Get Curious

1011174_10151668527349936_1842995045_nIt’s natural to get angry when something isn’t working, however every improvement on planet earth is the result of someone moving past frustration into curiosity asking the millionaire making question…”wonder how this could be done better, easier, faster?”

It just might be that your biggest frustration is an invitation to solve a problem nobody else has figured out yet. You are reading this on Mark Zuckerberg’s solution to a problem- Facebook. And I am right now sending this message on Steve Jobs mac using a variation of Bill Gates solution to a problem software.

Hey, even your deepest seated most agitating psychosis is in fact an invitation to dig a little deeper into how come you still hurt so much. Get curious and you’ll not only get healed, you’ll start competing with Joyce Meyers record setting sales of Christian teaching on overcoming personal issues that almost drive you crazy.

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