What Nobody Told You About Sex

Is a “soul tie” blocking true intimacy in your life?

It might make a big difference in people’s lives if they understood that the soul is a spiritual part of the human anatomy.

James 2:26 explains that, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” Your “inner man” or “spiritual man” is comprised of  your human spirit and your soul. The moment this inner man leaves the body, death occurs.  Let’s dig deeper.

Your soul is actually a living spiritual part of you. It is where your mind, will, and emotions—your spiritual energy—is located.

If you ever go to a funeral, you will notice that when there is an open casket, the deceased doesn’t look like a person sleeping. It is so obvious to me when I look. The body is like a clay vessel; the spirit that animates it has gone.  

The reason I say this is because I want to talk to you about the power of soul ties.  

Why is this important?

1. You are a spiritual being in a physical body. Even as your body can connect with something physical, your soul can connect with someone else. During the act of sexual intimacy, the two become one (Genesis 2:24). This is one of the mischiefs of sex. The consequences of soul ties has not been effectively taught in this generation.

2. Your soul can be bound to another. When two pieces of paper are glued together, no matter how carefully they are pulled apart, each side has fragments from the other that remain stuck to it. When you have multiple physical partners, you have multiple parts of you that have “become one” with those partners.  It may not be that all those relationships have equal power but it is almost certain that there is a memory imprint that is hard to shake from one or more such encounters. American culture has completely collapsed on this front. Young people are stunned to hear this paradigm. It does more to clarify the Biblical call to sexual purity when seen from a different perspective.

What I encourage people to realize is that your soul is a real spiritual energy. The capacity to bond or have a “soul tie” with another person is not always bad. David and Jonathan, for instance, had a godly soul tie. Parts of you entwine, connect, and bond with others. Jesus had this holy bond with the 12 disciples and FELT IT when one of them betrayed that bond at the table.

The point is—be intentional, be careful about where you bond your emotions, where you go physically, where you go with intimacy, and how you open yourself up with another person.  The fibers become woven together, and they influence you and you influence them.  Even in physical separation, you don’t always stay apart.  

3. Soul ties can hinder or delay God’s destiny for your future relationships. These individuals who were once close to you can linger in the memory of your soul. In many deliverance sessions where I’ve helped people get remarkably free, they recognize that parts of their soul are attached to other people, and that they can never fully give themselves to the relationship they are in until certain ties are broken.

When you are able to identify these soul ties and sources of bondage that are holding you back in life, you will be able to start moving towards your destiny and deeper in your relationship with God. If you believe that you are in bondage from lingering soul ties, here is what I suggest you do:

  • Pray to Holy Spirit and ask him to shine His light on the areas of your life that are in bondage because of a soul tie. Let Holy Spirit reveal it to you so you can name it and then identify it.
  • Break agreement with the soul tie(s). Name it and ask the Lord to remove it from you life.
  • Dedicate that part of your life back to the Lord. Give him full access to those rooms of your heart and mind.

You might have objects, or gifts, such as jewelry, for instance, from past boyfriends or girlfriends.  Take a look at it, and ask the Lord, “Is it time to get rid of it?”  If you can’t let it go—there’s a soulish tie and connection with the item.  

Consider getting rid of anything that is a trigger or a tie to neurological attachments and memories—these things are no longer meant to be a part of your heart or your life.  

Question: Do you have unholy attachments with people from your past (or your present) with whom you need to break soul ties? What is the Lord speaking to you? His heart is for you to walk in freedom.

Comment below.

As One!


P.S. Let this be a word that brings life and healing.  Shame and condemnation have NO place. Receive His forgiveness and restoration. God is a God of REDEMPTION. When submitted before Him, He WASHES ALL THINGS CLEAN.

Now is the time to surrender, cut ties, and walk in a NEW freedom!

the soul is a spiritual part of the human anatomy.-3

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89 thoughts on “What Nobody Told You About Sex

  1. I would add pornography to the list of soulish ties. The Greek for fornication is porneo and I believe there are correlations with communing with that spirit which isn’t always the hardcore visuals. It lingers in music and music videos as well.

  2. So true about how we r clay vessels. When my former husband died I was right there with him and he looked completely different when he left this realm. But, dreams I’ve had he was so full of light and life. We are wonderfully and fearfully made for sure.

  3. You talk about male to female. soul ties.
    Does this apply to Homosexual or Lesbian relationship in your opinions.
    Also in the case of rape, does soul ties apply.

    • I believe a sexual soul tie is created whenever a person GIVES himself/herself away.
      In the case of rape, when force is involved, I don’t believe a soul tie is created.
      When a person forces himself/herself on another individual, this is a selfish act where he/she has no regard for the other person. The victim of such an attack has no influence on him/her, thus the rapist is not “tied” to the victim.
      When a person is forced into a sexual act, because his/her soul has been intruded upon – TAKEN without permission, again, a soul tie has not been created.

      • As one who had gone through being forced opon, and being in a prior relationship before marriage, I can tell you that you do make a tie… But it’s not an entwining of two souls, it’s more like sandpaper has removed those fibers there is no give and take it is just take.

      • I disagree. I was forcibly raped when I was 15 and got pregnant and thrown into an unwed mother’s home, even though I was “an innocent” babe at that time, and I dream about him all the time, still 54 years later. I’ve forgiven him, etc. Haven’t seen him, but I do still dream about him.

        • Kitti, your comment is quite enlightening to me. However, I do have one question.

          What was your relationship with the person who raped you PRIOR TO the rape. Was this someone you knew to some degree or a complete stranger?

          Please know I am open to correction and always willing to learn.

          Thank you

        • I believe their is an attached spirit not the same as one of consentual sex that creates soul ties. It is one of evil violation done unto another.

  4. I fully concur with this …thank you Lance ! May God extend your borders to enrich the Body of Christ.

  5. how to form healthy bonds in healthy relationships. I heard it said that you can have unholy bonding in healthy relationships. so soul ties can be physical and emotional and there is deliverance for both.

    what else can be holding someone back in life from their destiny? what are hindrances to destiny besides ungodly soul ties.

  6. Many, many years ago I broke a soul tie with a man I was involved with. I shared with him the truth of breaking soul ties so we could both move on. We prayed together about this. He remarried. I never remarried (I have been told I can’t because of Paul’s teachings, I have been told if you repented it is under the blood and a few other interpretations…I gave it to God), dated a few men but it still bugs me that I can go months, even a year without thinking of him and no desire too..seriously….but will have a dream of him. Over the years this has frustrated me.

  7. Thank you for this writing. I truly understand the implications of having unholy soul ties. Before I was Born from Above, I too, experienced the effects and complications those soul ties create. Thank you again for speaking about this topic that the Body of Christ feels is taboo.

  8. Thanks for this clear teaching. As a therapist, I have led many people through the process of breaking soul ties that keep them tethered to sexual partners so they can know the kind of freedom you are addressing. So important! I often observe a physical change at the same time that the client is becoming free of the attachment which now enables them to form healthy boundaries and cherish themselves in a new and wholesome way! So powerful!

  9. Good article Lance. So true. You talk a lot about alignments also. What I have been sensing God tell me, is to come off of certain ministry boards that have in some ways held me back. Nothing wrong with what they are doing, just wrong for me. A possible soul tie for sure. When you are transitioning into a new season, it is amazing how what you want to come out of pops up with a little different twist to it just to keep you around. Cutting them off frees us to move on to our next season. Interesting for sure. Thanks for all you share. It is very refreshing to say the least.

  10. Lance, I also believe that even when we marry someone who has soul ties to someone else it affects our relationship, unknowingly to us as the innocent partner. Unless there is repentance from the spouse, since we are one flesh, the unity is not there and cannot be fully realized even after years of marriage. There will always feel a disconnect. Even if a spouse doesn’t leave a parent after they get married, and uses all their resources to support the parent they are bound to; to the exclusion of their own wife and children, it causes an ungodly blockage in life and relationships.

    • I have found you comments to be true. Therein we need to go through the process of unbidden these soul ties and even any attached unclean spirits…prior to marriage in the courting time.


  12. This is good. A confirmation as I just walked this out. A family funeral brought me face to face with the person of pain and rejection. For 21 years I just couldn’t seem to open my heart to another person. The key beyond what you said was to love proactivly. Walking in kindness to those who traumatized me broke a bondage off. I’m finally free to accept love again.

  13. I was really fortunate that my husband was the only person I became intimate with. My husband was a broken, used person when he became Christian, and He asked God for someone who would become his wife. Not long after, the Holy Spirit pointed me out to him. We have been married for 26 years nows, and we have weathered some rough storms and we were a shelter for each other as we kneeled in desperate prayer for God to help us through the storm – God was fabulously faithful every time. During one of those storms, I was out of town when I had a heartbreaking feeling in my chest that my husband was not doing well emotionally. I immediately left and drove home very fast. It was the first time I ever saw my husband cry when he saw me, and I wrapped him in my arms and told him everything was going to be ok. I think this is what God intended for good soul ties.

  14. An awesome ministry dealing with this in both married and single folks is Nothing Hidden Ministries- the most gentle yet powerful workshop I’ve been to- addressing exactly this and so much more. Yes and yes- thank you Lance!

  15. I am so glad to see someone else speaking on the topic of soul ties. As a minister of the gospel in the prison system for 14 years. This has been a topic that most believers and non-believer alike are blind too. Lord let this teaching reach all who need to hear to break the bondages.

  16. Lance, I was taught this at an all girl Catholic HS in my freshman year. God bless you for sharing this for all ages????

  17. Thank you, Lance, for speaking out about this subject! This is a powerful message and a major key to being able to connect to Heavenly Father – the Perfect Father who is waiting for us call on Him for help so we can be restored to a Life-giving, Joy-filled, Satisfying relationship with Father God and others!
    About 40 years ago the Spirit of the Lord showed me the scripture that unlocks this truth & changed my life. IICorinthians 6:17-7:1 There should not be a new chapter there. For, 7:1 says, “Therefore, having these precious promises.” To discover the promises we have to go back to 6:17-18, and see that the Father/Son and Father/Daughter relationship with Almighty God that we all are created for and long for cannot be enjoyed until we cut off ungodly ties of soul and spirit, living in the awesome love of the Lord.”
    When I asked Holy Spirit to show me if I had any ungodly ties, (I was a pastors wife and lived a ‘pure’ life in my mind), it didn’t take a minute for Him to reveal an ungodly tie. And, it wasn’t sexual – it was from partnering with someone in a spirit of offense against another person. This was shocking to me, but I agreed that it was a bondage and repented of the offense. He said I had a sword – the Sword of the Spirit – to use it and cut myself free of ungodly ties to all those who took offense against the leader, and asked the Lord to forgive me and cleanse my heart, and to fill me with His Love, Life, and Truth in that area of my life, and to bless the others with freedom from offense, also. I also prayed for an opportunity to share with this leader my changed heart and to bless them. (It came years later.)
    This session with the Spirit of the Lord continued for approximately 30 minutes, when He revealed to me something that happened when I was 4 years old that brought SHAME into my life. Immediately I declared forgiveness over the other person and prayed that they would be saved and made whole. Then I asked the Father to restore everything that was stolen from me at that early age. [I always felt that I was not good enough.., could never measure up…, and “Bad” – although I had strived to live a holy lifestyle.]
    Immediately the Father filled my heart with His Love, Comfort, Peace and Joy. He said I was not to blame for what happened and that He would restore all things. He anointed me with oil and clothed me with beautiful garments, and rich jewelry. He gave a fresh mantle and showed me His covenant ring for me. Abba Father told me I was His precious daughter forever. That He was pleased with me. I felt so loved; it was like getting saved and filled with the Spirit all over again – but in Greater Measure.
    And, it was so amazing when the Lord showed me Ezekiel 16:8-14, which tells the story of removing shame from Israel and clothing her in glory; and, Isaiah 61:7 -“Instead of your shame, you shall have a double portion of honor and glory!” As well as His covenant words in Hosea 2:14-23. Knowing our Heavenly Father is the Greatest Gift! It’s a Journey to come Alive in Him!
    Life is Abundant. Even in the difficult times, I am free to experience Abba Father’s Love for me and give it away to others. So, I encourage everyone to take the time to allow Holy Spirit to show you the ties that are ungodly, repent, cut them off, and be set free! He completely restores all that was stolen from you, and gives you your dignity, identity, and destiny back. Abba Father is for us; He can be trusted!!!
    To God be the Glory! He is our Ever-Present Father Who comes to Restore our inheritance!

  18. Maybe that is what is wrong? I’ve been celibate for 17 years and it seems like it is never going to change? Please pray that God will have HIS will in my life for an intimate relationship for me or not. Thank you!

  19. Awesome teaching; transparently clear. Oh that this teaching would run rampant and become the standard. Thanks Lance.

  20. I have been in a relationship with an unbeliever, Jewish, Not real serious, but fell in a trap. It’s distant relationship it’s not working. So guess it’s someone I need to separate from. Praying for his salvation and that of his family Inspite of my wrong doing. It does hurt. I confess my sin and receive His grace and forgiveness.

  21. Right on brother. I pray for our young people as so many are deceived by the evil forces of this day. We war not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

  22. Lance, I don’t have soul ties, I am a widow, it has taken some time to get over that. The significant other
    that is talking to me, Lives in Texas and I am in Virginia. We haven’t seen each other in person yet and its
    been (3) yrs. I believe that the marriage bed is undefiled. I don’t believe in sex before marriage. My body
    is the Temple of the Lord, and I don’t believe in defilement, God can’t use you in ministry.

  23. How does masturbation play a part in this? A soul tie would not be applicable would it. You would be making a tie with yourself. Could you please comment on this? Thanks.

    • I believe the act of masturbation doesn’t create a soul tie, but instead places your soul in a bondage that will affect your having a healthy intimate relationship.

      Your God-given need for another individual to provide sexual pleasure is thwarted by your ability to pleasure yourself. You dangerously place yourself and your marriage in a position where a true, authentic bond cannot occur.

    • Yes it does! It ties your mind to the experiance and to the fantasy persons you link to when masturbating. Same with porn or any other sexual perversion. In fact the only tie or connection is in the soul realm. It then can become a physical addiction.

  24. This is freedom, Lance. The need to tell the truth and expose the insidious nature of soul-ties should be shouted from the rooftops! There was a popular shampoo commercial in the 70’s where a lady told her friends how great this shampoo was , these friends told their friends and, exponentially, each person’s picture appeared until the screen was filled with everyone that each friend told about the shampoo. The tag line at the end of the ad was ‘You’ll tell two friends and so, and so on ,and so on…’ And so it is with the soul tie. The exponential sharing of the spirits of each of the persons involved in the sexual liaison.
    Thank you, Lance!

  25. This is soooooooooo True….. This is a big part of the Cleansing Stream ministry.
    It is a ministry that everyone needs to go to. I have been in church all my life
    BUT some of these things I did not know…. Thanks Lance for this teaching as
    you reach so many people that will never get to attend a Cleansing Stream Seminar.
    Blessings, Jan

  26. Wow, Lance I never thought of sex like this. It makes sense. So when you break a soul tie it brings that piece of your heart back to you? I know that in science I’ve heard for years that when you have sex with another person you have sex with everyone that person ever slept with. They limit it to the last 10 years, but I think everyone ever would be the truth.

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. Shortly after my wife and I married, we attended a seminar with Cleansing Stream ministries. At one point in the conference, we were taught about soul ties, and directed to pray for The Lord to show us any unauthorized soul ties that we might have. In my spirit, God showed me a vision. I was in the center of a dark place. I was the midpoint of light, with many strings going out from me, like spider webs. Only one of them was golden, my wife. All the rest were silver, and belonged to the many relationships I’d had as a young man, including my ex-wife, and her exploits. One at a time, God broke each string as I confessed it, leaving me with only the single golden thread. Our marriage immediately grew in closeness and improved communication. This is all true stuff! Every pastor should walk engaged couples through this spiritual exercise prior to agreeing to marry them. It would keep people from starting their marriages in a hole.

  28. Thank you Lance for addressing this subject. And you did it in such a non-judgmental, soft and compassionate way that I was able to easily receive your message. Thanks so much for enlightening me with this subject so some healing could happen that I didn’t even realize needed to happen. You have so much insight!

  29. Lance,
    Yes, but I have died with Christ I am a new creation! He makes all things new. There is now no condemnation!

  30. Thanks for shedding light on an area most people take for granted. I deeply value intimacy and so I guard my personal space; however, I know of loved ones who refuse to practice a similar caution. Sadly, these individuals are stuck in life because of the many people with which they have bonded who brings more harm to them than good.

  31. I just read you article on soul ties. I do agree until you get to the part about holy soul ties. There is no such thing as a good soul tie. I realize this is my opinion and I will study David and Jonathan again to see if I missed something. Thanks.
    The first time I heard you was at a M. J.A.A. conference at Messiah College in PA. It was 2008.
    Since then I have been learning how to use a cell phone, Kindle and computer. I just discovered you on you tube.

    • Holy soul ties created by sexual intimacy was God’s original intent for married couples only.

      In the case of David and Jonathan, their soul tie was not birthed out of a sexual relationship. Instead, their souls (mind, will, and emotions) connected as a result of very similar thoughts (mind), choices (will), and feelings (emotions).

    • Our union with Christ is a holy soul tie. “We have the mind of Christ”. Becoming one flesh with a spouse is a holy soul tie. Proper love of any kind is a holy soul tie. Love of the Word or love of serving The Lord and His people are holy soul ties as well since we are commanded to do those things and imitate God in them.

  32. So grateful you have taken the lead to strongly address, explain and bring hope to MANY who just do not know these things. Thank you Lance!

  33. Good teaching Lance. My husband died two years ago. I still wear my engagement ring because I like it. Should I stop wearing it ? I think psychologically, it still makes me feel special and possibly unavailable.
    What do you think?

    • Deborah…..my husband passed away 3 years ago and I was encouraged to break of the soul tie with him so I could move forward in my life without him. It was very hard but I did I. The first thing I noticed after was that I stopped falling into the cycles of depression and sadness I was in. I also recieved a joy and sense of moving forward in my life…esp in the area of purpose. The soul tie I had with my husband was a godly one but since he was no longer alive it was holding me back from grieving in a healthy way. I still wear my ring because I am still processing things and do not want to get involved in a relationship at this time. It’s my way way if saying I am off limits at the moment.

  34. I was taught this as a freshman in HS. Imagine the different choices people at all ages would make if they knew and understood this truth.

  35. The topic is spirit filled and undoubtedly you were in the presence of the Holy Spirit as often. The revelations are so awesome and very liberating once the outlined instructions are followed (not overlooking holy lifestyle). May God continue to grant you spiritual fulfillment as you execute that which He has placed on your mind. May you continue to yield to Jehovah Raah as you soldier on in His Vineyard.

    I cant wait to share the topic with my colleagues in our local Christian Couples Fellowship.
    Shalom! Shalom!

  36. Can we help others to be free from soul ties- through intercession? Take them to God’s courtroom and ask through Jesus to release their soul ties ? Truly this generation of young adults have so many soul ties they don’t know who they are- lost in a tangle of souls.

  37. Not so much a comment as a question, can you have a soul tie before there is any thing physical? This is something new and believe it or not I really stumbled into this without ever knowing about such a thing

    • I believe so.even an attraction to another person,unless you take those thoughts captive can lead to a bondage of sorts,but on a different.but if we submit ourselves to God,resist the devil he must flee,the word says.

  38. In Hawaii we have many ethnic groups, even within the Church, who identify themselves by race, cultural heritage, ethnic customs, family names, etc. Each of these areas, as well as past habits or relationships add to how people identify themselves to themselves and others. They allow themselves to be “tied” to these areas of their soul by their memories. Though its a non-reality in Christ, it becomes their chosen “identity”. At the New Birth, Christ gives us a New identity which totally replaces every atom of the former. Only the memories of the former life remain. These are the soul ties we experiance. This is the “tradition” Jesus warned of that makes the commandments of God of no effect in our lives. Praise God that we can eliminate those dead “soul-realities” with truth through the renewed “spirit-of-your-mind” (Eph. 4:23) and replace them with the mind of Christ (1 Cor.2:16).

  39. Thanks Lance! Needed to be reminded how important this area of our lives is. Good stuff! Any thoughts one holds on to that are not scriptural are soul ties regardless how they came in. Every aspect of the lgbtq ect. lifestyle, especially within the Church, is based on an improper soul tie.

    • What a clear truth. I was not taught these principles as a young person or I did not understand the principle. Thank God for His word and his ability to regenerate my body, soul, and mind.
      Ephesians 4:22-24 You were taught, with reguard to your former life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of yoir new mind; and put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

  40. Lance you are so right. The church teaches very little on this topic. It is very important for people who have been sexually abused. I can add this to m teaching.

  41. Lance,
    Thank you for presenting such a clear insight on soul ties. This teaching was also revealed to my pastor in the late 80s. We had great results dealing with this as deliverance, as there is not only soul damage, but also transference of of spirits. Over the years I have the opinion that this opens a door to the enemy unlike no other, especially if it happens during formative years, as they begin to identify with the damage done and lose touch with who they really are.
    Thanks Again,

  42. If you have had sole ties (and been healed) does that make you more vulnerable to other forms of sole ties? Trying to understand why, after being healed from my pre-Christ life, I have been so wounded by friend’s betrayal. Can’t seem to get free.

  43. Thank you so much for explaining this monumental issue in America; hopefully, it will reach the audience that needs to hear it – young teens, young adults and older adults who have been robbed and exploited by the sexualization of America! I learned about “soul ties” (sexual) through Henry Gruver’s ministry and prayed the prayer Henry wrote to break those soul ties. And, it is just not praying and breaking soul ties, but true repentance (teshuvah) renews our souls and sets us free to worship Yahusha in Spirit and in Truth! Shalom

  44. So true. Its the one reason marriage and relationships are literally on the rocks nowadays. The only subject that seems to arouse energetic and enticing conversation will always revolve around immorality even amoug those who have already committed, so to speak to matrimony.

  45. Lance, thanks so much for this! I’ve been teaching this to young people & parents for years & now I can add what you teach to it! May the truth be known more & more so that we’re all set free more & more!

  46. Thank You Lance,
    I have only recently come into contact with a man I had sexual relationship between 1987-2001. We werent in stead relationship just every now and then we would get together. At the time
    I thought it was just sex. August 2014 I moved to the town he lives in and didnt get in touch with him. Jan 2016 he taught a class I had to do. This brought me into closer contact with him. However I had made a resolve about 10 years ago that I didnt want to be involved with him intimately and was not going to call him. I kept that resolve.

    while in class i tried not to be alone with him and kept clear distance. However I found an excitment in me when I know I had class with him and realise inside of me somethings still remain. I thought I had severed soul ties and was over him. By the way – he got married and not a christian. I am in relationship the Lord.
    I struggle with the feeling. I had not desire to be imtimate with him but something about being around or thinking of him excite in a way I was not comfortable with.

    As I stayed clear of him it did not go away. I realise i need to face it and deal with. My question was what was it that gave me these feeling and why were they so powerful? Still dont know.

    Even though – I had concluded he was selfish and was not someone I wanted to be with even if he was free, I still felt this pull to him. A pull that would want me to take me into doing things and thinking I had not done for abt 15 years.

    Still I realise must find away. My thoughts took me to admitting to myself things I never process while we had our time. these were: I had liked him alot, I apparently was upset with him not choosing me to marry, Some of the best relational times I have had to date was sending time with him.

    Where am now?
    Much of the pull has gone now. But something still remain. I had a close call with and out of it left feel terrible. The encounter help me see That I sold me short and didnt value myself, It also showed me He has no value for me, he just, even now, want to have fun at my expense.

    I madw some resolve. I LOVE GOD MORE THAN – any feelings towards him
    I am still having som challenge.

    I will do this instuction you have given. How my comment is not too long. I thought I would share.

  47. I was part of the “free love” movement back in 60’s, 70’s and thus there were multiple soul ties. I have been married twice and have children from my first marriage. Although the Holy Spirit has severed these soul ties during a SOZO session, I still occasionally have a dream that involves my ex-husband and my children when they were small. Of course, when you have children with someone that complicates matters a bit. They are part of you and that other person you procreated with. Anyone have any comments on this?

  48. I’m struggling with this one a bit … I might be more open to agree that if I hold a place in my heart intentionally as to say harbor some kind of lust this would be no different than any other stronghold that needs to be renewed in my mind … but to say I have to digg up these spirits/strongholds asking the Holy Spirit to reveal them to me in order to make sure I’m totally and fully one with my wife seems borderline new age. My oneness and completion as one with, in and to my wife is made complete in covenant of marriage with her it’s a reflection of my covenant relationship between Christ and I… constantly growing and everlasting… please help me understand why I should have to do anything aside from acknowledging every good thing that is in us through Christ Jesus, that’s how we effectively communicate our faith to each other (Philemon 1:6)

  49. Hi Lance,

    This is truly something God is dealing with in this season!

    Here is something that has helped me and I have seen major changes from traumas I have experienced since I have been doing this before I go to bed. I have modified and expanded it for my personal use but is a great guide!

    Katt Kerr Soul declarations:

    Be blessed everyone!

  50. Lance, Im not saying there is no possibility of a lingering trace of something that could come and go in our memories, triggered by something we see hear or smell, that is attached to a past soul tie. Wouldnt that be normal unless you lost your memory all together? Personally I dont see how that could hold anyone back from anything. In my personal life i feel pretty good about the ability to meet someone and move forward into a serious relationship . Especially if i can get past all the lies of preachers and their ulterior motives.

  51. Thank you Lance. I have been pondering about old jewelry and wondering if I should keep it, this came only a short time after I began searching for the answer.


  52. Thankfully you can loose it from your soul! Speak that out over anything you don’t want to keep aswell as trauma etc and call back the parts of your soul that were given to that person place or thing, trauma, darkness. Whatever we enter into enters into us but keep your soul clean and you can be whole like God wants you to be! Bind the life, love, peace, joy and wisdom of God to your soul. Ask for double grace for abundant life every morning. Kat Kerr talks about this as part of the keys to living in the fullness of what God has for you 🙂

  53. Having been saved 30 years this is not a “new” teaching, however, the Lord is giving me fresh revelation about it, at least for me. I have gone through this exercise a few times throughout my walk, but this time I have been shown that it isn’t just the “emotional” soul tie but also the agreement with the spirit behind it. I was shown three people with whom I needed to break soul ties as well as different spirits. That unknowingly I had come into agreement with the assignments those spirits were given. Wow! Had know idea and I really do seek the Lord and study His word. Maybe this is the way it should have always been being done and if so I didn’t know. Thank you Lance!