You must go up to go through!

I knew the moment I got it that this was a word for many. I shared it on facebook and it went viral!

 “I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven.”
Revelation 4:1

There is a door now opened—in the heavens. You must go up to go through!Go Up to Go Through

This has felt like a season of colliding spiritual climates. Erratic warfare: release and heaviness, brilliant light followed by sudden darkness—and not just in the same day—sometimes the same ten minutes! While praying, my wife contacted me and said she heard the words, “a changing of the guard.” I’m not sure what all that means to you, but the atmosphere has shifted and the angelic realm is upgrading all around you!

I sensed the Lord say to us, “I am going before you.” There has been a distinct advance and change of activity in the heavens. We are contending for destiny, and that individual destiny is connected to our individual position in the Spirit. More specifically, our promotions are now connected to the strength of our inner man; our capacity to go up and go through the door of transition into a new anointing and new season of harvest. The door is open … the voice is calling … the timing is now.

In Revelation when John looked and saw the open door, it was “standing” not moving. It was “in heaven” not on earth. This is a door made available in the spirit realm—right over your existing situation. I see now the reason for the seemingly violent shifts of atmosphere. It is because our spirit man must grow in strength in order to access and go into this new dimension. If we are to see more heaven on earth, we must be seated in this heavenly realm.

Then John heard, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this” (Revelation 4:3). John was told that when he went through the door into the next dimension, he would see things to come. A heightened level of prophetic perception is operating in those who have strength to see and hear—to go through (and stay through) the open door.

If we will stay in this heavenly dimension of authority, the things that vexed and harassed and clung to us will fall off. There is an anointing for upgrade upon us now. Previous performance won’t disqualify you. Heaven is calling you up into a closer intimacy—a more glorious obsession with the Godhead. This is the secret to the overcoming life:

Open Door In Heaven (Right Above Your Existing Circumstance) = More Grace and Increase

This means less of all the weights and restrictions that held you down during the last season of wrestling. Let’s go up and go through together!


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255 thoughts on “You must go up to go through!

  1. This is a great and timely word!!! Thats exactly what has been happening in our lives with the colliding spiritual climates. Really really good stuff from the Lord, but then demonic attacks like we’ve never experienced (starter snaps off truck, lost diamond in wedding ring, window smashed out of car)… I am ready to go up and through!

  2. Yes, this message is very affirming…thank you! I would like to hear more on mobilizing us with our teams and on operating in the day to day from this position on the throne. Keep it coming!

  3. Lance
    I needed that word thank you.
    I would like to hear more about people who had nothing Got a witty Idea an Invention sold it and where able to have some nice things and fund the kingdom of God !!

  4. Good word, Lance! For too long the church has been waiting for the door to come down to us. We need to get off our spiritual butts, recognize the times and know what to do!

  5. Lance I find what you say,see,hear,teach very knowledgeable!! Please keep posting. I am going through a different season as if I am being watched in a test very closely. Like what I say,do, see, hear,speak is being taped? I dont know what this is all about But I am Pressing in To His Heart,Ribs,Chest Very tight… Please keep posting. I receive the open door, I will walk through if He goes before,beside,behind me…

  6. Lance, I would like to hear stories about going through. What it looks like, feels like. More of a roadmap. I learn so much from hearing other people’s adventures! Words! As One!

  7. This is exactly what the Lord has been showing me. Thank you for keeping me on course. We must be strengthened with His might in our inner man! Thank you for always being so forward thinking and taking us with you.

  8. Lance, can you please explain this in relation to year 5773 the year of the gimel? And wha does the open door means in context of break through?

  9. I got to tell you, how did you know. I have a call on my tlife, i did not call me. I am 3 classes away from an undergraduate degree. i have failed three classes since i have been in this city and worked in this company. not only that, it has been pure occutlisim and i have been in captivity for over 2 years.
    i tried to transfer, no avail. such horror, i cant define, i was fired yesterday. it was a miracle, these foes intend to take me out, i still have to pack and mvoe and find some kind of employment. why am i telling you this???? so,rry
    in a nutshell, about a month ago I finally made it to Morninstar, Ft. Mill,
    Wow, King Jesus started pouring His presence like tidal waves the entire time i was there. ( i have to tell you I haven’t felt the anointing in several years). This was powerful. it would not stop. Then the message by Rick Joyner was awesome. What he was sharing I already knew in my spirt. I sat there with mouth wide open. I am some kind of seer of some degree. this all made pefect sense, just like your messages.
    I asked someone to pry for me last Sunday, a norhern europe situation and told them i was in great danger. so i get fired. this is a mriacle some dumb mormon thought they would keep me, no joke, gross.
    Now i have to pack and find some kind of tent making job and get to Morningstar. I am drawn like a magnet. all the natural junk will bow its knee to the Eternal climate of Heaven. by the way i am in danger every night in this apt., satanic people driving by sending curses. bikers throwing something. i pray, i pray, i pray…
    my life is still in danger.
    God bless Lance Wallanau and his beloved bride and all the lovely seed the L_rd did grant unto your holy union, In the Lamb….


  10. Always great Lance! Thanks for the prophetic word!!! Blessing to you and yours. May His face shine upon you.

  11. This is God’s Word and Confirmation of what I have been reading and studying in Revelations. God’s Grace and Love, Wisdom and Understanding is abounding to many that will hear Him. Open your ears and hear what God says through His Anointed. Look to the door, look up, for The Redeemer is calling You.

  12. Very helpful. Clarifies some things I have been struggling to understand. Confirms word of the Lord spoken in early spring as well.
    Thank you.

  13. So very timely. Confirms words spoken by my Pastors about this being a time of open doors. Revelation on the erratic and warfare and violent shifts in atmosphere– so on point, totally my world right now as well as others I know. Thank you Sir!

  14. Powerful blog Brother Lance! As I was doing yard work today, I severed a vine that looked to be poison ivy. It was running up the side of my house. A short time later the leaves on the vine began to wilt. The Lord said me, “don’t worry about the (bad) fruit, just deal with the root and the fruit will wilt” …Going up to go through the open door is the only way I can deal with the roots in my life that are trying to make me “tapout”. Now mind you, I only severed the vine and got “some” results, but the root must be removed. The revelation God is flowing through you is huge for the Body.
    Love ya’ Bro!

  15. As always, a perfect word for today, and in His perfect timing. A confirmation of our Wed. Prayer and Bible Study, and giving more clarity to what God is saying to us. Thank You Lord for Your life in and through Lance Wallnau and his wife….As One……

  16. I heard some of the same things in prayer and can confirm part of this. It came across a little differently. It feels like the Lord is showing Lance an emerging trend.

    About the changing of the guard. What I heard was that the changing of the guard in heaven that Lance saw mirrors a changing of the guard on the earth. And it’s even a trend all over the earth. As I heard it, there’s one group of humans that God wants to bring up, and a second group of humans is holding them back. In the group that God wants to bring up, not everyone cares about God. But -everyone- who is after what God wants is going to move up with this group. Like Daniel riding up with Nebuchadnezzar and then back up with Cyrus. Daniel only KNEW one thing that God wanted (in those days)- just to eat kosher! And he didn’t understand it, but he did it to show God that he was after God’s heart, and he got promoted. And God continually promoted David the shepherd boy until he had control all the way to the Euphrates River, and David was a man after God’s own heart, which shall fulfill all His will, and I have that these two were not a coincidence.

    I asked, if you want the church atop the seven mountains, how come we aren’t there? How come we didn’t take over during the Healing Revival, or during The Moral Majority? You’d think we’d be there by now! How come most of the church people I know are still where they’ve always been? He said, they stopped doing what I wanted. Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter into my heaven, but only he who DOES THE WILL of my Father which is in heaven. So if there’s a door in heaven, and you want to enter it…

    The thing is, I always thought I was in the group that God wants to bring up, just because it made me feel good to think that. (And I made excuses when it didn’t happen!) But He said, “Are you sure you know what I want?” I’d been assuming I knew what God wants and never bothered to ask Him. When you see one group take the place of the other, take the seat of the other, all over the nation and the world, you’ll know. But it would be SO much better to get the hot word from God NOW, and get on board.

    About the heightened level of prophetic perception, I had that you can get that NOW. This is like a call for volunteers from God, saying, “is anyone interested in doing something for me? do you want to be a part of this thing I want to do?” You don’t have to be a mucky-muck for this, God is going into the highways and byways for people like me and you and anyone! Does that encourage you like it did me?

  17. This is very similar to the word I received early Thursday morning.
    “God’s word on your lips cannot be restrained in any way. It will accomplish the purpose for which He sent it – neither man nor devil can stop it. Remain quick to listen, and slow to speak – by listening intently you will procure understanding so that you can do exactly what the word is guiding you to do. I sense that it is a different season we are entering into – a season for many in the body of Christ – Father is opening new doors of opportunity which cannot be closed but He is also closing other doors that will not be re-opened. He has given you the wisdom to know which doors to walk away from and which doors to walk through. It’s a season to listen closely to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He says “this is the way – walk in it” He is the governor of every aspect of your life and He is absolutely brilliant for He searches out even the deep things of God and also shows us things to come.

  18. This describes what I have been going through. You also confirmed that the door of heaven is open. I have been saying it, my pastor just preached it this past Sunday and now you are confirming it. How great it is to hear what the Holy Spirit is telling God’s children. The attacks have been many. I am ready for break through.

  19. does anybody just want to make it through an hour without a besetting sin, addiction, hang-up? open doors sound wonderful but what if just living is a challenge.

  20. Very very helpful! I know that I am about ready to walk through that open door. And I know I must go up to go through. In the last 13 months I have been vexed and harrased on everyside. But I know that those things are falling off and I am going UP and going UP FAST!!!

  21. I like the comment “…strength of our inner man; our capacity to go up and go through the door of transition into a new anointing…” The “Anointed One” Christ is strengthening us. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I love it when Truth intersects with daily reality in Christ. I feel this shift and receive this rhema word. Thanks Lance.

  22. This is NOW in our lives today! Just more confirmatiin …which strengthens us to keep on keeping on…moving forward…up and toward! Thsnk you!

  23. I understand what you are saying, but how does one actually “go up and into the door”? By praying in the Spirit? Wouldn’t the Holy Spirit bring you up?

  24. Interesting that the door is in the same chapter where we see the 7-fold Spirit (nature) of God revealed – Rev 4:5. It’s not enough to know about the 7 mountains or all the 7’s in scripture, so the open door is an invitation to know God Himself – who is the God of all the 7’s in scripture and creation – which is made in the image of His 7-fold nature. Those who go beyond the 7’s in creation (on Earth) to know the God, the Father actually, of the 7’s (in Heaven) will be promoted and part of the changing of the guard the Lord is bringing about. This may be obvious to many but is an important distinction for me – someone who often focuses on the revelation vs the Rrevelator” or the teaching vs the Teacher. Those who KNOW their God will do great exploits! (Daniel 11:32)

  25. Wow..perfect timing just arrived in my e-mail. Working on a psych ward I am a seasoned warrior, But this present darkness is unreal! Recently I have had more fear related to co workers than my unstable patients. There have been times when I have actually seen demon spirits on my co workers! These are nano second events but the first time I was internally terrified, It was a seriously perverted sexual demon spirit on a coworker! Yuck!!! I am like wow Jesus….help .. overload..Fortunately I knew ” Everything I needed was already with in me.” I also had training on ” changing my focus in a heart beat!” Great tools! I have actually been praying for protection from the people I work with!. The Holy Spirit has been prompting me to pray : “God please promote me in your Kingdom of Heaven as it is on earth.”. More recently hearing, “look up. look up.” I am enjoying some much needed time off work and today, working on my yard I am looking up and saying..Jesus I need more, I want more, prepare me and may I handle my assignment with Holy Spirit power! Then tonight I get the message via your email/ blog… Look up..go up…go through…. God your amazing! As are you as well Lance! I am majorly encouraged and validated.Did I say I am lifted up? Should have…coming to a neighborhood near you!:) Hope I can keep my feet on the ground while I am using spiritual powers to do my next assignment in the natural! Gods Best to All!:)

  26. This is right on, Lance! In the first week of May, I woke up with the words, “sweeping of the atmosphere,” and later stumbled on Isaiah 28:15-19. God is moving and we must step up in the spirit and respond to this visitation.

  27. This helps SO MUCH to keep the momentum going in the right direction!!! Such encouragement and prompting is needed when our prior experience has taught us the opposite of what you said here… THANK YOU AGAIN, LANCE!!! Another wonderful and insightful post!!!

  28. I’m through! It is incredible what I can see now that I am on the other side! Yes; the door is open, the voice is calling, the timing IS now!

  29. Lance, that is empowering connects with my spirit. My wife received a word the other night “Get your tail out of the door” The next afternoon the next word came “So I can close it” The moment we move our entire being out of the old season we go upward and forward through the door to the new season. God is able close the door to the old so we can start the adventure to the new.
    Kingdom blessings,

  30. Thanks so much Lance ! I have been sensing this for some time now ! And this is where we are supposed to be, together, as one ! That is how the Godhead moves ! Together, As One ! I have seen them . It was Powerful to say the least !

  31. Major season of wrestling, the same ten minutes comment was right on. Also seems Bi-Polar. One minute I seem great, ten minutes later, I’m dirt. Thanks for sharing this word. Exciting!

  32. Connected with you when you used to be on Praise the Lord on TBN. I respected the prophetic Word in your mouth. You always seemed to give me a ‘now’ word. I find that everytime I am about to enter a new season, we connect. Again your word confirms things the Lord has been speaking to my heart. Have been writing about this issue of change of seasons for the Body for a while now. Thanks for always confirming God’s word to me. Ck

  33. I feel the shift and I’m asking God to show me which mountain he wants me to “take” so I’m in the path of moving to other realms. I love the sense and timing of this move of God. Praise God from ALL blessing flow!!!

  34. Hi Lance, this really stirs up my spirit so I want to know on a practical level, does one go up and through using our imagination to enter that place? I really want to go and I know it’s real, just need some practical help. Thanks!

  35. Wow!! I really needed to hear this today. Have been experiencing tremendous warfare.. Thanks for sending me this message!! Forever Greatful!

  36. I heard you speak one Sunday in Calgary, Canada. Your words correspond to my then present situation. I easily caught your lead with convergence. I have gained much through your insight. I’ve become strong and clear in what I see and how I hear in the spirit. I sense it’s alignment that’s happening in me. Great peace and comfort is to hear you and other God’s prophets agree, thank-you.

  37. What, a profound and accurate word for what is happening in my life as well as encouragement to press in and press on!

  38. This is a confirmation to my spirit. All yesterday, I was hearing in my heart “It is time!” Not only for us, but nations. WE SAY YES, TAKE US UP!

  39. Thank you … i now understand …the season of wrestling has come to an end…the waiting is for this new season ..SPRING.!!! INTO SUMMER..i am ready for HIS WORK in my work place..thanks Lance !!!

  40. Yes. I am in total agreement with this word. Furthermore, the 4th chapter of Revelation has been my favorite chapter in the book thus far. For, it grants us a preview and a taste of the throne room of Almighty God.

  41. Dear Lance, Thank you for this word. 1st time poster, long time listener. Ive been so blessed by your blogs. They have helped through a lot and given me vision and hope.That battle has been tough recently as you say, but He has been so faithful & redeeming, chastising and building up. Even this one was so for me even down to the last sentence (we had a US pastor visit our UK church today who used to be a wrestler).I left the service – logged on – read this. Isnt it funny sometimes how He puts it all together for you……yet we still worry. Thank God for the process and lets not despise it!!

  42. Lancd, this is the 3rd or 4th time in the past week I have encountered this message in Revelation about “coming up to the open door.” Right after reading your article I heard a message on John 8 by Max Lucado. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is foundational in there, that the weight of accusation brought on by this world is lifted through Christ. It was Jesus’ stooping down that allows us to come up. This may seem obvious to some but if we check in with our need to prove things to others or any depression about our identity in the world we may find we have yet to embrace in our spirit the principle of True Grace which lifts us up through no effort of our own.

  43. Absolutely right on! This morning I felt a double tap on my right shoulder and thought it was my husband waking me up and just about that time I heard a small bell ring! When I came to my senses and realized that my husband was sleeping, it became clear to me that the Father woke me up and wanting me to come and spend time with HIM.
    I opened my Ipad to look for a quick confirmation of a job my husband is waiting hear about and there was your BLOG! When I saw the statement of a HEAVEN DOOR being open I KNEW THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD!
    IT IS RIGHT BANG ON FOR US! THANK YOU SO MUCH LANCE… You are definitely a man that God is using in a fresh way and and powerful prophetic teacher! Continue in the ANNOINTING !

  44. I agree Lance, I know your destiny is to be one of the “voices” preparing the body of Christ for the next awesome phase of taking back the promised land from the enemy by equipping the saints for battle in the spiritual realm. I travel worldwide and see this taking place everywhere I go. The Lord is preparing those who hear and see “His will” to take back the land stolen by the enemy. I am one of those men who will go for Him and take back the land and treasure stolen by the enemy and put those resources back to work in the Kingdom of God on earth. You my friend, are our “clarion call” minister sounding the call to go forth and conquer. You are truly a blessing to all who hear your words of wisdom and strength.

  45. This brought confirmation and clarity to me! Thank you. How exactly do I position myself to go up and through from where I am?

  46. This was very encouraging, especially the last sentence concerning the weights and restrictions as I had just prayed the day before telling God I felt restricted in the season and prayed for breakthrough.

  47. I leave on Thursday for a prayer pilgrimage to encounter God in Ireland’s “thin places.” This word is so timely for our group. I just emailed the link to all 14 pilgrims from our church. Thanks for sending this.

  48. You are reading my mail. Thank you. This really helped me understand what is going on in my life right now.

  49. Encouraging. The Lord asked me last night to come up into heaven and sit with him as he had much to share with me. I am going through the door by His strength & power to be closer (with) him

  50. This is beyond timely for me personally and confirming in numerous ways of what God has been speaking to me….it’s coming from that place of intimacy, there’s a sense of urgency (in a good way), major transitions, and do not be alarmed or dismayed by hidden times. Thank you!

  51. Dear Lance,

    You never fail to encourage me. Thank you for this word and for ministering today at Pastor Jerome’s church. This is a now word for the church and really has spoken to me.

    God bless you more.

  52. I have wanted to thank you for a long time for your CD teaching on Favor! I have listened to each CD about 50 times and I’ve even taught some of it, (knowledge, illumination, revelation, manifestation, etc)!! What a blessing you are to the body!

  53. OMG ! I had a vision in a womens retreat to lake Junaluska 2 weeks ago, that matches up perfectly with this! I saw a door jam and on the left side appeared a dark blurr and Gods hand guided her through the doorway. As she stepped through the door jam…out came a New Bride in a white wedding gown on the other side !!!! It was sooo beautiful ! The bride of Christ !

  54. We are less than 3 months from the ‘Head of the Year’ celebration of the Jewish year 5774. This year coming is Ayin-Dalet, the ‘Year of the Door’
    which has many rich meanings. Ayin opened the opportunity to ‘choose’ how you will see the opportunities before you. The pictograph for Dalet looks something like a closed (hanging) tent door. As a door or gate(way), Dalet symbolically representing the choice to open ourselves to the hope of our dreams, or to remain closed off and alienated. It also means entrance to knowledge and wisdom; it represents lowliness and the consciousness of possessing nothing of ones own self.

    Another insight is that Yeshua was from the tribe of Judah. Interestingly, the name for the tribe of Judah (yehudah) contains every letter of Jesus (Yeshua) except for the letter Dalet, suggesting that the door to the Lord would come through Judah, which we know means PRAISE.

    In summary, we are entering a time where new doors are opening before us; as we ascend in praise and worship we can choose to ‘come up here’ and see the new opportunities God has set before us and to know that He is giving fresh insight, wisdom and knowledge to succeed in this coming season! We are definitely living in exciting days…thanks Lance for sharing!

  55. WOW!
    I have a question, please.

    2 nights ago I heard this Word:
    “…Step back, come up here and view your life from the heavenly perspective.”

    On 5/26 I heard:
    “Lift up your head, My love. I AM here, above your burdens… COME UP HERE!”

    So, HOW do we “come up here”? Do we envision ourselves there? Do we enter through worship? And how do we remain there?

    Thank you for your ALWAYS INSPIRING teachings! You are amazing!


  56. I just had a dream showing me that I was about to go through a door. On the other side was a clear blue sky, not fog that I was walking through. On the other side I was running, not walking.

  57. Thank you for confirming that “The door is opened…the voice is calling…the timing is now”. I’ve been meditating intensely in Revelation because of a message by Peter Demetris titled “Voice of the Last Trump” saying that faith is hearing, hope is seeing and love is voice because there is no love without expression. Also, the last few months I’ve been hearing the Spirit say to me that I need a more mature image of love, therefore, all the more reason to meditate in the Book of Revelation as it is all about Love & Covenant!

  58. Yes, that is an on time word for me. I just gave yesterday my first motivational speech for a women’s tea. It went really well according to the feedback from the ladies. People don’t realize how much goes into putting it together in prayer and listening to God on what He wants said. He stretched me and it happened because another speaker cancelled out from speaking.

  59. Yes, Lance, this word is very helpful to me now. As I have been reading through it, I have been praying, even declaring parts of it for my life. It’s re-emphasizing what He’s been speaking to me of late, that He is going to bring forth His plans, purposes, and desires here on earth as in heaven. So, indeed, past performance will not disqualify me or any of His people.

  60. Back in 2010, I had a vision of a man holding a sign that said ” THE OPEN DOOR” Someone also had a dream of me seeing the open door, this morning I was pondering on that vision and a word that was given to me in my sleep March 23. “When Time Meets Destiny There Is Action. There Is Electrifying Power That Gives Rebirth And Brings New Life. I often wonder When LORD? This word has encouraged me. although I often wonder how do we walk through the door? It’s not by what I can do by any means right? It is only the Spirit on God who can take us higher and have us walk through the open door.I’ve waited, searched, meditated, prayed and I’m still waiting. So how do I go through?

  61. Yes! This the word in season. You are a true man of God and I thank you for being obedient to share this nugget. I know that this word will forever change my life and will post a testimony:)

  62. Very timely; we have always preached and sought a lifestyle of intimacy and find our leadership team in tension over direction. There are generational tensions involving ‘style’; community vs waiting on God. We don’t want to hinder what God births in the next generation and we don’t want to so horizontal in relationships that we neglect seeking His face. Tough sledding right now. Word you brought helps us realize it is in the atmosphere

  63. “Something’s brewing in the heavens; something’s stirring in the clouds”…I keep “hearing” this repeatedly….beginning almost audibly on the morning before the F5 tornado in Moore, OK…I sense there has been incredible spiritural warfare going on in the heavenlies as prayers of Saints are rising…ex. Daniel’s prayer being delayed as Gabriel and Michael the archangels were opposed by the “Prince of Persia”…

    “Knowing” we are “seated in heavenly places in Christ” and “seeing” ourselves as being seated there are 2 different things…We must spiritually discern spiritual things….cannot discern them naturally…Must position ourselves on “Ressurrection Ground” and stand firm…
    No ‘crown’ without a cross’; no ‘resurrection'(Life) without a death(self-life);
    Yes, we must look ‘up’ and move through this open door in heaven…
    definitely a spiritual ‘higher’ Way….Jesus….
    Brenda Brown

  64. The SHIFT has shifted into warp speed! Quantum physics and new biomedical discoveries are confirming a transition in earths magnetics and sensitive ones are accelerating into an unkown before area of Christ Consciousness.

  65. Hi Lance
    I have been following you for almost two years. The 7 Mountain Revelation impacts me to the core. I will be sitting under your teaching before the end of the year. I sit under the preaching and guidance of Pastors Jim and Jacinta Collins from Harvest Outreach here in St.Thomas Ontario. I just visited the Moravian Settlement grounds today in Ontario after church at Barbara Yoders’s in Ann Arbor Michigan. It has been a great day. I am stepping toward and into my destiny and look forward to your help in developing as a mature Evangelist after ordination and commissioning on June 21 of this month. Preparing for service as a servant of the most high God!

  66. One of the actresses for the movie I wrote and am directing this summer almost died the day after the first table read. She lost her memory completely. It seemed as though the movie was not to be. Another actor after hearing all of this took on a role in a stage play so she could keep working.
    The Lord had me to pray in a specific manner over this. In 24 hours things completely changed. The ill actor suddenly had her memory ‘come back online.’ (the word I received for this situation) The other actor was able to back out of her play. On the way home from the hospital, the actress said she still wanted to do the movie and that she needed to go through what she just went through in order for her to bring a greater depth of realism to her performance.
    Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.
    In the mean time while waiting, I had some amazing writing breakthroughs where the clarity for these screenplays was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.
    I met with the Producer today and we are back on track to start filming in Aug.
    The verse that came to me was from where the siege had been laid to the city and the people were eating their young in order to survive. I don’t recall the exact verse but something to the effect of, ‘in 24hours the price of ____ will be____’ meaning that in one day everything you see before you will change. This was a fight that I had quite honestly had given up on. Yet, time after time, I was given encouragement to keep going, only to have something else dashed and taken away. And now, we are moving forward. We all knew this was destiny and we all agree that no one else can make this because we were destined to do this. Not sure if this relates to this from Dr. Wallnau or not but I felt like I needed to share this.

  67. Great! I am sure you have received thousands of comments with the same comment. This is truly a valuable and confirmed word from God. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Body of Christ!

  68. I can’t tell you how much these emails mean to me. They help me to keep my “balance”. There is such a tendency to look too much on natural things and try to solve the problems naturally. But this will wear you out! Thanks for keeping my focus where it needs to be.

  69. I had a recent vision of a staircase to heaven. It’s spiral and to some point it had a door on top but not the one like on earth. I did not notice the door before, only the spiral stairs UP. But now that you mentioned it, I think there is a semi-door on top of that staircase in that vision! This is amazing! 🙂

  70. Last month a preacher from Nigeria that I’d never met before looked at me and said, “The Lord has a new strength for you. Things are shifting for you and you will need greater strength for this next season in your life.” Then last week I was promoted to Pastor with my own church. Your word is absolutely prophetic, timely and necessary!

  71. Amen. Thank you Lance. Setting up a business and facing so much resistance. This is a timely word. Focusing on core training for our daughter who is an athlete and when Lance you emphasised – “More specifically, our promotions are now connected to the strength of our inner man; our capacity to go up and go through the door of transition into a new anointing and new season of harvest.” This is a word for me and my family! We are going through! It is our season. Glory to God.

  72. Yes Lance. I did not clearly recognize the step up to the next dimension but thank you I do now and I am eagerly waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God in the heavenly realm.(including myself) I feel strongly drawn toward this closer intimacy with the Godhead. With great respect and also great confidence I look forward to closer “ties with my loving “Daddy” and His Precious Son and Spirit. I expect to be more effective on earth and to be able to bring release and freedom to many. Roger Drummond Gold Coast Australia.

  73. Hi Lance! had exactly that same word posted to me from gloryofzion a word from Barbara Yoder, Heavens timing!. Thank you for being who you are, it says more than what a book can write!

  74. Lance,,, I always enjoy reading about the prophetic movements of our Father, but I don’t see how the all links to a greater amount of Grace.

  75. YES!!! Thank you Lance….I have been feeling the same things going on…great promise and then the resistance. Believing for a shift for me and His church for the “Spirit of Live In Christ to be active” instead of the same old, same old. I got a prophetic word at the VOP this spring of a major upgrade coming personally and I am believing for it!!!
    LUV YOU Lance…Keep up the awesome work!!!

  76. Troubles for sure are there, along with sufferings one would never wish to go under. The strength to lift one’s eyes, not even to rise up and go forward seems to be nowhere, or at least not in me. I do understand that I’ve entered a brand new season. Yet the entrance was so painful I’m still struggling to breathe and gather some strength. I don’t know how but He will help me go up and go through. Blessings Lance

  77. On Saturday, a friend commented on her aching hip that it felt as though she had been wrestling with God over her destiny just as Jacob had wrestled. I immediately got a picture of one leg extended to the heavenlies and the other firmly planted on the ground. I knew the Lord would give me more on this and He did! Your blog was a wow! He extended my picture and I saw that the foot on the ground was shackled and chained. He said we don’t go up and through because we perceive that we are shackled from our destiny by this or that circumstance. When I viewed the ankle from the other side, however, the shackle was open because of what Jesus did. We are already free…behold He does a new thing. See it there? Spring UP and through to your new season.

  78. Lance,
    I agree 100% with your thoughts and interpretation. We have been given the assignment of reaping the harvest through the marketplaces of this world. In order to fulfill this we must be operating in all seven mountains simultaneously in the same generation. God revealed to me that the harvest could be reaped in a ten to twelve year period when we apply the principle of the seven mountains.The Lord showed me (when I was in the spirit before His throne) that He would give us a ten to twelve year period to accomplish the assignment. The time frame he showed to me is as follows.
    Now for a period of (1) year windows of opportunity are open to us.
    Year 2 & 3, doors of opportunity are opened to us.
    Years 4,5,6,7 the walls come down and we have an open heaven with God’s favor to take the marketplaces of this world.
    Year 8 & 9, We are back to the opportunity of doors only.
    Year 10 on, Only windows of opportunity exisit.
    God said that if we will listen to His direction we would become the Armies of The Lord and would form an unstoppable unmovable force upon this earth to reap the greatest harvest this world has even witnessed. God has released Favor to the saints allowing us entrance to the marketplace. The Lord also showed me that He would quicken time on our behalf. What would have taken 6 weeks in the natural to produce or obtain He would do in 6 hours. The He said, “Ken I will do in 6 hours what would have taken you 6 months in the natural to do. And finally The Lord said, Ken there will come a time that i will do in 6 hours what would have taken you six years for thses are the days of promoting My Children through the working of the supernatural”.

    Ken Birdsall

    • Just wondering about the time frames you have stated, what years correspond to what you are saying. Is 2013 year 1?

  79. Yes!Thank-you for clarifying the confusion my husband and I have been feeling.the intensity was overwhelming.Now we know what has been going on.So exciting!Thank-you for this very timely word.

  80. Lance – ALWAYS find what you share timely! So encouraging! So challenging! Never wishy washy or sugar coated! You speak to people who want to grow up in the Lord, and I appreciate you! Thank You

  81. I receive your message as coming from the Lord. I have personally experience a tremendous spiritual opposition that has affected every area of my it’s over. I believe this a Rama Word from the God! Thanks for your words of encouragement. Blessings!

  82. I can definitely identify with this. I have been praying for ten years to return to a law firm as an Administrator and a door has opened for an interview this Wednesday.

  83. This is an amazing and timely word and I thank you for sharing it. you put in words what I am living… my life scripture is Rev 3:8 Behold I have put before you an ope door which no man can shut, because you have little power and have kept my word and not denied my name.

  84. “You must go up to go through” is a great word. I really like,”In Revelation when John looked and saw the open door, it was “standing” not moving. It was in “heaven” not on earth. This is a door made available in the spirit realm-right over your existing situation”. There’s a need to become more 3rd heaven minded. The door in heaven is OPEN not closed.

  85. As a Kim Clement warrior (!), this word is v. familiar to me ~ I even still have a ’06 CD of his where he is expounding on this. And now you put a fresh “today” spin on it for me! I just downloaded your book, and want you to know that as soon as I began reading it the Spirit was speaking it to me! That is definitely me. I have been feeling stuck and imprisoned, invisible, rejected, ignored, and like I’m falling asleep on this launching pad! Can’t wait to read more of your book, but wanted to tell you this asap first. Thank you so much Lance for making this available. I have had prophetic words and dreams declaring the end of lack for me, that spirits of poverty have left my house, yet continue to wait for the manifestation . . . I am typing this at a library as I have no computer! Nevertheless, I choose to believe His word and declare He is FAITHFUL! Many blessings – you are awesome and so much appreciated, shalom, Deborah (God has told me through his prophets at leats twice that I have the mantle of Deborah by the way :}).

  86. Lance, I have made a habit of reading your stuff, I sense a wisdom in what you share and how much you share. I agree, the open heaven is here and as heirs we have rights and privileges in the Kingdom. When you say it’s a time of more grace and increase it makes my heart glad. I am now understanding that our Identity in Christ as sons and daughters qualifies us for the inheritance. I am not sure how much of the church has come INTO THEIR IDENTITY. But the ones who have are extending grace and truth to brothers and sisters still operating from the old wineskin. The love being released wipes out all objections, making the transition into Kingdom thinking a more sure thing. The sons and daughters are being revealed as they pass through the heavenly door of grace. The world and indeed all creation stands still holding their collective breath as the Kingdom rises in the earth. Thanks for all your hard work.

  87. Yes, Lance your insights are exactly where my husband and I are right now….I love hearing your prophetic insights and encouragement. Thank you and Blessings!

  88. June 1st i dreamed i was with a group of people , as i looked into the sky it appeared to be night , as i continued to look up a portal opened, a opening into the heavens, i grabbed the people and we huddled under the open heaven. i prayed over the saints Sunday morning at our intercessors meeting, and declared open heaven over them . we are anticipating a move of his glory as never known before,

  89. This spoke to me, wow. Same word I am getting and feeling. Just closed our church down & having a church sabbatical and left my high pressure job in Health. Sensing heightened angelic and Holy Spirit presence with favor, clarity and surrender. Been through many years of intense trials but its changing, like Abraham going to The Place. Time of complete trust, future specifics unsure but much bigger focus, bigger picture towards world events and increasing spiritual warfare raging for humanity and creation. Time to go up higher above the warfare and into Presence to work from the seat of rest and Glory. Thank you so much keep it coming. Katrina Atkin, Australia.

  90. I’m pretty gratefull to God to let you teach us how to keep the vision, keep the focus. It was very helpfull to realize all the circumtances and also about the last season. I’ll will go through (and stay through) this open door!

  91. This completely flows with this season in our life – the attacks, but also the pressing in that I’ve been feeling that the Lord is calling me to do – to be able to appropriate ALL that He has for me. IT’s not for the passive, but it’s also what He’s offering if we’ll accept His gift of the spirit and of power & anointing!!!

  92. thank you. it was confirmation. I wrote a song ‘there’s a door that’s open, so come on up, come on up, come on up and see” ..several years ago…and have been asking…when will the door be open….and have been feeling that it is open now….

  93. This is so true, This season is sooo tough I am without a job (looking) the mortgage bill to be paid, I’m reminding Jesus of His promises. But I also know that my spirit is perfect and everything was giving to me at the cross, so it is connecting with my Spirit also knowing that as Jesus is so I’m I in this world, so focusing on who I truly AM. And I tell you It’s rough. The good news is Jesus said I have overcome the world, so that means so have I.
    Thanks Lance

  94. This has been one of those insights I thought important enough to pass on to my FB contacts. Thank you

  95. First, thank you for this, but also, thank you for your free eBook which I just finished reading. I’ll definitely be ordering a nice journal. Your content about seasons explained quite a few things that I was hazy on after listening to other speakers talk about them. Clarification and direction. Perfecto! You are clearly the John Wooden of business discipleship. My wife and I feel less alone because of your work.

  96. Lance and Annabelle Wallnau, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A RADICAL AND POWERFUL WORD, IT’S LIFE CHANGING!!! Excited to share it with my team…KILLER SHEEP ON THE ROAD!!! 🙂

  97. Lance,
    I have felt as if I have been wearing a heavy coat- like the one used
    as a protective shield when x rays are taken at the dentist office. I have been weary and heavy laden- NO LONGER! “YOU MUST
    GO THROUGH” has begun my journey to freedom and understanding
    of what is happening to me in the season. I have been beyond blessed! Sylvia FooSum

  98. I have my eyes firmly fixed on the Lord so that I am able to enter into the fullness of the destiny God has for me. This is so exciting to hear.
    Bless you and Annabelle

  99. Thank you much for sharing this Lance!
    It is Blessing me, I’ve read this over and over and my heart leaps for JOY at the hearing of “a changing of the guard.” . . . the atmosphere has shifted and the angelic realm is upgrading all around you!” and the seemingly violent shifts of atmosphere”. The physical and spiritual colliding! Also makes me think of the phrase, “There’s a New Sheriff in Town!”
    This blog affirms the hunger for more of The Lord, The Holy Spirit and The Word!
    Thank you again for sharing!

  100. Hi Lance
    This is extremely helpful. God brought to pass His promise to elevate me in high position. But there has been great opposition because first am a woman and second because I want to change things and a lot of people are not comfortable. At some point I wanted to quit and tell God He had made a mistake but reading this as I go through a season of such opposition is like water in a desert to a crawling pilgrim

  101. This is extremely helpful!!! Thank you for writing and sharing the Fayhers heart with such sensitivity and clarity. Please, keep sharing what you sense emerging in this now season!
    Gods favour on you, always!!!

  102. Lance, thanks for the “rhema word.” I needed to hear this, right now! I am
    feeling the shift in the Spirit realm, and it has touched down on planet earth. While the war wages I am believing that it will shift our current position to be the head and not the tail. We need a breakthrough!!!!!

  103. This message was and is a very timely encouragement and inspiration to me. Moreso, it’s a tremendous blessing to know that “someone else” particularly in leadership, shares such a kindred spirit in current revelations of heaven in our lives, here on earth! Praise God! My heart is fed, full, and craves so much more of this. Thank you, Lance!

  104. Absolutely these teachings are helpful! We’ve been hearing transition, transition, transition and your word just confirms it. Up and through!!!

  105. I can see this happening…. My plans to do Ministry with someone.. was totally dismantled.. and I am on my own again.. but I am now very excited to see what God is about to do.. I wish this person well in what he does.. and know that God again protected me from a relationship that could have ended worse then it did.. Bless you, Margene/Sunwhisp …

  106. Very encouraging. The battle has been as you described. Good to get a clear picture of what is happening in the heavens.

  107. Praise the Lord. Only ONE Voice is calling behind the door!
    I recalled growing up in a small village, and my mother’s voice would come from behind the door whenever dinner is ready. Yes, Dr Lance, God is calling us “UP” to have feasting with Him … the timing is NOW.

  108. Wow, Lance this word was right on for me. Felt all the shifting, ya, sometimes in the same few hours! Felt everything you wrote about. I was even reading the Book of Revelation this week and then got your e-mail! Can’t get more right on than that! It was a blessing to connect with what you wrote and that you wrote about it. Keep seeking….

  109. Seems right on, I have been going through this time you mention and just a few hours ago I saw a swallow fly by, it was flying lower that the others so I looked up and it had jumbled weeds hanging off its’ underside, they were not in its mouth. I noted as it flew with the others it was slower and could not fly as high, they flew back towards me. The one that was weighed down with the weeds could not get much higher than the cars I went over to it and called it quietly hoping it would stop perchance and let me take the weeds off so it wouldn’t be hurt and could fly like the others like it was meant to fly…high, fast and swooping; but it didn’t stop, it flew away. I felt the Lord say come here let me help you take off what is encumbering you, don’t be afraid, still yourself until I take off the things that are holding you back… So yes your word is timely. Thank you

  110. Thank you so much Lance for this insight. I’ve read and taught this passage many times, yet you certainly opened up some things to me. Bless you.

  111. Today I saw an overhead door company & know it was God, I was reminded of Yeshua who never had a ceiling and the one ceiling He had was torn off that one might be lowered through. So I opened my sun roof and expectantly peered through…remove from your chosen people all ceilings Ps 20 Matt 6 Thank you for overhead doors!

  112. As I have said before every time you make a post it seems to be exactly what I need. Being a Chaplain and a Pastor I use this post to help those who are both in prison and out!

  113. Great teacher this Lance, one can learn lots from his insights, he is another Derek Prince and so clear in his understanding, now is the time to learn from this great man of God.

  114. Yessir you guys are right on the pulse of what we’ve been experiencing in the spirit realm! I am ready to go up and go through!
    “Further up and further in.” -C.S. Lewis from Prince Caspian

  115. This is a very good post. Some points on going up & going through would be good. Actually, I’m thinking some personal shared applications so that we might be encouraged with you. and then with ourselves.

  116. What does success at this task look like? I seem to feel conflict in the Spiritual realm in my gut as an emotion something like anxiety. Does this mean that I am not in the glory realm or is this just the feeling states associated with warfare?

  117. Great items from you, man. I have be aware your
    stuff previous to and you’re just extremely excellent. I actually like what you’ve bought right here, certainly like what you’re saying and the best way wherein you say it. You make it entertaining and you continue to take care of to stay it sensible. I cant wait to learn much more from you. This is really a wonderful site.

  118. Have you ever considered creating an e-book or
    guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based on the same information you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know
    my visitors would enjoy your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e mail.

  119. I’m experiencing some degree of this now in my current position working with special-needs adults who are tormented by demonic spirits in many cases. My frustration is that I know this is not my Convergence Zone but I do have moments of convergence in my current assignment and a definite increase in grace to do what I have to do each day. The Lord also gives me opportunities to minister the word to leaders on a conference call every few months and this feels like my convergence zone every single time including the feedback that I receive immediately on the call after I minister the word.

  120. Wow Lance, you are truly gifted and I thank God for the gifts He has given you in order to touch us. This really resonated with me. Thank you and bless you!

  121. I want to go up and through:::::
    Which means to me personally that if im going to write a booklet that encompasses my love for God…His love for me…..and the closeness, I must sit withGod in the heavenlies for awhile until I hear God’s words said to me….Im waiting Lord….Word of God speak!!!!

  122. Love this! I have had several dreams & prophetic words spoken over me about open doors. This powerful revelation aligns perfectly with what God has been speaking to me & showing me. Thank you Lance for sharing God’s revelation with us!

  123. Lance,
    This scripture has come before me many times through the years but I don’t know HOW to go up into that door.
    The replies below are from 2013 so I assume that’s when you released this blog entry but I have recently been given a word about promotion and upgrade so I’m thinking this OPEN DOOR may be a NOW word for me in 2019.
    Please tell me HOW to get up into it.
    In 2014 I was given a prophetic word that there was some unfinished ministry work on my father’s side.
    In 2005 I found out that the father who raised me was not my biological father and I didn’t think that this prophetic word was concerning THAT father ( knowing his family ) but I didn’t know who my bio father was or anything about him to know IF this WORD was concerning him.
    In 2018 I found him and have come to find out through his relatives that he ‘ contemplated becoming a priest ‘ but never did. I believe this was a call of God on his life that he didn’t fulfill.
    Here is an excerpt from the WORD: …….because this is the destiny I have for you and even as there’s been the call of a pastor and the call into ministry that’s come down in your bloodline it’s not been finished and I’m gonna work that work within your heart so make yourself prepared and make yourself trainable…. Earlier in the WORD it mentioned God having a covenant with my G-Grandfather and Grandfather.
    It was apparently passed on to my father but he didn’t fulfill it either. I don’t want to fail God. I want to bring this thing home and hear God say to me ” Well done good and faithful son of mine. Enter into the joy of the Lord. ”
    I’ve seen you at Morningstar many times. I live near there.
    I like your revelation about Trump and Cyrus.

  124. what about using gods temple he gavd us? Perhaps all he will make whole again is the quickening of our mortal body? If the same spirit …. God made us imortal. He made us mortal for a time. Ask Melchezidek*

  125. what about using gods temple he gave us? Perhaps he will make us whole again by the quickening of our mortal body? If the same spirit …. God made us imortal. He made us mortal for a time. Ask Melchezidek* We have Gods temple…….stop thinking in sunday school mindset …..

  126. This word really stuck with me. I know when I receive a word— it went straight to my heart I couldn’t shake it off!