11010605_10153352842479936_10230854122618653_oWATCH AND SWAY. ARE YOU AN EARLY ADOPTER?
It is woven into our nature to retreat to the familiar.

We all talk about our desire for an “Awakening” but let’s be honest – NOBODY likes the alarm clock when it first goes off!

In fact, there is a Proverb that says: “Whoever blesses his friend early in the morning with a loud voice – his blessing is considered a curse.” (Proverbs 27:14).

You only appreciate the alarm clock after you’re awakened.

A candid review of church history shows that we almost always resist the radical next thing God does – (unless it originates with us).

When Peter went to the house of a Gentile named Cornelius, the rest of the Apostles and elders flipped their yarmulkes. This august assembly of upper room saints did not like what the Holy Spirit was doing to expand the frontiers of the kingdom.

Even Peter at first resisted this update. But when you are called to be an ambassador you should expect periodic updates from the embassy.

A true watchman is an “early adopter.” They hear and embrace these things first.

If you’re a Watchman – here is the sequence to watch for:
1. Status Quo
2. Introduction Of A NEW Element
3. Confusion and push-back
4. Practice of possibilities
5. Embrace of new element

Were it not for “pioneers” who embrace a “new element” and “early adopters” who respond to their message, we would all be stuck in a perpetual “status quo” – something religious spirits actually pull off quite well as you can tell by looking at most historic denominations and movements.

If you are a pioneer or “early adopter” you are probably hearing a different tune than most others.

And if you are hearing a different tune, you are dancing to a different rhythm.

And if you are dancing to a different rhythm, you are likely to step on the toes of whomever you are dancing with. But that’s okay.

Whether you are an “early adopter” or not – be aware of the process. LOVE THOSE who are called to the Watchman role. And trust God with a new thing.

May God AWAKEN us – and keep us from hitting the alarm.

– Lance


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