Transforming Your Soul With Scripture

2 Strategies For Engrafting God’s Word In Your Heart

Jesus said, “My words are spirit and they are life” (John 6:63).  Think about that for a minute.

The words of Jesus were unlike any other words ever spoken.  When the Bible says that  “man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the LORD” (Deuteronomy 8:3),  it likens the Word of God to spirit food. It feeds our spiritual man just like natural food feeds our bodies. This is how we become partakers of the divine nature. This is how we become “the Word made flesh” in our world (John 1:14).

The Apostle James says “receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls” (James 1:21). It’s amazing, isn’t it?  The Word not only rearranges our thinking to align with ultimate reality, but it also gives us access to an alternate state of being!

Engraft scripture into your life, so that it becomes a living and active extension of who you are, through memorizing and delighting in God’s Word. You can engraft passages on “peace” and experience “peace” in the midst of chaos.  Engraft words on “faith” and fight off despair. Focus on “joy” or “boldness” and by doing so you become a partaker of the divine nature contained in those very words! By letting the Word of God get engrafted into your soul, or entwined into your way of thinking, you begin to interact with the very mind of Christ.

The more you practice this process, the more your renewed mind becomes open to “words of knowledge,” “words of wisdom,” “discerning of spirits” or any number of gifts of the Spirit!  Life in the Spirit is always supernatural but not always spectacular. We all love the stories of healings, miracles, and dramatic public displays of God’s grace. Yet, there is another aspect of supernatural living.  Continuous peace and joy will fill your soul as you experience divine appointments and ideas that prosper you, bless others and bring heaven to earth.  Focus on internal transformation and you’ll see results in every area of your life, both subtle and, at times, spectacular.

Here’s a quick technique that works for me. Try these steps:

  1. Highlight or circle important words.  A helpful tool that I often suggest to my students and that I still employ myself after 20 years of experimentation, is to go through and highlight or circle key phrases in Ephesians, Colossians, and Philippians. Circle every time the apostle Paul says, “In Him,” “In whom” and “in Christ.”  THEN personalize and breathe into your very soul the engrafted, overcoming spiritual power of the word of God.  EVERYTHING you need is available “in Christ” because of what He did for you. You are not the hero in this story—He is! Learn to receive from Him and He will make you the hero in your own story.
  1. Personalize Key Portions of the Bible. Personalize the part of the Bible that you most need in your life.  If you are, for instance, experiencing irritation, heartache, grief and patterns that are difficult to overcome, personalize and memorize just one or two verses.  For instance, John 15 says, “If you abide in me and MY WORDS abide in you, ask what you will and it will be done.”

Want to know how to personalize scripture for yourself? Here is what I prayed today!

Lord I thank you that you are in me and I am in you! I want your words to live and speak and transform my mind, my emotions, my imagination. I believe you are penetrating every layer of my life at a conscious and unconscious level. My conscience is keen to hear you—my path is enlightened by Your Word. My body and every cell of my being is quickened by your indwelling Spirit! You reveal to me what I need to know and you show me things to come!

“Your words are my meditation, therefore I believe you are shaping my desires and lining me up 100% with your will and plan for my life. If in any thing I am missing your will, I thank you for correction and direction as you reveal your truth and more excellent way. Your desires are shaping my desires and your thoughts are shaping my thoughts therefore I proclaim now that whatever I ask is going to be done because Your words abide strongly in me.”  (After praying this I ask for whatever I need.)  

Question: Why not try this with me? Read what I wrote and repeat it with 100% agreement and energy and watch what happens!  Comment below and tell me about it.

As One!


EVERYTHING you need is available “in Christ” because of what He did for you.

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69 thoughts on “Transforming Your Soul With Scripture

  1. Dear Lance,
    I am 83 years old. When I was a teenager I took the Navigator’s memorization course. The Word that I memorized has been my rock all through my life. I love praying the Scriptures! Just wanted you to know how important what you have said is. I pray that many will begin to move in this. You are such a blessing to the body of Christ. Thank you!

    • Mary Ann, great to hear from a faithful follower of Christ. Thanks for sharing your journey! Encouraging words!

  2. Please keep encouraging and stretching the Christian family to live the supernatural life that we are meant to. As a Member of Parliament I want more wisdom and revelation, to make a difference. Let us not only occupy the 7 Mountains, but transform them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    I met you once in London. Lady Taylor and I look forward to seeing you on your next visit to London. Please come and see us in Parliament, the Palace of Westminster.

    Thank you and Blessings.

  3. Lance thank you for this! It goes along with what I’ve been learning about changing your brain map. Clear intention + elevated emotion = change! Nothing is more powerful than the Word of God. When we couple that with enthusiasm and energy – wow!! I’m doing it!

  4. Good word, God is not a man that He should lie, how much more important to know His word is the
    only real and true word on this planet. Appreciated your word today, very encouraging.

  5. YES!…Lance.
    Because Christ Jesus WORDS are Spirit and are LIFE, we can abide in Him asking AND knowing (John 15) is true for us today! It exemplifies and fulfills the true meaning of what King David said, “The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord and HE (The Lord) delights in his (us whom Christ redeemed) way.”

    We’re walking in it…Rock on!
    Carolina in AZ

  6. Just what I needed to hear. I have allowed circumstances family and health to become lazy. Need a renewal and reminder of who’s I am.

    • Thank you. Never stop sharing what the Lord puts in your heart. You are a huge blessing. I received a huge revelation about the word “engraved”.

      Thank you.

  7. Ha! I received this word in my email exactly at the moment I decided to commit to studying the scriptures again! It’s been a little while since I’ve been in the Word; I know how much it affects my heart and mind in a positive way- so thanks for sharing this Lance- it was right in time for me!! 🙂

  8. The prayer is just what I needed to declare!! I long for my desires to line up perfectly with the Lord’s. I had just posted John 15 prior to reading this too. Yay God!!

    Thanks Lance! You are a real blessing. I love your wisdom and passion for JESUS.

  9. Dr. Wallnau, Thank you so much much for all your teachings! I truly thank The Lord Jesus for putting you in my path! I call you Blessed in every area of your LIFE!

  10. I was so impressed by that prayer that I wrote it out in my Bible. That is a rare thing for me to do. I will take your advice and personalize those scriptures as prayers. I think this teaching came at just the right time for me and many others. As always, thank you, Lance. AsOne ~M

    • Hey Sam,

      Good question! I recently came across Psalm 33:18 “The eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, on those who hope in His lovingkindness,” This has been a great encouragement to me, because like Lance said, I have been thinking about and discussing “lovingkindness” with my friends for several months. It has increased my hope because I have come to strongly believe His eye is on me. Same thing with the “in Christ” verses. Do a google search, get a list and find the ones that really make your heart excited. Then read them often, talk to your friends about them, ask the Lord questions, in time you will come to understand, live and know real hope because of His work, through scripture, in you. – Blessings – I hope that helps. : )

  11. Thank you for that encouraging word. I love praying Scripture and also highlight words that I believe the Holy Sirit is calling out, I looked up the Hebrew word as well as the meaning and incorporate both into my prayer. Thanks for the reinforcement of the importance of memorizing Scripture,as we were recently told by our new pastor that he is not a fan of memorization. I am looking forward to how God is going to answer that prayer. You are a blessing.

  12. Thank you Lance for all you do to encourage and bless the body of Christ! Bless you and may The Lord keep you safe and energized to continue your work for him!

  13. Amen. Thank you Bro. Lance for adding such great context to this powerful scripture! When I was in Israel last year, on the Mount of Beatitudes, I clearly hard the Lord speak this same scripture to me under a heavy anointing. I felt the sovereignNess and peace of the Father on me!

  14. Excellent teaching! Thank you!
    I have done this many times and my life is enriched by it! I love the way you explain it!

  15. Thank you Lance for the teaching. I enjoyed the personalized prayer. The tools & techniques shared are priceless.

    My husband and I are truly blessed by you and Annabelle. May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly.

  16. I did!??
    In fact I wound up changing some of the words a little. Hard to put into words but it was powerful for me. Felt almost like the Lord came and sat down next to me on the couch as I was speaking.

    Love the tips as well, I will definitely use them!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Lance.. I’m grateful for what you share..

  17. Thank you very much for this message. I have learnt wonderful things within it including the following words that I am going to apply:”Circle every time the apostle Paul says, “In Him,” “In whom” and “in Christ.” THEN personalize and breathe into your very soul the engrafted, overcoming spiritual power of the word of God.”
    We are now living in Beni/DRC in the situation that need the Word of God to be experienced as it is a living Word that is able to transform circumstances around us as people are being killed with knives,machettes,axes;vehecles,hourses and schools being burned by rebels.
    May God continue to inspire you and bless your ministry

    Rev Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste

  18. Thk you Lance. I desire so much to loose old mindsets. Yet I know the Word is that 2 edged sword and separating what needs to be separated. At this moment in my life I need this as never before. I will pray and modify your example prayer. However my responsibility is to read and study. Thank fir this timely message!

  19. Hi Lance

    This is a really great post! The Word is vital for maturing and strengthening the body of Christ. It is the secret to transformation – Wow! the wonders that are possible to those who really take hold of the Word!!! Well done, and thank you.

  20. Lance I look for your posts because I love the way you teach. I am going to join you and pray this prayer. God has been providing for me, an 82 year old widow, in so many ways and the joy I have is knowing who is taking care of me. In spite of the evil going on in this world, I totally trust God for America. Thank you for your truths!

  21. Sine your last post concerning memorising scripture, I went on a search for an effective phone app to help. So far I’m really impressed with Scripture Typer. I’ve already loaded up scriptural themes (currently the character of God, specifically his “faithfulness”) and am in the process of learning 14 verses. In addition I shall try your techniques above. Thanks Lance…

  22. Great word. I spend too much time reading the words of men who are not spirit filled. What a waste of my energy. The words of Truth are so much more powerful.
    II Timothy 1:7 “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-disciple”

  23. Thank you Lance! Once again this is just what I needed to start my day! May I meditate on the Bread of Life! May God direct and correct me as I go about my transformation into His very will for my life…and may I radiate the truth and love He has for all of us!

  24. I really like this confession. I put together confessions for myself and continuously try to shorten, condense, and summarize it in a way that incorporates all that I want to include without it being 5 or 6 typed pages long! But no matter how hard I try, I don’t seem to be able to do it . There is so much in the bible that we need in our life it is hard to focus on just one thing.

  25. True words, Lance.
    A diet of greasy, high-fat foods will drag down our physical well being. If we permit ourselves to indulge in the negative blather that spouts from the TV or internet, we may experience a heaviness of spirit. We can’t consume the words of the world, and then have an appetite for the Word of God.
    We can train ourselves to develop a distaste for what what pains our spirit. Turn it off! Open the Bible!
    Read it ALOUD. It’s important to hear yourself speaking the Word.
    There’s a big difference between silent reading and verbal proclamation. The enemy runs from His spoken Word.

  26. Thank you Lance!! I have a totally different view of how I am to use the Word of God since I’ve read your e-mail! Even though I’ve heard time and time again that memorizing Scripture is so important, although the way you presented it really makes more sense! You’ve made it simple! You’ve made it plain! You’ve encouraged me to take the Word of God and make it mine! As I read your prayer out loud, I sensed a freedom to believe in a deeper way that God wants me to link up with Him and dialog with Him through the Word! I’ve done all this before but you have helped God to revive what has been stolen from me and placed a deeper meaning to memorization. I especially loved the part of the prayer about God correcting what needs to be corrected. I’ve been in a process of correcting an area in my character that I knew was there but just didn’t know how to correct it. Even before I prayed your prayer, God has been allowing me to be humbled in the area where I have been wrong. Your prayer has just reinforced what God has been speaking already. It’s amazing that when God starts correcting an area in a person’s life that He says it over and over and over through people like you and through circumstances, until it has actually made a change and then He starts correcting another area! I find that sometimes He has to work on one area in layers and so He corrects again and again exposing that area and gently disciplining me because He loves me! I so desire to abide in Him more and more! I love His Word and I love Him! Thanks Lance for your prayer and for your free book download, “Convergence Code.” I really enjoyed reading it! I’ve shared with my husband and my sister especially the part about how we have been abusing the little child inside of us. Before I read your e-mail, I had been talking with God about a statement that I made in front of a group of people. I was questioning why I had said it. Your book made it plain that I was abusing that little child inside of me! It’s not enough that I get beaten up by others then to go on beating myself up! How crazy is that! I know the accuser loves for me to keep doing it! It hurts the Lord when I do that because He is not an abusive Father! He wants me to be like Jesus His Son! That’s why He sent Jesus to change my image of and not focus on my sins, but to focus on the ONE WHO has changed my identity by dying for my on the cross! HALLELUJAH!!! He is a GOOD GOD! And I’m loved BY HIM!! He is my IDENTITY!! I am in the process of taking that EDUCATIONAL MOUNTAIN in my city this fall!!

    • Amen! Julia, thanks for sharing! I’m glad you found this inspiring and uplifting. Keep up the good work!

  27. I personalize Scripture all the time in my own prayer time and at Intercessors. Two of my favorites are Psalm 91 and Psalm 23. I use other Scripture also. As I pray, I try to follow Holy Spirit’s leading. He says for us to ask what we will and it will be done. If we personalize the Scripture aloud, we can be sure that it’s His will too. Then I’m not praying amiss. He says life and death are in the power of the tongue. Therefore choose life. And we know that the Scriptures are Life indeed!! Thank you for sharing what The Lord reveals to you.

  28. These key words “in Him, in whom, in Christ” etc. relate to the blood covenant we have with God. Jesus is our representative from our “tribe” so it’s in Him that we stand. Understanding what blood covenant really means in relationship to what Jesus did for us ie Him being our blood sacrifice has totally deepened my walk with the Lord. I highly encourage anyone to delve deeper into what our blood covenant really means. It’s deep and will forever deepen and change your walk with the Lord 4-ever! HINT on finding info for understanding…American Indians practiced this…this covenant is so strong that the only way out of it is death. Reason why God is totally committed to carry out what He promised to us in His Word…His Word is the covenant promises made when covenant is made with someone…WOW

  29. This is a confirmation of what I prayed before I got out of bed this morning.. I was able today to speak to a kid that didnt believe anymore because of the catholic religion that was hateful to him. He liked what I told him about Jesus.

  30. Thank-you Lance. I was given a tape message by a friend who attended a Fuller Seminary workshop you did back in 1996, I still review it as the Holy Spirit leads and it is still much manna that I am trying to digest. Wanted to say THANK-YOU many times; but only saw this opportunity today. Big Blessings on you and all whom you touch!

  31. thank you Lance just what I needed today! I am alway amazed at easily I can be distracted knowing what I know and knowing how much I need to hang onto the Lord’s apron strings… thank you this brought me to my knees again…I also realize as I get older how much more I understand how it works and think why didn’t i get this then….and why did I have to wait until now and then I think it is only now that I am really able to take it in…

  32. Lance,

    I am grateful for your ministry to me and our brothers and sisters. God used you in a significant way during the formation of inLight Consulting. It has been a blessing to watch Him honor your faithfulness by positioning you for incredible influence.

    With that in mind, I offer this encouragement. Do you believe that God would make great again that country that has become the idol of His Son’s bride? Or, would He tip the idol over that the bride might come to her senses? So many leaders are focused on the health of America, when the bride is becoming diseased in her adultery. Is it not time for the bride to come out of the false husband? Has patriotism not become a form of fornication?

    I have seen you take counter-culture stands in the past. You have a platform that God would use for great impact in the Western church.

    Humbly yours and forever His,

  33. Lance,
    I am a burn survivor and have had extensive skin grafting. This grafting means I don’t have the pores necessary anymore to perspire properly or cool off. On Wednesday, my air conditioner quit working. I live in Redding, CA, so it gets super hot here in the summer –triple digits– The air conditioning is the only way I have to keep cool enough to keep from getting heat stroke. Thursday morning I prayed your prayer and asked God to get someone to fix my air TODAY. I was told that morning I could be waiting as long as two weeks for a repair. That afternoon I got a call from someone who said that they could fix it the SAME day, and he did! Praise God for answered prayer and your timely post. Thought you might want to know.

  34. I’ve been connecting with Hebrews 11:1-2 for a while. When the enemy brings harm, FAITH in God & trusting that Jesus ALREADY paid the price for everything can bring a different outcome. Sunday before Memorial Day our son cried out for help. Even before I saw the situation , I spoke in faith loudly to God and gave thanks that all is well. Heb 11:1 NOW FAITH IS is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 2 for by it the elders obtained a good report. The last joint bone of his little finger was totally severed through and split up the middle by a table saw .It was held together by a piece of skin. I spoke life to that finger in Jesus name. They went to the ER & came home with antibiotics, pain meds and made an appointment to go to hand surgeon after Memorial Day. The doctor only tacked his finger together with a few sutures saying they didn’t amputate there. The surgeon didn’t have much hope at the first visit but wanted to give him a week more to evaluate it again. A week later, the finger had color, feeling, and a tendon had attached. The doctors were counfounded & made videos to show other doctors as they had never seen a miracle like this. More functions were visible in 2 weeks . His nail was growing & he was able to play classical Spanish music on his guitar as muscles were firing. On 7-5-16 he was discharged & given exercises with no follow-up needed. God is so good to His children. I just give Him all the praise. Thank you for your encouraging messages on Facebook e mails and your late night messages.
    God bless and cover your family with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge.

    • Elizabeth…that is incredible! Praise the Lord! Praying for continued healing and restoration for your son’s finger. Thank you for sharing that encouraging testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness.

  35. Now this is the kind of stuff that is truly meaningful and can change lives……This is an excellent word from you.

  36. I love your teaching on the engrafted Word. God has given me this same revelation, but I love to hear this teaching again and again. The more we know it and believe it; the more we will become “Jesus” on earth. We breathe HIM in, our DNA and cell structure is changed and we breathe HIM out. Oh what a privilege! Thank You! And His Words ring out into the atmosphere of this earth bringing Heaven to it. Hallelujah!