Secrets of the Abraham Model of Wealth Creation

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Stan Bullis, CEO of Unbridled Solutions.  As I’ve been exploring the theme of “getting back to the garden” I noticed something interesting in the details Stan shared with me about how he built his company.

Stan has seen his company expand again and again into six or seven new profit centers. About 90% of these sectors were birthed out of his own employees exploring their gifts and their dreams and waiting for the right time to walk in those dreams.  Think about that!  Stan Bullis is modeling Abraham’s method of supernatural wealth creation. With a small group of 300 “household” servants Abraham expanded into seven or more areas of supernatural prosperity. If you looked at him in the natural you would not see it, but there were angels engaged in the prosperity of this patriarch’s life. They were all working in Abraham’s garden, his territory, his assignment.

Why am I bringing this up? Because there are some frequently missed keys in the Bible that help us understand God’s plan for supernatural wealth creation.

It begins in Genesis.

1. It started in the garden. The first model of increase shows us that the original building block was a couple.  The first business enterprise didn’t require 300 household servants—it was Adam and Eve in the garden. In time, like Abraham, this enterprise was designed to grow. Eden was meant to be a family enterprise!

Here is a prophetic word for many of you – “God has already given you and your family a sphere—or an Eden—that you are to cultivate. There is new territory in ministry and prosperity for you if you will slow down and listen to what each other is saying. Your children are ready to step into new responsibilities. Explore each other’s dreams and look for the overlap. Be open to family callings and assignments.”

2. Your Eden or garden is the space God has given you to occupy and cultivate.  Every garden is designed to expand!  Each garden starts in your apartment or home. It will expand to your work. This garden will touch your business or may be an expansion into a new area of ministry. Explore this space. I almost missed a MAJOR area of ministry by overlooking the next generation. My WIFE had the burden and a staff member suddenly came alive with the vision. We discovered there is a calling on us to impart to the sons and daughters of those who listen to my teaching.  We call it the “7m Gen.” God had this expansion project inside of us for years but it came alive when I stepped out of the way and honored the burden my wife had and the gifts others were given to make this a reality.

3. The key to discovering new areas of divine expansion lies in cultivating relationships with those God has planted in your garden. Abraham’s model of wealth creation (like that of my friend Stan Bullis) involved exploring the gifts and dreams that are in the people with whom God has blessed you. It starts with husbands and wives exploring what each other is called to do.  The next step is to explore what each child is dreaming right now.

Question: What is your family’s assignment within the garden of your home? Comment below to share the kingdom ideas the Lord is stirring in your spirit. Seek Him for your unique vision for wealth creation.

As One!

What is your family’s assignment within the garden of your home_

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33 thoughts on “Secrets of the Abraham Model of Wealth Creation

  1. Hi Lance! I didn’t even realize you’d had a new post (I’d come to your site to shop for t-shirts after hearing you talk about them in your scope last night! ?).

    Great timing of this post!! My husband who has an amazing work ethic and leadership skills was so burnt out on his last job, he up and quit. In the meantime he’s been talking about starting his own business doing local delivery (kind of like UBER meets UPS). I’ve always felt he should have his own business (my mom had said the same as well).

    The other thing though is he and I both have a calling together as reconcilers both in and outside of the church arena. (We had a word spoken over us about this when we were first married over 20 years ago). That’s been on my mind a lot ever since I discovered your message on the 7 mountains. What that looks like exactly for us, I’m not sure. But I’ve reminded him of about it. Somehow all of this feels connected..

    I love these posts Lance, I’m either encouraged by them or you’re making me think.. (That’s a good thing).?

    • To build a market place ministry through health and nutrition by helping people earn income while they squire optimum health. Cultivate lots of relationships and whisper to those with ears to hear about the divine life!

  2. God has recently brought me into a new season where I have launched a business of consulting businesses. I never pegged myself as a consultant to business owners, but the culmination of the years of experience in various areas throughout my life have brought me to this point. So along w/ my professional speaking (where I train new business leaders), I now assist new business owners in their Kingdom startup businesses. My wife, after years of struggle, effort and encouragement from me has begun to see herself as a business owner. She is now pursuing her Masters in Nursing and Nurse Partitioning license so that she can launch her own practice. My 2nd oldest daughter (recent HS graduate) is a genius in hair and makeup and also baking (phenomenal cakes). I’ve encouraged her to dream big as in being her own business owner in both of these areas and she loves the idea. My youngest daughter is our ‘little Steve Jobs’. Nothing and I mean nothing will stand in her way of accomplishing what she is going after. Her gifting is in leadership, administration, and TENACITY. She may end up RUNNING the other daughter’s business… as in co-owners. We’re just on the cusp, but its exciting times.

  3. I am a Olympic winner in bodybuilding and Fitness. Both my husband Dan and myself are former trainers. We have a vision and the vision is to have a gym to strengthen the body of Christ physically and to disciple spiritually. To bring the unity of the body mind(soul) into unity. to bring forth an army of physically strong and spiritually strong believers who know their authority in Christ. We need financial help to get this started.

    • Colleen,

      you can go to crowd funding – ask the Lord how to approch them.
      also have your business plan ready- do your cards, get together with your church or any other church in your area or anyother area designated by the Lord ask to use their facility for a % of what you bring in( 10, 20 whatever the Lord gives you). to star u do not need much equipment- you can make your own weights, have people use each other and or their body weight for resisitance – before you know it you’ll have the $ needed to by equipment. also look for fitness centers that are going out of bus – and make a deal for their equipment; also think YMCA- work out a deal of using their equipment, their space for a % of what you bring in; also do not forget your prior clients – you can recruit them to get started. Empty out your garage – sell the over flow and the duplicates, triplets- use the space to start “The Body of Christ Make Over.” please contct me for further strategy and prayer. Go forth- victory is yours. In Yeshua’s name. Amen !!!

  4. Lance, I believe the “Eden” God has assigned to me and my family relates to a “witty invention” He has poured into us over the last eight years. It relates to pioneering advancements in “integrative governance”, a concept that has been lost in our culture’s businesses, churches, schools and even our nation’s government. He has led us to innovate powerful, technology-enabled solutions to equip organizations to better understand, measure, improve, and defend their self-governing system and subsystems as an interrelated whole (Solomon365 – equipping leaders to govern wisely). Integrative governance follows the nature of the Holy Trinity, so their is a “God-nature” aspect to these solutions. But “self-governance” is also the “big idea” that our Republic, our free enterprise system, our Christian church, and our educational system was built upon. If you don’t self-govern, you will be governed. Sound familiar for today? We need to now ask God how He will continue to provide supernatural provision to bring these solutions out to a hurting nation and world. Otherwise, this will be a gift that never gets “opened”. That is why your article struck a chord with me. Blessings to you on your amazing work. God is really using you as a vessel and a spokesperson in these days, Lance.

  5. This is an AMAZING word and exactly what is in my heart! I homeschool my three children ages seven and nine and 10. Although I do not feel particularly gifted at this, I know it is my job to call out greatness in them, help them identify it and empower them to excel at what God has ordained for them to do. I bless your garden and speak prosperity over you and your entire household! Many blessings!

    • Nina,
      consider expanding your awesome gift to other children/ other mothers. Righteous Education is desperately needed in this nation and abroad. Welcome to you new Kingdom Business.

  6. The Lord wants me to build a 24/7 prayer and worship center. I know the name and the place where He wants it!!

    • My wife and I have carried the same vision for at least 5 years we are up to 10 hours a week, the experience is affecting our lives beyond measure. Stay focused it will be so worth it.

  7. What an interesting word! Honestly, I have never really considered a “family calling” before. We have 4 kids, 2 are in their 20’s. Lately, we have been having lots of lively discussions about opening a board game cafe. It can only happen with God 🙂 Thanks, Lance!

  8. That is so awesome, made me think about how many years my oldest daughter worked in a major deli sandwich shop, and my youngest daughter who is 13 dreams of having a cafe called harmony cafe specialty sandwiches, homemade cupcakes and muffins. She draws this a lot. I am willing to partner with God to bring about this business dream of my 13 year old and make it a family business. She asks me often if she can have more than one business or career and I said absolutely she can.

  9. I believe our family is called to share the foundation of family. We have first been asked to live it and we have (17 yrs married this oct 5 kids later)I believe we are to demonstrate things through social media YouTube and other forms of media and books. We also are called to minister to marriages. And I was so excited to see this post cuz it is such a confirmation!

  10. I love this Lance!! Kingdom stuff ? I will be exploring this, Sharing with my family and talking to the Lord about this. This kind of ” creating a new model of life” ( always wanted to break out of the western culture life-style. Knowing there’s more..) has been on my heart for years but didn’t know how to start? Thanks!!!!!

  11. So good!
    I came home from Convergence to a middle child struggling. He tjought he was in for ‘a talk’ but instead we sat down for a couple of hours and ended up walking him theough the passon process. NOTHING he has been aiming at (defaulting to) ever came up. When I pointed that out he was amazed. No wonder he was fruatrated, he was spending all of his time and energy on things that werent even his passion!! We dug a little deeper and now he is so excited about his new direction. This also led to him wanting to go to your 7mGen camp, so he will be seeing you in a few days! Im SO excited for him and all that is in store

  12. Lance,

    Interesting phase ‘supernatural wealth creation’. Wealth sometimes can be limited to thinking in just money terms, in my humble opinion. Really liked what you are saying, but greatest wealth is in relationships as far as I am concerned. Being a business steward in Scotland, I am pleased and encouraged with folks like you and Os Hillman (friend) who venture into the 7 mountains of influence. First two commandments, Jesus says keep these two and life’s journey might not be too bad even in the market place.

    Appreciate your dedicated encouragement to the wider body of the kirk. Your ‘as one’ does ring true with me. We are called to be one, but unfortunately man splinters lots, so His church has suffered through all the ages with many names. If we are the living stones then it’s the church at home or Starbucks or the office or the church building or wherever two or three meet. Maybe the Revelation passages referenced to the churches are supposed to be interpreted as the church at ……., not many different name churches. In my opinion wherever one goes being a carrier of the Holy and Holies (deposit placed on all believers in the heart) then there’s two, so church is 24/7, it’s a way of life, no one can really turn it off, but we can choose to ignore it, which we all do from time to time (guilty as charged).

    Be encouraged, be blessed and be expectant.

  13. Great word Lance- as usual. No one person can build a family garden. It’s better if they come together ‘ as one’ and add their God given talents. The family wealth is stronger, wider, and deeper than personal wealth. This is awesome. Therefore we must cultivate that relationship with others “God had planted in the garden ” Wow!!! This word has awaken ideas in my head??. Than you Lance

  14. To develop a market place ministry through health and nutrition touching life’s through health products developing relationships and whispering to those cultivated relationships the good news about the divine life!

  15. Hi Lance! Great word. My husband and I enjoyed being at Convergence in Redding. I received a prophetic word the next day about God giving me grace for family and business. It was such a relief to hear this and lightbulb moment of why I had run away from business before – my upbringing of family owned businesses were us kids left to raise ourselves.
    This post is fascinating and timely. I just took the kolbe test yesterday and told my husband he should consider taking it too…today I can already see a difference in how I do business at home (I also homeschool) because of knowing my strengths from the kolbe test and why it felt like I was going against the grain in other areas previously.
    I would like my eldest, 9 yrs old, to take the test as well. I think your question poses some amazing possibilities. With social media and the ability to reach many, I would love more insight on how to organically create a unique platform with what God has uniquely given us as a family.

  16. A few years ago the Lord showed me the the basics of of a way to harness a vast amount of electric energy that is now totally overlooked and wasted. As of yet I have no clue how to make this happen.

    • Thanks for the comment Mark! Praying for divine connections for you and kingdom ideas. May you encounter the people and resources to set your God-given vision in motion.

      Check out Doing Business Supernaturally 101, available in CD and MP3:

  17. I am divorced & have been serving the Lord since 11/99 my daughter Nicole ( & her husband & 3 children) have chosen to be estranged from me due to betrayal, b/c of my own parents & my son David is still struggling with the demon of Heroine. Both of my children gave their hearts to the Lord, were water & Holy Spirit baptized 16 years ago. I know the call on both their lives, I continue to walk mine out! I serve where I used to be…drug addicts, prostitues, anti sex trafficking, the poor & destitute & the wealthy, I go where ever & when ever the Lord sends me. Been to many Nations, stepped out of the business & work world when I got saved, because everything I did, I did illegally, due to my up bringing! I stepped out of the business world b/c my god was business power & success, but illegally!

  18. Hi I have had on my heart to filter resources into those building His kingdom on the earth that are struggling financially and/or to get the basic resources for their ministry, at minimum. For a long while Ive asked God to show me the ability He has given me and to show others, to produce wealth. Firstly, He showed me how I had limited wealth to monetary when it is so much more than that. Then other things began to unfold such as exposing me to ways others in the body were producing wealth and how in my own journey He was accumulating wealth on the inside of me to bring me to the strategies that were there all along. At first it was too good to be true I will admit and I laughed thinking is it really that easy (don’t get me wrong it still requires something of me I know). The strategy is still unfolding but He showed me that we can have a series of wananga (which in Maori means workshops, conferences). He showed me that there are alot of flakey teachings out there that are weak in its essence and that people are wanting knowledge that is sound and I spose you could say Jesus mentions it in the parable of the wise and foolish builder. He has shown me that He wants to build something of a higher quality and that He wants it to be lasting for generations to come. Hosea says, “My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge,” and He showed me the church age that we have come out of is a thing of the past, its irrelevant to where He wants to take us today, but its also good to have had the lessons. My strategy is to have a series of workshops and conferences because people are hungry for wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Anyway its still unfolding and its been gestating for a long while now and I arent sure if I have gone off the track.