Time in preparation is never wasted.

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There is a rhythm to life. God ordained for us to experience both seedtime and harvest. And in between those two cycles lies the wisdom of timing. There is a time to rest and a time to work, a time to release and a time to take hold, a time to think and a time to act.

Time in preparation is never wasted.

The fact that you are alive is proof that your purpose still lives. There is enough opportunity in each day to fulfill that purpose. There is enough time to do that for which you were created. Frustration is evidence that a greater purpose in you is yet to be fulfilled.

That which causes you pain is somehow related to that which you are anointed to heal. The very place the enemy sought to plunder you will be the place where you plunder Hell.

For some, right now, it is harvest time. The period when a long season of planting and watering is beginning to yield its fruit. For others it is a time to cultivate the soil and curate the creation that is in you. Like a great composer, don't surrender the symphony in your heart to the tyranny of delay. You are actually a coiled spring being compressed – very soon that delay will give vent to a divine release and fruit will break forth in your life.

Trust God's timing. It is perfect.

Be certain….the dream you cherish has a reality attached to it!


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