  14. Thanks Lance for the deep insight. I studied the story in Jeremiah many times & had somewhat of a clear picture but this really sharpened the picture to HD. I admit ive been there in my frustration crying out to God what are you doing & when will you make the enemy relent but I see i will be a much stroger & valuable instrument in the Lords hand coming out of the refining fires

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