Three Keys to Becoming Unstoppable – As God Wants You!

God wants you unstoppable!

Don’t back down and don’t retreat. In this broadcast, I share three keys to becoming unstoppable!

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“Be steadfast and immovable”
2 Cor 15: 58

Now is the time for you to push into the unstoppable zone – it's the season for not backing down, and living with the persistent realization that God wants you to push through until you breakthrough.

Your agreements shape your authorization. Whatever you're agreeing with – delay or disappointment, or whatever negative self-talk you have – is what's real. This is a new cycle of authorizations and experiences in your life, but only if you PERSIST!

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3 thoughts on “Three Keys to Becoming Unstoppable – As God Wants You!

  1. Lance I would like to purchase you Unstoppable teaching , you said there’s maybe 200 left , followed your directive in attempting to order it online,lance unstoppable , I wasn’t able to access it, please help ?

  2. Hi Lance, I was following you on youtube, heard your cds and watched you on tv for a long time now but only signed on your mailing list just today!

    Just listened to the above message and i was reminded about a dream i had some years ago. In the dream the the GM of the company I was working at the time gave me something written: It is an award of some kind. It says ” Jery in the words of John the Baptist you are immovable” She is not a believer and she didn’t actually used the word immovable and I cant remember what the exact word was but it was not an englush word! I searched it on the internet at the time and the meaning was immovable! I’m ordering your unstoppable teaching as I need more info on this!

    Here is my question even though it is unrelated to this vedio but I heard you yesterday discussing with Andrew wommack on” Truth abd Liberty”. You talked about Chick Fil a stopping donatiin to salvation Army.

    I have a son who is 22 and he grow up in church, was serving in the worship,was baptised and spirit filled. At 18 he denounced his faith and said he is bi sexual which causes me and hubby so much pain. In June he went to gay pride gathering in Newcastle ( we live in the UK). I was fasting and praying for him and I had a vision while praying with friends! The prayer was not even for my son or about him! In the vision I saw blown up leather ( animal skin) kind of materials. They are round and like huge balls. They are lined up in a straight line! Suddenly starting from the ball in the front they started to pop , the air was blown out of each of the balls and they started to go flat. Then the balls at the back changed into chickens and started to make noises and started screaming! I knew the gathering my son went to was gay pride!

    My understanding is as follows but I really appreciate your insight on this if you can.

    Pride is to be puffed up and that was what the balls represented. When the air was sucked out of them, they each went flat. Then those in the back became chickens and made noises which to me represented fear ( like the saying ” dont be a chicken).

    The Lord is going to diminish the lgbt community pride gatherings and fear is going to spread in their camp ! Since then I am praying against gay pride month and declaring the victory of God.

    I Was shocked when you mentioned chick fil a ( that uses chicken) stopping donation to Salvation Army and remembered my vision back in June.

    Please comment when you have time


  3. Indeed this is significant Lance!
    You are fired up and determined!
    In essence this is what I endeavor to communicate to our young warriors who are involved my new unique ministry initiative. It is ‘Open Sky Adventures’ youth development centre. A facility/program to inspire, encourage and train youth to explore and discover the true capacity of Christ and their God given purpose, then become strong and resilient to carry it through. Two years of planning and building and now one year operational. I see this expanding/increasing to better serve our senior youth and young adults at a new location. I’m believing that a particular seven acres in my area is released/acquired so I can execute the next steps of build and operations. An initiative that I had going (check it out) was essentially shelved with some disappointment so as to take on above assignment. Trusting God that down the road they would become complimentary to living out our core WHY strategy. Oh, I see it and confident that they can integrate well, especially at this new location! I’m encouraged!
    The making of a fighter…Due time!