Vice President Mike Pence praying with Coronavirus leadership team


This is why Mike Pence has been so vilified by the deranged liberals who hate all things involving faith.

Vice President Pence is seen here praying with the Coronavirus leadership team. This is one of the reasons I am confident that America is under a covering of mercy and not judgment during this administration.

I will keep giving you the inside report here…


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3 thoughts on “Vice President Mike Pence praying with Coronavirus leadership team

  1. I really appreciate you LW. Little words such as these you<ve spoken put things into perspective and I truly appreciate this. God Bless and protect you as you travel.

  2. I Listen to you often when I can. Your information is vital to the body of Christ.
    The corona virus word from the Lord were my thoughts in prayer time. The enemy cannot fool a bloodbought christian.
    Psalms 91 has been my prayer over my household. My pastor taught on it at our Wed. night service. My church is small but active with an inspirational man of God.
    God bless you richly as you continue to spread the “truth” of God’s word.
    To Mike Pence, I say keep praying and then pray some more.